Optimizing campaigns with better content performance metrics

As your brand continues to invest more heavily in content marketing, content performance metrics are critical to designing campaigns, evaluating ROI, and keeping audiences engaged. Yet most content performance measurement tools can’t deliver real-time metrics that let you optimize your current campaigns. Most solutions can provide metrics based on independently collected data that gives you an honest and unbiased evaluation of your content. And they can’t provide the audience sentiment feedback that lets you truly understand how effectively your campaigns are engaging customers.

Knotch is different. We offer the only Content Intelligence Platform that provides real-time content performance metrics across owned and paid channels, developed from data that is independently and transparently collects, and that includes audience sentiment data to show how well your content is building positive connections with your users.

The most important content performance metrics

Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of content marketing is essential for two reasons: you want to know which content is working and which isn’t, and you want to justify your investment in content by showing the impact that it has on your customer relationships.

But too often, marketing teams focus on content performance metrics that only show part of the picture. Typical KPIs like number of views, time on page, and scroll depth are helpful, but they can’t really tell you how well the content engaged a user. After all, you might get 1,000 views, but your campaign can’t be judged a success if 95% of those viewers have a negative opinion of the content they consumed.

That’s why sentiment data and other qualitative content performance metrics are so important. With a mix of quantitative and qualitative measurements, you can better understand the effectiveness of each piece of content and determine how well your campaign is meeting objectives.

Those content performance metrics, however, are only helpful for your current campaigns if they’re available in real-time. If your metrics are delivered days, weeks, or months after the fact, they may be helpful for shaping future campaigns, but they can do nothing to help optimize the campaigns you’re managing today.

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Get real-time content performance metrics with Knotch

Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing ROI. We help CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts with real-time content performance metrics and actionable intelligence across all owned and paid content.

Knotch Measurement, our content measurement tool, collects performance data and pairs it in real-time with audience sentiment data to provide a comprehensive view of how content, themes, and distribution channels are performing – and what you can do right now to optimize them.

Knotch provides a multitude of ever-updating dashboard views and customizable exports to help you determine with laser accuracy the success or failure of content, campaigns, and themes.

With real-time content performance metrics from Knotch:

  • View holistic audience and performance data that combines high-level volume metrics with demographic/psychographic info and data on attitudinal feedback, engagement, and conversion.
  • Gain a greater understanding of your audience with data on how customers engage, behave, and feel about each piece of content.
  • Develop actionable insights by collecting 1st-party data, empowering your DMP and CRM platforms with enhanced segmentation based on audience feedback.
  • Demonstrate the impact of your content investment, presenting all the content performance metrics that matter most to you from across all paid and owned distribution channels.
  • Modify and optimize campaigns in real-time with up-to-the-minute data and a Content Performance Score that lets you know how well each piece of content is performing, and what you can do to improve it.

The Knotch Content Performance Score

The Knotch Content Performance Score is a tool that evaluates every piece of content based on customizable content performance metrics. With the Knotch Content Performance Score, you get an easy-to-digest metric that helps you determine how well each piece is working.

The Score is based on content performance metrics that include:

Quantitative Data

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Click-through rates
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement
  • Custom events

Qualitative Feedback

  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance
  • Custom

Demographic Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Brand/purchase affinity
  • In-market segments

Qualitative feedback is aided by the Knotch feedback unit. This innovative feedback tool is built right into your content, seamlessly gathering attitudinal data by giving users an easy and intuitive way to share their feeling about each piece of content as they are consuming it. Designed to be contextual and engaging, the Knotch feedback unit delivers a response rate that is as much as 2,000 times higher than other tools for measuring user sentiment.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why choose Knotch?

Our end-to-end Content Intelligence Platform is the only technology for content performance metrics that is totally independent and unbiased, as we never monetize from any distribution channels. The data collected through Knotch technology is first-party data that is owned by the brand rather than by Knotch, and it’s anonymized for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

In addition to Knotch Measurement, our platform includes:

  • Knotch Blueprint, a content planning platform with a content search and discovery engine for competitor and publisher intelligence.
  • Knotch Content Catalogue, a single content inventory software platform that automatically tags, organizes, indexes, and catalogs all your content assets to streamline content management.
  • Knotch Playbook, technology for organizing your content by organic stages to create more effective customer journeys.
  • Knotch Genie, a recommendation tool that automatically suggests the next best piece of content for any user, nurturing an organic, personal, and native conversation with your audience to learn more about them.

FAQs: What are content performance metrics?

What are content performance metrics?

Content performance metrics are measurable data points that brands use to determine the effectiveness of their content marketing campaigns, including how well each piece of content engages its intended audience and what the return on investment is for a campaign. Content performance metrics may include quantitative data such as overall views, time spent on page, scroll depth, and click-through rate, as well as demographic user data such as age, gender, job function, location, and industry.

What content performance metrics are most important?

Qualitative feedback from users that consume content is among the most important content metrics. These metrics include perception, impact, and relevance of the content, awareness of the brand, and purchase intent data. Qualitative content performance metrics enable brands to better understand how successfully pieces of content are creating positive connections with customers and influencing their purchases.

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