The challenge of pharmaceutical content marketing

Pharmaceutical content marketing teams operate in a more complex landscape than most marketers. Marketing for pharmaceuticals is highly regulated and the subject matter is incredibly sensitive. Public perception of pharma brands is complicated, requiring marketers to thread the needle when it comes to delivering messages that build trust with target audiences.

To be effective at pharmaceutical content marketing, CMOs and their teams need content marketing analytics that can capture and deliver real-time audience feedback, allowing marketers to know how audiences feel about their content. That’s why, when choosing tools for measuring content effectiveness, more pharma brands are turning to solutions from Knotch.

What makes pharmaceutical content marketing successful?

Content marketing is an excellent fit for pharmaceutical brands. Pharma companies are highly focused on building trust with their consumer and business audiences, and content marketing can be incredibly effective at strengthening these relationships.

Building trust requires that pharma brands produce content that consistently serves the needs of target audiences. Whether users are looking for information about medicines or answers to health questions, it’s crucial that they feel the content they receive from pharma brands is valuable, useful, or educational.

Unfortunately, most content analytics platforms aren’t able to deliver this kind of audience sentiment data. The focus of these solutions is predominantly on quantitative data – in other words, metrics like volume of traffic, number of unique visitors, time spent on page, video completion rate, bounce rate, and more. This data is somewhat helpful, as it shows the volume of engagement. But it can’t tell pharmaceutical content marketing teams what they really want to know: whether their content is improving an audience’s feelings about their brand.

To run a truly data-driven content marketing, pharma marketers need solutions for content performance measurement that encompass both quantitative data and qualitative audience feedback. That’s where the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform delivers superior value.

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Knotch: the independent Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is the only platform that provides content marketers with strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence. With Knotch, pharmaceutical content marketing teams can plan, measure, and optimize their content across all owned and paid channels.

To provide pharma CMOs with access to qualitative audience feedback, we have developed an innovative feedback unit that we embed in every piece of content. This unit appears at the end of a content experience and provides an easy and engaging way for users to share their feelings about the content – at the exact moment when they’re most invested in registering an opinion. By providing a frictionless and intuitive experience, we have achieved response rates that are exponentially higher than the industry average. And our data is available in real time, allowing our brand customers to access real-time analytics that can drive higher ROI for their campaigns.

In addition to qualitative audience sentiment data, the Knotch platform provides:

  • Comprehensive views of performance and audience data. We combine qualitative data with quantitative volume metrics, engagement and conversion information, and demographic/psychographic data for a complete picture of content performance and audience behavior.
  • Immediate insight. Content teams can quickly see what content types, themes, and distribution channels are working well and which are not, along with data about how to optimize underperforming assets.
  • Cross-platform comparisons. By aggregating content analytics across paid partnerships and owned content hubs, we enable teams to make more informed decisions about their mix of distribution channels.
  • Actionable insights. The Knotch platform provides first-party data that brands can use to optimize campaigns, build strategy, and power CRM and DMP platforms with enhanced segmentation.

Additional solutions for pharmaceutical content marketing

Along with content marketing analytics tools for measuring performance, the Knotch platform offers comprehensive solutions for managing all aspects of pharmaceutical content marketing campaigns.

  • Competitive content analysis lets marketers search for and view competitors’ content investments across brands, publishers, and industries. A publisher matching feature makes it easy to vet distribution partners and to identify the best publishers for a campaign based on target demographics and KPIs.
  • Automated content insights provide access to highly relevant intelligence based on audience, topic, and other criteria while surfacing essential insights that marketers might easily miss.
  • Content journey mapping tools let marketers take control of the user’s journey, defining custom stages and mapping the most appropriate content to each step.
  • A content recommendation engine suggests the next, best piece of content for each user after engaging users in organic, personalized, and native conversations.
  • Our automated content library automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every piece of content ever created. By storing content in a central location with robust filter and search capabilities, we make it easy for marketers to quickly access any piece of content.

In addition to pharmaceutical and healthcare content marketing, the Knotch platform is widely used by content teams in retail, financial services, professional services, automotive, B2B tech, and other industries.

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Why pharmaceutical brands choose Knotch

Pharmaceutical companies choose the Knotch platform because they know they can trust the data we provide. Often, content marketing teams are stuck with unreliable third-party data provided by distribution channels, digital agencies, and other partners. Because these firms have a stake in the success of the content they are measuring, their reporting may be skewed to show their work most favorably.

At Knotch, we never monetize from distribution channels – we work exclusively on behalf of our brand customers. That means we have no investment in the content that we measure, allowing us to present our customers with data that is completely unbiased. Additionally, the information we collect is first-party data that is owned by our brand customers forever, anonymized for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

FAQs: What is pharmaceutical content marketing?

What is pharmaceutical content marketing?

Pharmaceutical content marketing is a practices that enables pharma brands to build trust with target audiences by consistently providing them with content they find valuable, useful, and informative.

What are the benefits of pharmaceutical content marketing?

Through content marketing, a pharmaceutical brand can strengthen relationships with target audiences by positioning itself as an authoritative source of information, laying the groundwork for future high-value actions.

What makes pharmaceutical content marketing successful?

To be effective, a pharmaceutical content marketing campaign must be based on analytics and performance data that reveal whether audiences like and trust the content they are consuming. When marketers have insight into how audiences feel about their content, they can take steps to revise pieces, refine strategy, and modify distribution to increase engagement, improve trust, and bolster underperforming campaigns.

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