How to measure content marketing ROI

Brands have huge expectations for their content marketing campaigns today. As their companies commit more dollars to content budgets, CMOs and their teams are under more pressure than ever before to deliver results. Knowing how to measure content marketing ROI is critical – both for proving the success of their efforts and for justifying their brand’s significant content marketing investment.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform shows CMOs and their content teams how to measure content marketing more effectively across all owned and paid strategies. With content marketing analytics tools from Knotch, marketers have access to all the intelligence they need to optimize campaigns in real time and to successfully maximize ROI.

Understanding how to measure content marketing success

For many marketing teams, content success metrics are all about quantitative data. These KPIs focus on things like the number of unique visitors, amount of traffic, how deeply users are scrolling on content, and how many users are watching a video through to the end.

While these quantitative metrics help measure the volume of engagement, they offer no help in measuring content effectiveness. Content marketing is about building trust with users and strengthening relationships with target audiences. Data that shows how many people viewed a piece of content tells marketers nothing about whether the content was valuable to users, whether they felt it was a waste of their time, or – worst case scenario – whether it damaged their opinion of the brand.

Knowing how to measure the impact of content marketing on audience feelings about the brand is the only way that marketers can truly measure the success of their campaigns. Yet, most content performance analysis platforms offer no help in this effort. That’s not surprising, since collecting audience sentiment data is incredibly challenging. And until recently, collecting sentiment data in real time – to allow marketers to optimize campaigns immediately – has been nearly impossible. That’s where the Knotch platform offers extraordinary value.

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Knotch: comprehensive metrics for content performance

Knotch is the only independent Content Intelligence Platform that combines strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence. With Knotch, marketers can more successfully plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their efforts across all of their content investment.

Knotch delivers a master view of content performance with data that is uniformly collected in real time across owned and paid channels. With tools that successfully show marketers how to measure content marketing performance, Knotch enables brands to:

  • Measure audience sentiment to understand how customers engage, behave, and feel around each piece of content.
  • Compare performance across platforms by aggregating content analytics across owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Get comprehensive overviews that show what types of content, themes, and distribution channels are the highest performers, and how to optimize all aspects of content marketing in real time.
  • View holistic audience and performance data with analytics that combine high-level volume metrics with attitudinal feedback, engagement data, conversion metrics, and demographic/psychographic information.
  • Collect actionable insights based on first-party data that allow marketers to refine strategy, optimize campaigns, and power CRM and DMP platforms with enhanced segmentation based on audience feedback.

Knotch is the platform of choice for CMOs in many industries, helping to manage content marketing for banks, financial services firms, professional services companies, automotive companies, retail businesses, B2B tech firms, and healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, among others.

How Knotch measures qualitative audience sentiment

To know whether a campaign is effective, marketers must know how to measure content marketing impact on an audience’s perception of their brand.

To measure how audiences feel about content, we’ve developed a unique approach to capturing audience feedback. As a user finishes watching a video, reading a blog, or interacting with a quiz or questionnaire, we provide an opportunity to share their feeling about the content they just engaged with. By embedding this feedback unit directly into content, we enable users to have a seamless and frictionless feedback experience. And by allowing them to register their opinion using a universal metaphor – a temperature scale – we make it quick and easy to respond. As a result, our response rates are through the roof – roughly 2000 times the industry average for capturing sentiment data. And since users are sharing their feedback in real time, we can give our brand customers access to real-time metrics on the most critical qualitative KPIs.

Content Intelligence Platform

A complete Content Intelligence Platform

Along with showing marketers how to measure content marketing in real time, the Knotch platform helps marketers to:

  • Analyze competitors’ efforts. Our competitive content analytics provide insight into the competition’s content strategy, publishing schedule, and top creative themes. Content teams can search and discover content investments across publishers, brands, or industries to benchmark efforts and uncover the best creative themes for specific content strategies.
  • Identify the best publishing partners. Knotch provides access to a comprehensive catalog of publishers, along with a tool for finding the right publisher for any campaign based on KPIs, creative approach, and target audience demographics.
  • Map content to each customer’s journey. With Knotch, marketers can take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining custom stages for each journey and mapping the ideal content to each stage.
  • Automatically suggest the next, best piece of content. Our content recommendation engine uses feedback collected through personalized conversations with users to inform the next, most valuable step in their content journey.
  • Keep content organized for easy access. Knotch automatically organizes and classifies every piece of content ever created, storing it under one roof with fast indexing and robust search capabilities for easier access.
  • Get quick access to critical intelligence. We offer automated content insights that provide access to intelligence based on topic, audience, and more, and we automatically surface insights that marketers might otherwise easily miss.

FAQs: how to measure content marketing campaigns?

Why measure content marketing efforts?

Content marketing can be an expensive endeavor. Measuring the performance of campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels lets marketers continually optimize efforts to maximize the impact of content and the return on their brand’ s investment.

What are best practices for how to measure content marketing campaigns?

While many marketers are focused on quantitative metrics – number of page views, total visitors, scroll depth, rate of video completion, etc. – the most important thing to measure in content marketing is audience feedback. Unless they know how users feel about their content – whether they liked it and found it helpful or valuable – marketers have no way of knowing whether a campaign is successfully building trust and stronger relationships with target audiences.

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