NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Knotch, the leading independent provider of digital marketing intelligence, announced Knowledge, the second product in their ‘Intelligence Suite for Brands’. The product is now online and has a version that is free to the public as well as an enterprise version that is open to marketers purchasing the full Integrated Suite For Brands.

Knowledge, a search engine and intelligence platform for branded content, provides marketers with holistic access to their competitive landscape. Brands can now easily track and follow the digital marketing of competitors, identify content publishing cadence, explore content themes and vet potential publishers to develop their own content strategy. Beyond just brands, Knowledge is also available to publishers and agencies to inform business decisions with real-time and historical competitive insights. With this unprecedented insight, Knowledge brings transparency to the content marketing universe, enabling all sides of the marketplace to gain intelligence about their own work and others, a functionality to pre-campaign research.

“Knowledge is power. We believe that all brands and publishers are entitled to the information garnered through our new platform, and that it should be just as easy as typing in a keyword search on Google to obtain it. By opening our platform up to the public, we’re putting the power of transparency and intelligence in the hands of all brands, agencies and publishers, equipping them with the necessary tools to make smart, results-driven decisions,” said Anda Gansca, Founder and CEO, Knotch.

Knowledge provides the first ever macro view of the branded content landscape, helping brands answer fundamental internal questions: ‘How much content is too much content?’, ‘What are my competitors doing in the realm of content marketing?, ‘What are the main branded content pillars among like-minded brands’? Knowledge answers these questions by identifying the volume, themes and cadence of thousands of brands and publishers. The search functionality allows users to filter by industry, brand, publisher, and/or search term. Additional capabilities allow for users to follow brands and publishers, curating a custom feed specific to their individual needs making it effortless to understand the landscape at a glance. Search results can be easily shared with the entire organization for cross departmental collaboration.

“Knowledge will revolutionize the ease of pre-campaign research, and we’re thrilled that we’re able to provide this cutting edge technology as a part of the Intelligence Suite, not just for our customers but for all brands, agencies and publishers. As a company, we’re dedicated to forging a path to transparency within the industry, and this is just one step toward making that a reality,” continued Gansca.

Knowledge is the latest addition to the Intelligence Suite For Brands, complementing Knotch’s first product, Measurement. Measurement provides intelligence in real time, collecting both attitudinal and behavioural data sets to see how content performs on an individual level while also being measured over time, analyzing how the brand is performing on a macro level, while Knowledge provides an unparalleled view into the competitive market place. Knotch is used by Fortune 50 companies including GE, a client of the new, integrated Intelligence Suite For Brands.



Ryann Slone