Does your team know how to measure content quality?

As they evaluate the success of their content marketing campaigns, most CMOs realize that content quality is the most metric for measuring content performance. After all, to successfully improve an audience’s perception of their brand, content marketers must produce high-quality content that engages, educates, and entertains. Yet most content analytics tools fail to deliver accurate metrics on content quality, leaving teams with no way to see how well their campaigns are performing.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform solves this challenge by showing teams how to measure content quality in real time, combining qualitative feedback with quantitative data and audience demographics/psychographics for a holistic view of content performance.

How to measure content quality successfully

Measuring the success of content campaigns is far more Doug called than evaluating traditional digital marketing efforts. The goal of content is to sow trust with audiences by providing content that they find valuable, helpful, or entertaining. When audiences can consistently turn to a brand for content they like, their perception of the brand increases significantly, laying the groundwork for future high-value actions.

Most content teams have ready access to content success metrics that document the volume of engagement. They can easily pull up numbers on how many people viewed a page, how much time they spent on it, or how deeply they scrolled, whether they watched a video to the end, and how many users shared a link on social media. While these numbers provide some insight into the overall amount of engagement, they can’t tell marketers anything about the quality of engagement – whether audiences liked the content they consumed. Without this data, marketers have no way of knowing whether a piece of content successfully strengthened the brand’s relationship with the audience, whether it had little to no effect, or whether it left audiences with a negative feeling.

To successfully measure the impact of content marketing, teams have to know how to measure content quality. And most importantly, they have to understand how to measure content quality in real time so they can take immediate action to optimize campaigns and bolster underperforming assets.

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Measure success with Knotch

Knotch is the end-to-end Content Intelligence Platform that lets marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts with first-party data and comprehensive analytics. Delivering real-time, actionable intelligence across all owned and paid content channels, the Knotch platform helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts, showing teams how to measure content quality effectively.

To give CMOs a complete view of digital content performance, Knotch provides:

  • Qualitative data that shows how audiences engage with, behave around, and feel about each piece of content.
  • Comprehensive overviews that show marketers the types of content, themes, and distribution channels that are working best and how to optimize the ones that are underperforming.
  • Cross-platform comparisons based on real-time content analysis across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Holistic data that combines high-level volume of metrics with attitudinal feedback, engagement data, conversion metrics, and audience demographic/psychographic information in real time.
  • Actionable insights based on first-party data that help brands to optimize campaigns, refine strategy, and enhance segmentation for DMP and CRM platforms.

How we measure content quality

To solve the challenge of knowing how to measure content quality, our team at Knotch has designed a feedback unit that delivers an exponential increase in response rates over traditional methods of collecting audience feedback.

In the past, content teams have relied on techniques like pop-up surveys and email questionnaires to collect audience feedback about the quality of their content. Because these techniques are disruptive and cumbersome, the average industry response rate is around 0.01% – far too low to deliver accurate data or actionable intelligence.

To collect data more effectively, we have designed an intuitive and engaging feedback unit that we build into each piece of content. It appears just as a user is finishing their engagement with a blog, video, a case study, an article, or any other type of content. Using the universally understood metaphor of a temperature scale, our feedback unit lets users share their feeling about content at the moment when they are most inclined to do so, through a frictionless experience that takes but a second to complete.

As a result, our response rate is around 20% – roughly 2000 times greater than the industry average. And because audiences are sharing their feedback in real time, we can show our brand customers how to measure content quality in real time as well.

Content Intelligence Platform

A comprehensive Content Intelligence Platform

As a content analytics company, we monetize only from our relationships with brands – never from distribution channels. That means the data we provide is transparently collected and completely unbiased. Unlike the data that brands typically acquire from third parties – digital agencies and distribution companies who have a stake in the success of what they’re measuring – our data enables brands to have complete confidence in the accuracy of their analytics.

In addition to solutions for how to measure content quality, the Knotch platform provides tools to:

  • Analyze competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadences, and creative themes.
  • Find the best publisher for a campaign based on target audience, KPIs, and creative approach.
  • Map the best content for each stage of the customer journey.
  • Automatically recommend the next, best piece of content for each customer.
  • Organize every piece of content ever created, storing it under one roof for easier search and access.
  • Providing access to critical intelligence and automatically surfacing insights that marketers might easily miss.

The Knotch platform is widely used by brands in many industries, providing analytics for content marketing for banks, financial services firms, professional services companies, retail enterprises, automotive companies, B2B tech firms, and healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, among others.

FAQs: how to measure content quality?

What is content quality?

In content marketing, the quality of content refers to its ability to engage, inform, educate, persuade, and entertain an audience to improve its perception of and relationship with a brand.

Why do marketers need to know how to measure content quality?

To enhance an audience’s feelings toward a brand, content must have real worth. Audiences must like it and find it enjoyable, educational, or useful. Just because a user engages with a piece of content doesn’t mean that they found it valuable – the content could just as easily leave them with a negative impression of the brand. That’s why understanding how to measure content quality is critical to determining the real effectiveness and ROI of content marketing campaigns.

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