Your Guide to Content Measurement


In today’s digital first world, the use of content to engage customers has exploded. As a matter of fact, in a recent survey of over 250 companies, 90% indicated that the use of content is a key part of their marketing strategy. Unfortunately, those same companies are struggling to determine if content is actually having a meaningful impact on their business. The question is, why?

The answer is simple: the tools they are using to try to make this connection were not built to measure content engagement or value—they were only designed to measure web traffic.

In this eBook we will unlock the reasons why content leaders and CMOs are struggling to attach their content investments directly to business value and it will highlight how a new category of technology, content intelligence, is making this possible. You will also learn how Knotch connects content to the following outcomes and why they matter:

  • Enhance Brand
  • Increase ROI
  • Build Audience

This eBook can be your guide on how to measure your success as your company makes the shift to content-led customer engagement.