Enhancing the value of content marketing

The state of content marketing today is characterized by a focus on ROI. Realizing the power of content to forge strong relationships with target audiences, brands are spending heavily on content and they expect an exceptional return on that investment. To increase the value of content marketing campaigns, CMOs and their teams need real-time data and analytics that can enable them to optimize campaigns, refine strategy, and have a clear view of how content is impacting trust with audiences.

Knotch provides a Content Intelligence Platform that delivers all the data and analytics that brands need to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content campaigns across owned and paid strategies. With Knotch, content teams can significantly increase the value of content marketing efforts to deliver the exceptional content marketing ROI that their brands expect.

Increase the value of content marketing through measurement

Effective measurement is the key to improving the value of content marketing. With comprehensive data on the performance of campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels, marketers can better shape campaigns and manage publishing partnerships to improve ROI.

But evaluating the impact of content is not as straightforward as measuring the performance of other digital marketing efforts. The goal of content marketing is to engage audiences, building trust and stronger relationships with them by telling great brand stories. The usual metrics for digital advertising like the amount of traffic, number of unique visitors, time spent on a page, and social shares are helpful. Still, they don’t reveal what marketers really want to know: how do users feel about the content they’re consuming? After all, thousands of page views are no help in building relationships if most of those views result in a negative perception of the brand.

Unfortunately, most solutions for measuring content don’t provide data on whether audiences like the content they are consuming, as this type of qualitative data is pretty tricky to capture. And getting audience feedback data in real time – which would let marketers quickly pivot to optimize underperforming campaigns – has been all but impossible. That is, until Knotch came along.

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Knotch: the Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps brands measure and impact the value of content marketing with real-time, actionable intelligence. Our platform is the only technology that works across owned and paid channels, providing independent and unbiased first-party data that brands own forever.

With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Get audience feedback in real time. We’ve developed an innovative feedback unit that can appear alongside or at the end of content, encouraging users to share their feelings about content as they consume it. By providing an intuitive and frictionless experience for collecting audience sentiment data, we have achieved response rates of approximately 20%, roughly 2000x over the industry average of 0.01% for measuring audience feedback. And because we capture audience sentiment data in real time, our brand customers can view that data in real time as well.
  • Enjoy a holistic view of audience and performance data. We combine qualitative audience feedback with quantitative volume metrics and demographic/psychographic in real time, providing content teams with the most comprehensive understanding of the needs and behavior of their audiences and the performance of their content.
  • Optimize campaigns in real time. Knotch makes it easy to enhance the value of content marketing by quickly taking action to revise or replace underperforming content, and to address problems with distribution channels that are not reaching audiences as expected.
  • Aggregate analytics across platforms. Knotch gathers data from all owned content hubs and paid partnerships, enabling content teams to make cross-platform comparisons to see which content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best.

Additional content marketing solutions from Knotch

Along with technology for measuring the performance of B2C and B2B content marketing campaigns, the Knotch platform provides solutions that let marketers:

  • Improve the planning of content efforts. Our competitive content analysis helps marketers understand the landscape in which their content is competing, with clear insight into the content strategies, publishing cadences, and content themes of their competitors. With data on the top content campaigns and creative themes, marketers can refine their storytelling content strategy to reach audiences more successfully. Additionally, a publisher matchmaking tool enables teams to identify the best publisher for a campaign based on KPIs, audience demographics, and creative approach.
  • Map the ideal content journey. Knotch lets teams define an organic journey for each target audience, mapping the best content to every stage of the journey to integrate content marketing and storytelling efforts.
  • Automatically suggest the next, best piece of content. Our recommendation engine uses insight gleaned from proactive conversations with users to determine the next, most valuable step in their content journey.
  • Simplify the organization of content libraries. Our platform automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every single piece of content ever created. By storing it in a central repository with tools for fast search and retrieval, we make it easy to access any piece of content at any time.
  • Automatically surface critical insights. As the ultimate Content Intelligence Platform, Knotch gives marketers access to intelligence based on topic, audience, and other criteria while automatically surfacing insights that can be easily missed.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why brands choose Knotch

In addition to our comprehensive solutions and our ability to deliver real-time audience feedback, brands choose Knotch because we provide unbiased data. Most content analytics platforms are built on data provided by third parties: distribution channels, digital agencies, and others. These organizations have a stake in how well a brand’s content performs, so their performance data is inevitably skewed to show their contribution most favorably.

At Knotch, we work solely for our brand customers and never monetize from distribution channels. That means we have no stake in the success of what we are measuring and no incentive to deliver anything but the truth. Brands can trust our data completely as they work to increase the value of content marketing through real-time measurement.

FAQs: what is the value of content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing designed to build relationships with target audiences by providing them with content they find useful, valuable, informative, and entertaining.

What is the value of content marketing?

By consistently providing content that audiences like and value, a brand can position itself as a source of helpful information and solutions to problems, sowing trust with audiences and increasing the likelihood they will take high-value actions that are profitable for the brand.

How can I increase the value of content marking campaigns?

Improving the value of content marketing campaigns requires CMOs and their teams to measure campaign performance continuously. By monitoring quantitative and qualitative KPIs, content teams can continuously optimize efforts to reach audiences more successfully with content and stories that resonate more fully.

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