Sentiment Analysis for Email

Measure what matters, across more channels than ever before.
Knotch units now integrate and gather email sentiment metrics.

Gather Email Sentiment with Intuitive Interactions

Email is increasingly effective as a channel to broadcast and share content. As with all forms of content, you need to know if your email marketing content is working—beyond clicks and opens.

Our new email sentiment capability fills in the gap with qualitative audience responses that all prior email comms were missing.

Measure Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

Measure your sentiment responses with immediate, first-party data. And review it with our user experience built specifically for content marketers. Our content intelligence platform displays sentiment and response analysis, giving you the full picture of how your audience feels.

Copy & Paste Right Into your Email

Knotch for Email is a super easy integration. Just copy-and-paste your unit into the body of your email, and send—no technical skills required. We have HTML, too, if you want it. Integration works across email clients and marketing automation platforms.

Guide Your Audiences with Intuitive Interactions

Knotch units fit beautifully in any email with a sleek, non-intrusive design. Audiences can engage with your units without ever leaving the email.

Gather sentiment feedback from your audience, and keep them engaged using:

  • Custom responses
  • Follow-up questions
  • Response-based targeting

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