Knotch Release Notes: Release 1.2.2

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


  • New feature ie: New feature,  Brand new functionality, New product
  • Enhancement ie: New functionality to an existing feature
  • Improvement ie: Improvements to an existing feature
  • Bug ie: Bug fix


Release 1.2.2 Tuesday 11th of Aug 

New Feature


Share count on the Content card In order to provide users with more upfront information. Users will be able to quickly see the # of ‘share’ directly on the card.




Improvements to  ‘Main Search’  Surfaces more search results without requiring an ‘exact phrase’. 

Well, we heard you and have fixed that.

Previously, “Washington Post” would not surface “The Washington Post”, because of the missing “the”

Please note: More improvements to Search come in future releases

Update Content Card layout Content cards have an updated design to allow for more information on them (shares) and have an extra layer of information on hover (how many words in content) and a cleaner design to better show the hierarchy of information and to de-clutter the content feed.
Overall improvement to Blueprint speed We have continued to identify and optimize slower areas of the product in order to provide a more snappy feel throughout. This work will continue throughout the next couple of sprints. Ie: this includes moving ‘heavy/data processing’ work onto Aqueduct. 
Optimized homepage’s Trending Keywords  Optimized Keyword trending widget from 50+ seconds to ~6 seconds – we did this by reducing the search criteria from starting at 90 days to 7 days. – we will continue to improve this in upcoming releases – the aim being ~2 seconds.
3+ pieces of content on Homepage We are only showing brands or publishers with 3+ pieces of content on the Homepage. This is to reduce the amount of white space and endless scrolling by the user – The feedback we received was “it just looks broken” so we fixed it. 




Search functionality on Badmin Pillars page Added a search bar to Badmin’s Pillars table, this will allow for easier search of content pillars and health checks/monitoring of owned content requests.
Badmin DNB Pixel Enabled DNB controls on a folder level. When DNB is turned on for a folder, all existing units will be updated to have the pixel turned on, and all newly built units will have DNB turned on by default




Bug: Removed competitor Once a user has  removed a brand or publisher – it will now be cleared out of of ‘Competitors’ folder in the user settings
Bug: Removed subscription content in Library Unsubscribing from a brand or publisher will now clear its respective content from the ‘Subscriptions’ section of the Library. 


Upcoming sprint themes

  • General Bug fixing
  • Blueprint – Improve stability & trending brands algorithm 
  • Blueprint – Formatting in advance search ie: removing emoji icons and Chinese characters 
  • Measurement – Improve Insights metrics (calculations)  
  • And much more 🙂