Release 1.4 Friday 18th of Sep


  • New feature ie: New feature,  Brand new functionality, New product
  • Enhancement ie: New functionality to an existing feature
  • Improvement ie: Improvements to an existing feature
  • Bug ie: Bug fix

Please raise any bugs or improvements tickets via this link 

Excited to showcase some new BP enhancements – click the videos below 

Main Search and Scroll bar

Advance Search & case sensitive 

New Feature


Supporting SSO Logins in Production  Lifted restrictions on the production DB to support SSO logins. Successfully tested a Bank of America SSO login in Production…..#winning 



Exact Matches in Advanced Search (Keyword)  When searching for a keyword such as “Trade” or “Growth” in the Advanced Search Keywords filter, terms such as “International Trade” and “Company Growth” were returning first. Now, the exact matches for the search term will appear first and other matches will follow…. Now that is optimizing the users time  
Scroll Bars in Standard Search  Previously, Standard Search returned a limited amount of results.  We have enabled a scrollbar to show all matches to the user….. More results mean… we  are giving more power/insight to the user 




Timestamp Column in Badmin Event Pixel Export  Exports will now include a date and time of an event in order to provide more insight…. We heard you CS team, and clients…. 🙂 



Trending Publishers and Trending Brands On BP Homepage’s Trending Brands and Trending Publishers, widgets were not refreshing correctly and it is fixed (and more improvements to come)

Case Sensitive Keyword Bubbles We have removed case sensitive off keywords Ie:  ‘COVID’ or ‘covid’ or ‘Covid’ – this now returns results regardless of casing……..finally 🙂

Keyword Quality  All keywords with more than 4 sequential numbers (00000) have been hidden in the product, removing clutter and highlighting more relevant keywords.
This will still allow terms such as 1800 Flowers to appear in the keyword section. 

Please note – this was never broken but we didn’t think this was a great UX  for our customers 

Scrolling in Advanced Search Filters  When searching for a Brand, Publisher, or Keyword in Advanced Search, returned results were being cut off. Now you can scroll and scroll and scroll……..and scroll.