Revolutionizing content intelligence.


Next Gen

Knotch pioneered content measurement and with the introduction of our
new next gen Content Intelligence Platform, we are revolutionizing it.

Next Gen provides visibility into your users’ interactions with content
and its impact on your full funnel. Built to meet today’s digital marketing
challenges, Knotch’s next generation platform:

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Site-Wide Content Specific Data Collection

Knotch next gen brings together behavioral, demographic, and sentiment data on every content asset and pairs it with the ability to track how content is attributed to all relevant actions (purchases, email subscriptions, downloads, etc.) across your website. This functionality is powered by Knotch’s new K-Tag.

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In-depth Customer Journeys

Precisely understand what is working and what is not using more complete first-party content data collection and deeper insights into audience end-to-end behavior.

  • End-to-end, site-wide journey analysis for richer insights from referrer to HVA, compressing time to conversion and ensuring that every content piece gets proper attention.
  • Flexibility to customer reporting and define journey completions as conversion or HVA.
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Code-free Conversions & HVA Tracking

Get to value faster and build trust by showcasing content ROI with ease using a seamless and scalable way to track and report on conversions and HVAs.

  • Automated capturing of all conversion & HVAs across indexed content to eliminate blind spots and drive deeper conversion analysis.
  • Dev-free & rules-based deployment of button classifications, enabling automatic aggregation, tracking & reporting.
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Content Catalogue

Easily access all your content and minimize manual effort to documents, organize, and discover all your content through indexing and “Collections.”

  • Automated content indexing for complete visibility and to eliminate the need for manual addition of content to Knotch.
  • OpenAI powered keyword and topic extraction.
  • Collections will deliver flexible organization, powerful search, sorting and filters to make content more discoverable than ever.
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Connecting Content to Business Outcomes

You should never have to wonder if your content is providing value to the business. With Knotch, you won’t. Directly prove the impact your content is making when it comes to three business outcomes: Enhance Brand, Increase ROI and Build Audience.

  • Dedicated scores automatically calculated for each Outcome based on a set of key metrics so you never question if content is driving outcomes you care about.
  • Unique metrics designed to measure content so you can be confident your understanding of performance is based upon meaningful data.
  • External industry benchmarks and internal baseline values for every score and metric so you can context and prove progress.
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Privacy, Security & Compliance

Knotch next gen was built from the ground up with privacy, security and compliance by design.

  • GDPR compliant
  • CCPA compliant
  • Single tenant storage
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Cloud security
  • Cryptography protocol
  • Cyber security
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Next Gen Launch Announcement Video