Knotch Blueprint

Knotch Blueprint is the only content-focused library and strategy optimization technology on the market. Blueprint is equipped to surface content marketing inspiration and specific insights you won’t find anywhere else. Find trending content, brands, and publishers from across the internet in order to supercharge your content strategy and execution.

Blueprint helps you break through the clutter of the internet, find the content and competitors you’re looking for, and identify whitespace to help your content succeed… With Blueprint’s top-down view of the content world, you get a deeper understanding of what is out there, and why it works (or doesn’t).

We’re making brands, publishers, and agencies smarter through data.
With Blueprint, identify exactly how others excel at content with:

  • Brand Pages
  • Publisher Pages
  • Content Page

You can find more insights every time you log in with your customized:

And you’ll receive even more data, insights, and inspiration with:

Brand Pages

Blueprint Brand Pages give you a top-down look at any brand’s entire content strategy. See their content publishing frequency over time, the publishers they work with most often, the keywords they target in their content, and more. 

Blueprint Brand Pages break each company’s content efforts down in a simple-to-understand (and good-to-look-at) way. Easily navigate to a brand’s Paid Content or Owned Content, and see exactly what their content looks like. 

Or take a step further with Paid Insights and Owned Insights. See how much content they’ve published, which publishers and hubs they’ve published it on, and using what keywords they’ve targeted. 

Compare up to five brands at once for an even more comprehensive overview.

Publisher Pages

Blueprint Publisher Pages provides an overview of brands that are paying to get their content published with a third-party outlet, and how that content is performing. See which brands each publisher collaborates with most frequently, the most used keywords in their content, the amount of content published over time, and more. 

Blueprint Publisher Pages present a holistic understanding of what types of brands certain publishers like to work with, and what the content on their site looks like so you can see if your content would be a fit. 

Dive into Insights to break down the performance and success of the content, brands, and keywords. See what type of content works best with a specific publisher, or even how long it takes, on average, to read. 

Click the Compare button to stack publishers against one another.

Content Pages

Most importantly, Blueprint takes every single piece of content out there and gives it its own Content Page. These quick looks show you the content itself, the brand that created it, and the site it’s hosted on, along with Content Type, Word Count, Reading Time, and top Keywords. 

View the content and see its performance without ever leaving Blueprint. And, if you like the content you see, save it for later.