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The content intelligence you’ve been waiting for.

The next generation of data-driven capabilities built specifically to help you connect your content to business outcomes. 

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Content Intelligence Platform

It’s time to stop questioning if your content strategy is working — and start proving it.

Stop using legacy web analytics and relying on publishers to get the data and insights you need to understand how your content is performing. Knotch is the single way to collect and analyze a complete 360-degree content dataset across all of your content channels.

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Finally Connect Your Content to Outcomes

You should never have to wonder if your content is providing value to the business. With Knotch, you won’t. Directly prove the impact your content is making when it comes to three business outcomes: Enhance Brand, Increase ROI and Build Audience.

  • Dedicated scores automatically calculated for each Outcome based on a set of key metrics so you never question if content is driving outcomes you care about. 

  • Unique metrics designed to measure content so you can be confident your understanding of performance is based upon meaningful data. 

  • External industry benchmarks and internal baseline values for every score and metric so you can context and prove progress.

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Start Increasing the Value of Every Piece of Content

Your content needs to generate high-value customer actions. With Knotch you can dynamically guide your audience to the next step in their customer journey. 

  • Drive high-valued actions with dynamic CTAs on every piece of content

  • Attribute downstream conversions to content with the Knotch Pixel

  • Use your content to collect attitudinal & sentiment feedback

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Real-time Insights and Reporting for all Your Content

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for insights after you publish a piece of content on your owned hub or launch a campaign with a publisher. With Knotch, you see your content’s performance when it matters.

  • Analytics and metrics designed specifically to measure content – not web pages

  • Flexible performance analysis by campaign, individual content pieces, time frames, and tags
  • Dedicated Insight & Outcome reports all powered by Knotch B.I.O.S.

Wells Fargo is pushing boundaries with Knotch.

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“We’ve used Knotch countless times to hone in on areas where we need to make adjustments. It’s how we make shifts in strategy. It’s become an integral part of our content process.”

—Ally Financial
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