A review of the state of content marketing

Content marketing has come a long way since the early days of blogs and online articles. Today, the state of content marketing is characterized by an ever-expanding variety of content – from 360° video and interactive videogame experiences to voice search, chat bots to peer-to-peer marketing efforts.

But as the state of content marketing continues to evolve, one thing remains the same: unbiased data and real-time intelligence are more important than ever for building an effective storytelling content strategy and realizing the full value of content marketing efforts.

For brands seeking the most valuable data and analytics in content marketing today, the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform provides real-time, actionable intelligence from an independent source.

The state of content marketing intelligence

There is seemingly no end to the number of solutions that promise to deliver the most effective content marketing intelligence. But while these providers offer a certain amount of helpful data, few can deliver the three most important pieces of intelligence in the state of content marketing today.

  • Audience feedback. Most content analytics solutions today – and therefore most content marketing teams – focus almost exclusively on quantitative data that measures volume of engagement. While metrics like number of unique visitors, number of page views, time spent on page, and scroll depth are important, they don’t tell marketers anything about whether a user liked the content they consumed or not. Unless content analytics can reveal how users feel about content, marketers have no way of knowing if a page view caused a user to have a positive or negative perception of the brand. Collecting audience feedback is critical to knowing whether content is actually helping to build stronger relationships with audiences.
  • Real-time intelligence. Content teams need to know at any given moment how a piece of content, a campaign, or a distribution channel is performing. With real-time intelligence, content teams can immediately act to revise or replace underperforming content or address issues with a channel that’s not reaching engaged viewers. Real-time data enables brands to maximize the impact of current campaigns in order to increase engagement and ROI.
  • Unbiased data, transparently collected. Most analytics platforms use data provided by distribution channels, agencies, and other third parties. Because these sources monetize from distribution channels, they are very invested in how well a brand’s content performs. As a result, data is inevitably presented to show their work in the most favorable light. To get a clear and honest view of content performance, brands need data that is unbiased and transparently collected.

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Knotch: improving the state of content marketing

Knotch is the Content Intelligence Platform that is helping to define the state of content marketing today. Providing content marketers with strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence, our platform helps CMOs and their teams plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts across all owned and paid strategies.

Because we work only with brands and never monetize from distribution channels, we can provide totally unbiased and independent first-party data that is owned forever by our brand customers. We simply have no stake in the success of what we are measuring – our only obligation is to be a staunch defender of the truth.

In addition to data on quantitative metrics and audience demographics/psychographics, we provide content marketing reporting on audience sentiment. With Knotch, content teams can immediately know how audiences feel about their content and whether a campaign is improving a target audience’s perception of the brand.

We also provide our data – including audience sentiment data – in real time, giving content teams the insight they need to immediately optimize campaigns, revise or replace content assets, and to alter the mix of distribution channels to more effectively reach intended audiences.

How we capture audience sentiment data

One of the most innovative features of the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform is the feedback unit we’ve designed for capturing real-time audience sentiment about content. Traditionally, techniques for collecting feedback have been disruptive and cumbersome, resulting in dismal response rates around 0.01%, on average. To gauge audience sentiment more precisely, we embed a feedback unit into every piece of content, allowing users to share their feeling about content at the same time they consume it. Using an intuitive response mechanism, the Knotch feedback unit makes it easy for users to register their opinion with a single click and without needing to spend more than a couple seconds thinking about it. The result: our response rates are thousands of times higher than the industry average. And because users are providing feedback in real time, we can deliver real-time intelligence to our brand customers as well.

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Features of the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to address all the challenges in the state of content marketing today.

  • Content-wide analytics help content teams know how to track content performance effectively, revealing which content, themes, and distribution channels are performing best and how to optimize them in real-time.
  • Competitive content analysis provides intelligence on competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence, and top creative themes. A publisher matching feature identifies the best publisher for any campaign based on KPIs, target audience demographics, and creative approach.
  • A recommendation engine automatically suggests the next, best piece of content based on feedback collected from users through organic, personalized conversations.
  • A journey mapping tool lets content teams take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining the stages of an organic experience and mapping the ideal content to every step to integrate content marketing and storytelling strategies more successfully.
  • Automated content insights provide intelligence organized by topic, audience, and more. Our AI-powered processes help to surface insights that marketers might easily miss.
  • Our automated content library organizes every piece of content ever created, classifying, tagging, and indexing it for faster search and access.

FAQs: what is the state of content marketing?

What is the state of content marketing?

The state of content marketing is characterized by increased investment in content efforts by brands and greater expectations for content teams to deliver results. As the variety of content types and distribution channels continues to expand, the complexity of managing content marketing campaigns is increasing as well. To achieve the promise of content marketing, brands need intelligence solutions that can deliver comprehensive, unbiased data in real-time, allowing content teams to move quickly as they continually optimize content efforts.

How can brands improve content marketing ROI?

ROI in content marketing is based on how effectively content improves an audience’s perception of the brand and builds stronger relationships with users. To improve ROI, content teams need access to qualitative data that reveals how audiences feel about content, and whether content is enhancing their opinion of and trust in a brand.

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