How to do content marketing on a budget

While brands realize the tremendous power of content marketing, many are hesitant to invest the kind of resources that CMOs and their teams really need. Some brands are fearful of change, preferring marketing programs they believe are tried and true. Others are unsure about investing in a program focused on long-term audience relationships rather than short-term conversions. Whatever the reason, this reluctance means many content teams must know how to do content marketing on a budget.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform helps CMOs and their teams to cost-efficiently plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts. With Knotch, content teams can prioritize high-impact activities to deliver superior content ROI.

Understanding how to do content marketing on a budget

For CMOs that want to know how to do content marketing on a budget, the right content analytics tools are essential. While analytics and metrics are critical to every form of digital marketing, they are doubly important in content marketing. Producing quality content can be expensive, and CMOs and their teams need tools for continuously measuring content effectiveness to ensure that every dollar spent is yielding the highest ROI.

Here’s the challenge: most tools for content performance analysis are incomplete – they fail to deliver on three criteria that are critical for CMOs looking to maximize their content marketing investment. These criteria include:

  • The ability to provide real-time information. Many analytics platforms are great at providing detailed performance data after a campaign is completed. While this information can help to guide the development of future programs, it can’t help marketers get the most from existing campaigns. With real-time information, content teams can quickly revise pieces, refine strategy, and alter the mix of channels to maximize the value and impact of current efforts.
  • The tools to capture audience sentiment. For content marketing to be successful in building relationships with target audiences, users must like the content they’re consuming and find it valuable. Unfortunately, most analytics don’t capture audience sentiment. These platforms can provide lots of quantitative data like the number of unique visitors, total page views, time spent on a page, video completion rate, and other metrics that show the volume of engagement. But they can’t reveal any insight on the most important metric of all: how audiences feel about content.
  • The assurance of unbiased data. Most performance data today is generated by distribution channels, digital agencies, and other third-party firms who are deeply interested in proving that they have helped a brand’s content perform well. Consequently, their data isn’t always reliable, as it may be skewed to highlight successes and obscure less-than-stellar results. To do content marketing on a budget, CMOs need data that provides an honest picture of how well campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels are performing.

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Knotch: solutions for managing content marketing on a budget

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform is the ideal solution for every CMO that needs to know how to do content marketing on a budget. Knotch is the only content measurement technology that works across owned and paid channels, providing totally independent and unbiased data. And with the ability to deliver analytics in real time – including invaluable audience sentiment data – Knotch delivers on all the critical criteria for cost-efficient content marketing.

With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Capture audience feedback in real time. Using an intuitive and engaging feedback unit that is built into every piece of content, we successfully capture audience feedback with response rates that are thousands of times higher than the industry average. And because our technology encourages users to share their feeling about content at the same time they are consuming it, we can provide our brand customers with real-time sentiment data.
  • Get a master view of performance. With Knotch, content teams can quickly identify the highest performing content types, themes, and distribution channels while taking steps to optimize or revise underperforming efforts.
  • Work with holistic audience and performance data. Our analytics are based on data that combines attitudinal feedback with high-level volume metrics, engagement data, conversion metrics, and audience demographic/psychographic information.
  • Make cross-platform comparisons. We aggregate content analytics across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Access actionable insights. Our first-party data allows teams to refine strategy, optimize campaigns, and enhance segmentation based on audience feedback to power CRM and DMP platforms.

A comprehensive Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for content teams that want to know how to do content marketing on a budget. These include:

  • Competitive content analysis. Teams can gain insight into the competition’s content strategy, publishing cadence, and creative themes in order to focus efforts and resources on campaigns that will compete more effectively. A publisher matching tool can help to find the partners that will reach target audiences most cost-effectively.
  • Automated content library. The Knotch platform automatically organizes and classifies every piece of content ever created, storing it in a central location to make access faster and easier.
  • Content journey mapping. With Knotch, marketers can define custom stages of the customer journey, mapping the most appropriate content to each stage based on the needs and interests of target audiences.
  • Content recognition engine. The Knotch platform allows brands to engage audiences in organic and personalized conversations and uses insight from those exchanges to automatically suggest the next, most valuable step in their journey.
  • Automated content insights. As the ultimate Content Intelligence Platform, Knotch provides access to critical information organized by topic, audience, and more. Our AI-power processes also automatically surface essential insights that marketers might otherwise miss.

Used widely by brands in diverse industries, Knotch helps to improve ROI in content marketing for financial services, professional services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, B2B tech, and other industries.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why content marketing teams on a budget trust Knotch

When it comes to providing unbiased data that is transparently collected, brands trust Knotch completely. We never monetize from distribution channels – we work only for our brand customers. As a result, we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. Our mission is to deliver completely objective data and to defend the truth. For teams doing content marketing on a budget, we provide data that enables their brands to realize higher ROI from their content investment.

Additionally, the data we collect is first-party data that is owned forever by the brand and anonymized for CCPA, GDPR, and other data privacy regulations. With Knotch, brands can end their dependence on unreliable third-party data while knowing that the data they are working represents the unbiased truth.

FAQs: how to do content marketing on a budget

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique designed to build trust and stronger relationships with target audiences by providing content that users find valuable, useful, informative, or entertaining. By consistently delivering content that users like, a brand can position itself as an authoritative source of information and a company that users can trust to help solve their problems or meet their needs.

How do you do content marketing on a budget?

When working with budget constraints, content teams must know that every dollar they invest in a campaign will yield the highest return. Solutions that can measure content performance in real time are essential to this effort, allowing marketers to continuously optimize strategy, content assets, and distribution channels to improve results. Capturing audience feedback is critical, as this data enables marketers to know whether a piece of content is successful in enhancing a user’s perception of the brand or not.

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