Knotch Cards

What is a Knotch Card?

Knotch Cards are the best way to measure the impact of your brand’s content on paid channels and owned content hubs. They combine qualitative and quantitative metrics with a proprietary Audience Feedback Module, and an invisible pixel to track traditional engagement metrics.

Knotch Cards are customizable, are part of the content experience, and ask salient, sentiment-based questions to your audience, with the ability to drive users further along their content journey or to a high-value action.

The best part? You get to see whether people actually like your content. In real-time.

Smart Cards

Smart Cards are optimized to allow for automatic integration across every piece of content on your owned content hub. Take the manual implementation out of the process.

Smart Cards map and catalog all of the content on your site. Use Smart Cards to guide your visitors down their content journey, surface the most important and relevant content for them, and drive more high-value actions.

How do I create a Knotch Card?

Our Knotch Card builder allows you to create a card through a simple interface. Start by typing in a name for the card, and then click on “Select Folder” to choose which content folder this card should be a part of. Be sure to select the “Tracking With Feedback Card” for “Tracking Type” and choose whether the “Content Type” is an article, video, or email.

You can then edit the language, select a question type, and enter your specific question in the “Topic” field.

To set the background of the card, select “Look & Feel,” and then “Background” to upload an image or select a solid color. You also have the option to change the “Color Palette” of the interactive card.

What is a Custom Knotch Card?

Custom Knotch Cards were designed to provide content teams with more flexibility when designing their webpages. Customization allows users to modify Knotch Cards to fit their brand’s look & feel within their content and websites.

Customeers can now create themes for their Knotch Cards. Themes are made up of Card Frames, and allow users to add and edit logos, the shape of question boxes, background images/color, and text size.

Product Hint: The color picker remembers your favorite/previously used color

Customized Cards for Email are planned for a future release.

Where can I integrate Knotch Cards?

After creating a card, you will see a screen that has JavaScript and iFrame tags. Copy-and-paste your preferred tag to embed the Knotch Card within the content you would like to measure.

What types of content can Knotch Cards measure?

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Events
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Owned Content Hubs
  • Paid Publisher Content