Your Catalogue

Welcome to the command center. This is your brand’s very own content supercomputer. Catalogue is here to help you keep track of your content efforts across time, keywords, publishers, owned hubs, and more. 

See how you stack up to other brands and view your paid and owned content instantly. 

For more wisdom, click through your Owned & Paid Insights to check your content’s performance. 

Paid vs Owned Content

Paid Content is any content that is distributed with a Publisher instead of a Brand’s Owned Hub or Site. In the catalogue, you can see your most frequently used collaborators, most used Keywords, Content over Time, and more.

Owned Content is content that you have published to a site owned and operated by your brand. Instead of most used publishers, see which of your Owned Sites you publish to most frequently, along with all of Blueprint’s robust reporting data. 

Paid vs Owned Insights

Paid Insights give you a breakdown of data from your Paid Publisher partners. These include data around your content, keywords, publishers, and more—so you can see where your content is most effective, and what makes it work so well.

You can also compare with any other brands you want to measure yourself against.

Owned Insights show you the importance of having your own content hub. Check the performance of your content against Blueprint’s robust content, keyword, and hub data breakdowns. Compare against your Paid Publisher efforts as well to see which strategy is providing the highest ROI, and compare it with any other brands you want.