Knotch Release Notes: Release 1.2.3

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020


  • New feature ie: New feature,  Brand new functionality, New product
  • Enhancement ie: New functionality to an existing feature
  • Improvement ie: Improvements to an existing feature
  • Bug ie: Bug fix



Improved Content pillar sorting  Improved made to owned content pillars – we have made improvements to how we sort content and how it is attributed to content pillars. Prior to this all of a brand’s owned content showed up in all of its owned content folders.
Remove emojis and Chinese characters as keywords  Ensures that Blueprint is only returning keyword results that matter the most to our users by removing emojis, and Chinese characters. Please note we are still optimizing for alpha-numerical keywords, such as 5G. 

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Deleting owned pillars via Badmin Deleting pillars via the Badmin Pillars page. This will now also hide the pillars from the BP product. This will allow us to quickly edit and modify the options available on a brand’s profile. 
Filtering and Sorting on Badmin Pillars page Adds filtering and sorting to the Badmin Pillars page. Users can now sort by Pillar Name, Pillar ID, Account Name, Account ID, Brand Name, Brand ID, Content Count, and Last Scraped Date, in ascending or descending order. This will dramatically improve our ability to look up and check the health of our owned content crawlers. 



View button  Fixed ‘view’ button resizing issue
Content bleeding  Fixed issue of content bleeding into right-hand column. 


Upcoming sprint themes

  • General Bug fixing
  • Blueprint
    Improve load
    Adding more content (last week we added more 800 pillar URL to Blueprint)
    Lock down BP reporting designs and questions
  • Measurement – Improve Insights metrics (calculations)
    Lock down customized units designs before showing co-create client
    Lock down Measurement reporting designs and questions
  • And much more 🙂



  • Owned content:
    1.4M pages for 205 brands
  • Paid content:
    260k pages from 354 publishers