Blueprint Library

Your Blueprint Library is your battle station for any content or creators you want to monitor to help power your content strategy. With Blueprint, you can identify your competition and add them as a competitor, or subscribe to brands or publishers whose content inspires you. Their activity and content will then appear instantly in your Library, so you always know when they’re posting new content, and what makes that content tick. 

You will also find your saved content here if you ever come across content that you’d like to keep within arm’s reach.

Competitor Information

No matter where you are with your content strategy, there’s always a brand or two (or more) that you strive to outperform. That’s where the Blueprint Competitors come into play. Set up your custom Library to surface new content from your rivals so you can understand their approach.

See what keywords they use most frequently, how much content they are putting out, what categories their content fills, and which publishers they’re working with. 

We’ll make sure you see trends in their content before anyone else. Stay a step ahead of the competitive landscape. 

Subscriptions Information

Subscriptions are a lot like Competitors but without the fighting spirit!

 Instead, find brands and publishers who are creating content that makes you go “wow”. Subscribe, and their newest content will fill your library. Subscriptions are a great way to see how content continues to grow and evolve, outside of your competitive set.