Content Intelligence Platform

The only Content Intelligence Platform that offers content marketers strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence.

content intelligence platform suite

Content Intelligence Platform

The only platform that offers content marketers strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence.

Content-Wide Analytics

Get a complete view of how your content is performing across your owned and paid channels using a single set of independent & unbiased metrics.

  • Comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of audience and performance data across any paid site or owned hub
  • Full quantitative data and demographics, and invaluable qualitative feedback
  • Eliminate dependence on unreliable third-party data
content intelligence platform folder library

Competitor Content Analysis

Improve the way you plan your content marketing programs. Our platform provides competitor content analysis and publisher matching.

  • Review in-depth analysis of your competitors’ content
  • Find the best publishers for your content
  • Discover top creative themes to power your content strategy
competitor content analysis

Automated Content Library

It’s easy to lose track of content, especially when you have a ton of it. With Knotch, you can organize and classify every single content asset you’ve ever created under one roof.

  • Fast indexing built on top of Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology
  • Automatically tag and index content for easy, immediate access
  • Robust filter and search capabilities let you find content by topic, keyword, URL and more
automated content library in our content intelligence platform

Content Journey Mapping

You know your owned content better than anyone. Take control of your customer’s journey from one piece of content to the next, and tap into their needs and interests.

  • Educate and engage your users to focus them toward high-value actions
  • Map a content experience for all of your customers
  • Keep users on your site longer
content mapping of buyers journey

Content Recommendation Engine

Engage your audience through organic, personalized, and native conversations. More than a robot, talk to your users to get genuine answers to the questions you need answered.

  • Constantly collects feedback from real humans
  • Continuous learning informs the next, most valuable step in the customer journey
  • Proactively engage with your users as they consume your content
content recommendation engine in our content intelligence platform

Automated Content Analysis

The ultimate Content Intelligence Platform. Knotch will surface insights that can easily be missed.

  • Read through the most relevant information based on topic, audience, and more
  • Dig deeper into any content insight with just one click
  • See what content types and formats resonate best with content marketers
automated content analysis in our content intelligence platform

Data Collection & Ownership

Knotch is the Switzerland of data. Our Content Intelligence Platform collects it and report directly back to you. In-depth, first-party data to measure the impact of your content marketing efforts, and strategize for the future.


We built our foundation on data transparency


GDPR and CCPA compliant data collection


Own your data, and own your voice online


Completely private and secure

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