The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

Connect your content to outcomes.

Content Intelligence Platform

One Platform Delivering the Next Generation of Data-Driven Content Research and Analysis

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform is the modern way to connect your content to business outcomes. Our platform is comprised of 4 components purpose built for content. The Knotch Data Integration Engine and Knotch B.I.O.S. transform your content data into intelligence. Then this data is surfaced in the Knotch Market Research & Intelligence and Analysis & Optimization applications that our customers use to uncover content insights for their business.

Market Research & Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Stop using web search engines to stay on top of trending content topics and your competitors. Knotch is the fastest and most reliable way to conduct market and competitive research – without the noise.

Make your content unique.

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Real-Time Analysis & Optimization Designed for Content

Move on from legacy web analytics, and partners telling you how your content is performing. Knotch gives you a way to get the answers you need about your content immediately so you can drive outcomes.

Prove the value of your content.

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Knotch Data Integration Engine

You shouldn’t have to worry about the endless amount of data out there. The Knotch Data Integration Engine is our content-based big data layer that handles the collection and unification of every content data point you need across every content channel you use.

Knotch B.I.O.S.

Big data by itself is useless. It takes tons of work to convert it into value. Knotch benchmarks, insights, outcomes, and score (B.I.O.S.) is our artificial intelligence layer that automatically transforms all of your data into knowledge for you to consume via the front end of the platform.

Together, the data components of Knotch power the rest of the platform by collecting content data, creating a 360-degree view, and offloading the burden of conducting manual analysis for our customers by leveraging artificial intelligence to transform data into knowledge.

The Power of Our Integration Engine & Knotch B.I.O.S.

There are tons of different data types that you need to collect, own, and bring together. It’s time consuming. It’s a burden. It’s impossible. But with Knotch — it’s effortless. Knotch automates the collection of all the data you need for a complete 360-degree view of everything content-related.

  • First party data ownership for vital content data
  • Augmented data sets supported by product integrations
  • Unified into a complete point of view

Not only does Knotch ensure you have all the vital data you need to connect your content to outcomes — it also effortlessly collects and centralizes it from every content channel you rely on. This includes all of your owned content channels as well as your agencies and publisher partners.

  • Seamlessly integrate Knotch across all your content channels
  • Automate how you consolidate your data into a single source of truth
  • Simply rely on one platform to power all your content intelligence

Data is only as good as the intelligence you get from it and Knotch handles that for you too. All of your data from all of your data channels are run through our Intelligence Engine, Knotch B.I.O.S. What does B.I.O.S. stand for?

  • Benchmarks: Data-driven benchmarks for your own content and the industry
  • Insights: Designed to tell you if your content is serving its purpose
  • Outcomes: Simple ways to connect your content to outcomes
  • Scores: A normalized success metric so you can compare apples to apples and drive improvements

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Ally + Knotch for the Win

We’ve used Knotch countless times to hone in on areas where we need to make adjustments… It’s how we make shifts in strategy. It’s become an integral part of our content process.

Katie Garica, Senior Content Specialist at Ally
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