Why Knotch?

In today’s digital first world, content is a strategic part of every marketing plan

To effectively develop a winning content strategy, you need to be able to create, measure and optimize every aspect of your content and more importantly you need to be able to quantify its impact on your business. With Knotch’s content intelligence platform (CIP), we have moved beyond simple metrics about the visibility of your content to providing a deeper understanding of its structure, the context of its performance and most importantly the impact it is having on your business. In short attaching all your content directly to specific business outcomes.

Our Product

Knotch pioneered the content intelligence space with the introduction of its content intelligence platform (CIP), over four years ago. This ground breaking technology allowed companies to move beyond the simple visibility metrics that traditional web analytics products provided to gain a deeper understanding of their content’s actual performance. Through the collection of richer content specific data and the use of AI Knotch is able to help your company more effectively create, measure and optimize your content.

The Knotch CIP provides:

A 360-degree view of all your content-specific data, allowing you to gain a holistic view of the performance of your content, so you can continually optimize its performance.

Knotch BIOS delivers AI driven, benchmarks, insights, outcomes and scores that provide context to the performance of your data to allow you to quickly identify actionable insights that you can take to improve your content’s contribution to key business outcomes.

Delivered in a user interface that is designed for marketers and content professionals, Knotch allows you to quickly see and understand everything about your content from the competitive landscape to the critical metrics.

By combining all of this powerful functionality, Knotch is able to give your teams an unparalleled perspective on your content and its performance, but we don’t stop there. By leveraging the rich data that Knotch collects and combining it with our AI, we are able to attach your content directly to scoring for key business outcomes. These outcomes provide a way for you to know that your content is achieving its business goals.

Our Partners

As a pioneer in content intelligence, Knotch has partnered with some of the largest and most important brands in the world.

Through these partnerships we have seen first-hand how content teams are evaluated and measured, and this has driven the evolution of our products and offerings. Today, Knotch not only offers the only complete CIP on the market, but we also provide the strategic consulting services to help your team develop the right content strategy and set up Knotch to make sure you are able to measure your success. With Knotch Consulting you not only have the right technology, you have the right partner.

Our People

At Knotch, we are committed to not only delivering the industries most complete Content Intelligence Platform, but ensuring that your team leverages that platform to its fullest. Knotch’s customer success team partners with you from day one to make sure your deployment goes smoothly and stays around to help your team maximizes its value. Through quarterly business reviews, custom report development and one-on-one briefings, our customer success team is there as your partner.

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