Does your team know how to measure content marketing success effectively?

As you work to increase the ROI of your content marketing efforts, measuring content performance can help to optimize campaigns and refine content strategy. But if, like many marketers, your content team is focused exclusively on quantitative data, they’re missing the most critical metrics for content marketing success: qualitative audience feedback. It’s only by understanding how audiences feel about your content that you can know whether your efforts are improving their perception of your brand.

For content teams that want to know how to measure content marketing success more effectively, the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform combines real-time audience feedback with quantitative metrics and audience demographic/psychographic information for a holistic view of performance.

Understanding how to measure content marketing success

Brands are investing a great deal in their content marketing programs today, and they expect a lot in return. For superior content marketing ROI optimization, CMOs must continually measure campaigns to see which types of content, themes, and distribution channels are most effective at reaching and building relationships with audiences.

The market is full of content analytics tools that can deliver reams of quantitative data. With these platforms, marketers can easily evaluate metrics like volume of traffic, the number of unique visitors, time spent on a page, pages per session, social engagement, bounce rate, and more.

What these solutions can’t deliver – and what is critical for knowing how to measure content marketing success – is qualitative data that shows how audiences feel about content. In other words, do audiences like the content a brand is offering? Which pieces of content are improving an audience’s feelings toward a brand? Which assets are leaving audiences unmoved and which content is producing negative reactions?

Learning how to measure content marketing success using qualitative data is essential. Getting that information in real time is critical. That’s why so many content teams today are turning to the data-driven content marketing solutions offered by the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform.

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Measure content marketing success with Knotch

Knotch is an end-to-end Content Intelligence Platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure content marketing success with real-time content analysis based on qualitative audience feedback. Using an innovative feedback unit that is built into each piece of content, we have achieved response rates that are exponentially higher than traditional techniques of collecting qualitative data. With Knotch, marketing teams can get a comprehensive view of content performance, optimizing campaigns with real-time insight into what content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best.

In addition to showing teams how to measure content marketing success, the Knotch platform provides comprehensive solutions for managing content campaigns.

  • Competitive content analysis provides in-depth information about competitors’ content, including strategy, publishing cadence, and creative themes. We also offer a publisher matching tool that identifies the best partners from a comprehensive catalog of publishers based on target KPIs, demographics, and creative approach.
  • Our automated content intelligence is organized by topic, audience, and other criteria, and our platform automatically surfaces insights that marketers might easily miss.
  • Our content recommendation engine uses feedback collected through personalized conversations with users to automatically suggest the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • A content journey mapping tool lets teams take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, directing users toward high-value actions by mapping the ideal content for each stage of the journey.
  • Our automated content library organizes and classifies every content asset ever created, storing it in one location for faster search and easier access.

Our metrics for content marketing success

To provide marketers with a quick and easy way to measure and compare content performance, we combine and weight a wide variety of metrics to create a customizable Knotch Content Performance Score. The comprehensive data collected by the Knotch platform includes:

Qualitative Feedback

  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance
  • Custom metrics

Quantitative Data

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Click-throughs
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement
  • Custom events

Demographic Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Brand/purchase affinity
  • In-market segments

Content Intelligence Platform

Why more brands measure success with Knotch

When they want to know how to measure content marketing success reliably, more brands choose the solutions provided by the Knotch platform. The reason is simple: in addition to qualitative data and real-time analytics, we provide data that is transparently collected and completely unbiased.

Typically, content analytics are based on data provided by third parties – distribution channels, digital agencies, and other organizations. These firms inevitably have a stake in the success of what they are measuring. Consequently, it’s difficult for content teams to know whether the data they provide is objective or whether it is skewed to highlight successes and obscure failures.

At Knotch, we never monetize from distribution channels – we work solely for our brand customers. As a result, we don’t have a stake in the success of a brand’s content. Our only job is to deliver and defend the truth. Brands know they can trust our performance data completely, ensuring that they always have a complete picture of the success of their content campaigns.

The Knotch platform is the choice of CMOs in many industries, powering content marketing for financial services companies, professional services firms, B2B tech firms, retail enterprises, automotive companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and many more.

FAQs: how to measure content marketing success?

What is content marketing success?

In content marketing, success is measured by how effectively a campaign or an individual piece of content enhances a user’s perception of a brand and strengthens the brand’s relationships with target audiences. Successful campaigns are based on content that audiences find valuable, helpful, educational, or entertaining.

How do CMOs measure content marketing success?

To effectively measure content marketing success, CMOs must be able to collect audience feedback on whether they like a piece of content or not. With data that reveals how audiences feel about each piece of content, marketers can more easily optimize content to delight, inform, or persuade audiences and satisfy the needs of users.

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