How to master financial content marketing

With the rise of content marketing, financial services firms have realized that investing in content on paid and owned sites can significantly increase customer acquisitions and boost brand awareness. Financial institutions large and small are leveraging financial content marketing to build trust, improve relationships, and sell new services to customers.

Because content marketing for financial services can be expensive, having a clear view of performance is essential. Knotch provides a Content Intelligence Platform for financial content marketing that makes it easy to measure performance and to understand which content and campaigns are meeting objectives and delivering higher ROI.

Financial content marketing: the benefits

Content marketing is a natural fit for the financial services industry. Financial companies want to position themselves as industry experts, knowledgeable resources, and trusted advisors, while most consumers of financial services are eager to find financial services brands that they can trust. By investing in financial content marketing hubs, financial services companies can effectively build brand equity, increase trust among desired audience segments, reach new prospects for customer acquisition, and retain existing customers by providing access to a wealth of content resources.

The key to successful content marketing for banks and financial services firms is to be able to precisely measure the effectiveness of each piece of content against defined goals and to continually produce content that inspires audiences to trust and engage with the brand.

However, too often tools for measuring performance in financial content marketing focus on metrics that don’t deliver a clear understanding of how well a piece of content is engaging an intended audience. Metrics like page views, time spent on page, and social shares are helpful in general, but they can’t tell you whether a potential customer had a positive or negative view of a piece of content and, by association, the brand.

The missing ingredient: audience sentiment feedback that lets you know exactly how your users feel about your content as they engage with it. That’s what the technology of the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform can deliver.

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Optimizing financial content marketing with Knotch

Knotch is an independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps CMOs and marketers to measure the impact and the outcome of their content marketing efforts.

Providing a SaaS-based dashboard that puts key content performance metrics at your fingertips, Knotch makes it possible to optimize financial content marketing campaigns in real-time with actionable intelligence gathered from across all content investments, paid and owned.

Knotch Measurement, our content measurement platform, enables you to intelligently, effectively, and immediately measure the impact of your investment in content. Armed with real-time data, you can easily optimize campaigns, establish benchmarks, and gather first-party customer feedback to get a complete picture of how well your content is performing.

Knotch Measurement for financial content marketing lets you:

  • Access comprehensive overviews that show what content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best, helping to improve content marketing ROI optimization.
  • Aggregate content marketing analytics across owned content hubs and paid partnerships for a unified view of performance.
  • View holistic audience and performance data, combining high-level volume metrics with demographic and psychographic info as well as qualitative feedback about audience attitudes, engagement, and conversion.
  • Understand audience sentiment and how customers feel about, engage with, and behave after viewing your content.

Benefits for financial services companies

By managing financial content marketing with Knotch, financial services companies can:

  • Identify the publishers and types of content that can drive the desired emotional responses that fulfill brand goals.
  • Use content to drive high-value actions like opening an account.
  • Ensure that key users and stakeholders are directed to the most relevant content with a data-driven content experience.
  • Establish a brand as a trusted source for financial information and a resource for financial education.

Content Intelligence Platform

Additional tools for financial content marketing

In addition to tools for measuring performance, Knotch helps to simplify management of financial content marketing with solutions that include:

  • Knotch Blueprint, a content search and discovery engine for developing intelligence about competitors and publishers, enabling financial content marketing specialists to develop a better content marketing strategy, to take advantage of gaps in competitors’ messaging, and to vet potential publishers and partners when planning new campaigns.
  • Knotch Content Catalogue, a platform that simplifies the management of content by organizing and indexing all content assets in a single repository, automatically tagging and cataloging pieces.
  • Knotch Playbook, a technology that lets you determine which pieces of content belong to each stage of the customer’s journey to provide a better content experience.
  • Knotch Genie, an AI-powered recommendation engine that automatically suggests the next, best piece of content for each customer, engaging them in an organic and personal conversation to nurture the relationship.

FAQs: What is financial content marketing?

What is financial content marketing?

Financial content marketing is the practice of creating and sharing digital content that is designed to provide value for prospects and customers in order to build brand awareness and trust for financial services companies.

What are the advantages of financial content marketing?

Content marketing in financial services can help firms better connect with customers and to showcase their expertise in order to improve brand equity, increase customer acquisitions, enhance customer relationships, and direct attention to new services.

What are the benefits of performance measurement for financial content marketing?

Content performance measurement can help financial firms to better understand which content, campaigns, and themes are most effective at engaging customers and fulfilling content marketing objectives. Content performance measurement that takes audience sentiment into account is especially successful at identifying the most effective content and strategies for enhancing the relationship between consumers and the brand.

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