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Our ambition for Knotch careers is to build a completely flexible culture that accepts and values people’s differences. We get to show up every day and feel that we belong. We’re fueled by curiosity, and we aren’t afraid to fail. We’re inclusive, we’re transparent, and we’re relentless. Our emphasis on positive reinforcement motivates all of us to work harder. Companies don’t fail, people give up. We’re in this together, and we’re never giving up.

—Founders, Anda & Aron

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Our world is experiencing a global health crisis, and we have all been affected. Amidst the uncertainty, Knotch is in a strong position and is committed to hiring. If you’d like to speak with our recruiting team about the future of Knotch, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Own Your Voice

  • Transparency: By combining honesty and integrity in our approach, our employees and our clients can do their best work every day.

  • Inclusiveness: We are accepting of everyone: every situation is approached with an unbiased open-minded mentality, assuming positive intent.

  • Relentlessness: We are tireless, persistent, and hungry for progress. We know when to celebrate wins and when to push harder to achieve success.

The Band of Misfits

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Our Co-Founder and CEO, Anda Gansca, often refers to Knotch as a “band of misfits.” Throughout history, it’s misfits that have ignited change, turned conversation into action, and dismantled accepted concepts of “fitting in.” Whether it was Elizabeth Cady Staton leading the Suffrage Movement; Oliver Brown fighting the US government to allow his daughter, Linda Carol Brown, to go to an integrated school; or Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson protesting police brutality against the LGBTQ+ community and throwing the first bricks at Stonewall — those bold enough to challenge systemic norms are the ones that create a better, more inclusive future for all of us.

At Knotch, we aim to celebrate diverse voices and foster belonging and inclusion across all teams and functions. We acknowledge that we have more work to do when it comes to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The tech space is an arena ready for change, and it can start with us. We are committed to hiring more Black talent, fostering belonging amongst our represented communities through ERGs and committees, and frequently educating and training our staff on anti-bias, anti-harassment, and anti-racism. Like the misfits before us, we are committed to turning conversation into action and redefining what it means to “fit in.”

At Knotch we are breaking the mold by empowering brands and consumers to own their voice online. Internally, we are empowering employees to own their voice in the workplace. Diverse perspectives and experiences are necessary if we aim to fully realize our core value of Inclusiveness. We are committed to putting in the work to make that core value more of a reality every day.



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Our customer, Trinet, telling our Knotch careers story as a part of their “People Matter” campaign.

  • Friends at work (yes really – we hang out!)

  • Employee-led “Culture Club” that plans virtual events
    (zoom bingo anyone?)

  • Feedback loop with leadership (ask us anything)
  • Community-building & donations (you choose where the $ goes)

  • Mental health lunches (we get real with each other and talk it out)
  • Company offsites (we’ve done Miami and New Orleans…what’s next?)
  • Partner with nonprofits & volunteer within our local community
    (e.g. LGBTQ+ orgs like The Center)

  • Company offsites (We’ve done Miami, New Orleans, and even New York City when safe to do so)

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Knotch’s commitment to my personal growth has played a huge role in shaping my career. I’ve found that I’m happiest when collaborating with others and was encouraged to join the product team. Knotch’s L&D program has set me on a path that makes my work more fulfilling, pushing me to be better every day.

Willie, Project Manager

I joined Knotch because I was intrigued by how invested Anda is in both the company’s success as well as employee engagement and wellness. I’ve stayed because I’m challenged every day, while being properly supported. I love coming into work every day because my coworkers are silly and fun to be around, but also know how to get stuff done.

Rio, Integrations Engineer
I see Knotch spotlight and reward us for all kinds of wins. Since we’re a small team, we celebrate them on Fridays in front of the whole company. Last year, I was lucky to help recruit a data science team member, and as a reward, Knotch flew me to my dream destination, Japan, to celebrate that success!
Ray, Product Marketing Manager

A major reason I joined Knotch was for the people. I knew instantly when I interviewed this was somewhere I wanted to be – we’ve cultivated a culture that allows every individual to bring their best and truest selves to work everyday!

Sumani, Business Development Associate

At Knotch, I’ve been given the opportunity to work on a variety of complex and creative partnerships with the world’s leading brands and agencies. Every challenge I’ve faced with a team of talented colleagues, and fearless leaders.

David, Senior Sales Director
When it comes to my career, I value the people I work with the most. I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work everyday and that’s because of the team we have here at Knotch. I am surrounded by people who challenge me, support me, and encourage me to strive for greatness.
Sarah, Integrations Manager

What I love most about Knotch is the absolutely contagious, goal-oriented camaraderie amongst the team. Everyone is consistently pushing the product forward, as well as one another, and doing so wearing a smile of pride. Thus making Knotch an incredible place to grow as an engineer and an individual.

Mike, Front End Engineer



Garrison GibbonsFrom the moment I walked into Knotch, I knew I belonged. Now as Head of People, I make it my mission to recreate that feeling every day for our employees and our candidates. Anyone can belong and thrive here, and I am extremely proud of that.

Our culture is viscerally felt by everyone that walks through our door. Our values of Transparency, Inclusiveness, and Relentlessness aren’t just words on a wall. They’re our approach to everything we do.

If you’re looking to make an impact at your next company, Knotch is the place to make that happen. Everyone has a seat at the table and can make their voice heard. Everyone’s views are valid and respected. Everyone belongs.

—Garrison Gibbons, Head of People

It’s an exciting time to join the Knotch Engineering team. Since we’re a growing organization, anyone that joins would progress in their career along with us! Having such growth allows us to work on complex problems in product development and scale our platform for current and future growth. Our engineering landscape is a wide scope, from front-end, APIs, dev-ops, data integrations, data science/engineering, all hosted on AWS cloud and AWS products. When you join our engineering team, you’ll be working with a group of passionate, collaborative, open-minded, and hardworking individuals. We trust each other and hold one another accountable to deliver high quality products as one team. If you’re looking to make a real impact and work on trending technologies, then the Knotch Engineering team is the place to be.

– Sekhar Vajjhala, VP of Engineering

Chris VittiThis is not just another job for us. Our small yet mighty marketing team reaches every day to be the best marketing team at any B2B SaaS company in the world. We cover everything from awareness with great content, to consideration points to help prospects understand if Knotch is the right fit, to the ever important decision if Knotch is the one. In short, we are focused on finding new customers, retaining existing customers, and growing with our customers.

We do this using a unique blend of data and creativity through product marketing, public relations, speaking opportunities, content marketing, events, email marketing, and digital advertising. We are growing as the company grows, and are excited to add new members to our marketing team to write the next chapters at Knotch.

—Chris Vitti, SVP of Marketing

Andrew BoltonAt Knotch, our sales team is a team built on grit and relentlessnes. We’re proud of our solid product that can help solidify the importance of content marketing in the customer acquisition ecosystem.  We work collaboratively, striving to not only succeed personally, but working as a team to share in our wins and learn from our losses to continue our never ending journey to greatness.

– Andrew Bolton, SVP of Sales

In any company big or small, the Account Management team can feel like a catch-all for your clients and products. Our team members go above and beyond the day-to-day. They make personal connections with each of our clients, see things from their perspective, and work hand-in-hand. That leads to happy clients and happy Knotchers.

– Margeaux Welsh, VP of Accounts

Client Success is truly the backbone of Knotch. We work hard to listen to our clients, educate them on how to derive meaningful value from the platform and drive overall satisfaction. Our clients and partners are relying on us to guide their business through our strong data analysis and insights.

We’re diligent, we’re detailed, and we’re passionate about what we do, working collaboratively as a family to ensure our clients are successful in their content marketing efforts. It is Client Success’s relentless drive that allows us to accomplish so much together and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.

– Maddie Hayes, VP of Client Success

Knotch is the first place I have worked that truly checks all the boxes for me. Everyone has a voice here and change is actually welcomed. Anyone who has been a part of a startup knows that this mentality is essential for building a successful company. As the head of finance, I am challenged everyday to maximize the output of the pieces that we have in place while also planning for the future.
We face new problems everyday but there is an incredible support system here and everyone works collaboratively towards the best solution. We are united by a common vision and transparent in every aspect of our operations, which is so rare to find.
If you are looking to grow professionally, be tested everyday while working alongside one another in a truly inclusive environment, Knotch welcomes you with open arms.
– Jason Lee, VP of Finance




  • Health, dental & vision insurance

  • Disability & life insurance
  • FSA & HSA
  • Mental health stipend
  • Team workouts

  • Workplace well-being discussions


  • Daily meal stipend
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Pet-friendly office
  • Casual dress
  • Happy hours
  • Company events & annual offsite


  • 12 paid holidays
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Flexible WFH
  • Commuter stipend

  • Remote opportunities
  • Generous parental & family leave

Professional Development

  • Annual learning & development stipend
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Cross-functional team trainings
  • Sponsored job training & conferences
  • Promote from within


  • 401k
  • Equity grants for all employees
  • Spot bonuses for stellar performance

  • Equity increases to celebrate contributions

  • Referral bonus
  • Charitable donation matches


  • Extended lunch stipend covering groceries

  • Remote office supplies reimbursement

  • Mental wellness lunches on COVID-19
  • Employee Assistance Program support
  • Additional office hours with leadership

  • “Bar Knotch” via Zoom to chat anytime

  • Daily hour-long company-wide break

  • COVID-19 donations through Givz

  • Teledoc access via One Medical

Knotch Careers


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Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts. Knotch enables marketers to measure content marketing performance across all owned and paid strategies and to take advantage of real-time content performance measurement to immediately optimize assets and channels. The Knotch platform shows marketers how to track content performance with invaluable qualitative content metrics using a real-time audience feedback unit and aggregates all metrics and content analytics on a content marketing metrics dashboard. The Knotch content intelligence software also provides access to critical content performance analysis and insights and delivers a content planning platform that enables CMOs to develop a content plan informed by competitor and publisher analysis.