Blueprint Reporting 

Your next competitive content report is already done. 

Blueprint’s instant competitive analysis consolidates your content data — and your competitors’ — into one complete report. Blueprint Reports deliver actionable content intelligence and insights surrounding content, keywords, brands & publishers.

Blueprint Reports are created without ever leaving Blueprint. Once set, the report will be generated for you on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Content Report includes the following data on your brand and up to 9 of your competitors  

  • Content Overview
    • # of Content Pieces
    • # of Articles
    • # of Videos
    • Average word count
    • Average read time
    • Content over time analysis 
  • Keyword Report
    • Keyword Overview
    • Top Keywords
    • Top 5 keywords across ‘you’ and up to 9 of your competitors 
    • Most used keyword across your brand and  up to 9 of your competitors 
  • Publisher 
    • Publisher Overview
    • Top Publisher 
    • Top Publishers across brands 
    • Most used Publishers across brands – including ‘you’ and up to 9 of your competitors