Boost ROI with data-driven content campaigns

While successful content marketing is a blend of art and science, many marketing teams tend to value the art over the science. They strive to produce highly creative pieces that will impress, inform, entertain, and educate. But in neglecting the science of content marketing – the data – marketers are hindering their efforts to successfully build trust and relationships with target audiences.

Data-driven content campaigns can produce stellar content, but they are guided by data that identifies the most effective content types, themes, messaging, and distribution channels for reaching a given audience. And once campaigns are launched, data-driven content efforts can be optimized with real-time insight into how effectively content is reaching audiences, and whether users like the content or not.

To manage data-driven content campaigns, CMOs and their teams need solutions that combine competitive analytics, audience research, data on publishers and distribution channels, and real-time content performance metrics. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform.

The essentials of data-driven content marketing

A data-driven content campaign uses real-time data and content analysis that provide end-to-end insight into content efforts. Essential data points include:

  • Competitive analysis. Analyzing the campaigns of competitors can help to uncover top creative themes, establish campaign benchmarks, provide inspiration, and help teams to understand the competitive landscape in which their content will be received.
  • Publisher performance data. Information about publishers can help to identify the partners and distribution channels that will reach target audiences most effectively.
  • Audience demographic/psychographic information. Audience research can help marketers understand the needs and wants of target audiences, the questions they need answered, and the themes that will best resonate with them.
  • Quantitative performance data. Once campaigns are launched, quantitative information measures the volume of engagement – the number of people who engaged with content, how much time they spent on the page, how deeply they scrolled, the percentage of video completions, and more.
  • Audience feedback. Collecting data and analytics based on audience feedback are the only way for marketers to know whether users like the content they consumed or not. Audience sentiment data is critical to a successful content campaign, since the role of content marketing is to build trust and relationships with target audiences. When marketers know how to measure content quality and audience sentiment effectively, they can more successfully optimize campaigns to increase engagement.

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Knotch: a data-driven Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is an independent Content Intelligence Platform that delivers the real-time, actionable intelligence marketing teams need to manage data-driven content campaigns. Our end-to-end content marketing solutions help marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their efforts across all owned and paid channels.

With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Plan data-driven content campaigns. Our competitive content analysis capabilities enable teams to search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, and industries with detailed information about content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. With access to a comprehensive catalog of publishers, content teams can identify the best publisher for a campaign based on KPIs, target demographics and creative approach.
  • Analyze and optimize campaigns. Knotch enables teams to measure content marketing and access a complete view of digital content performance. By aggregating quantitative data, target audience information, and qualitative data that shows how audiences feel about content, we provide a comprehensive view of performance across all owned hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Map the ideal content journey. Knotch lets content teams take control of user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining custom journeys and mapping the most appropriate content to every stage.
  • Automatically recommend the next piece of content. Our recommendation engine takes its cues from personalized conversations with users to automatically suggest the next, most valuable step on the customer journey.
  • Surface critical insights. The Knotch platform automatically surfaces insights that can easily be missed and provides marketers with access to critical intelligence based on topics, audiences, and more.
  • Organize content for faster access. Our automated content library automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every piece of content ever created, storing it an essential repository for fast search and easy access.

Knotch is the choice of leading brands in many industries, powering data-driven content marketing in financial services, professional services, B2B tech, automotive, retail, healthcare, and many other verticals.

Comprehensive data collection

To support data-driven content campaigns, Knotch collects and reports on a wide range of metrics, including:

Demographic Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Brand/purchase affinity
  • In-market segments

Quantitative Data

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Clickthroughs
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement
  • Custom events

Qualitative Feedback

  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance
  • Custom metrics

Content Intelligence Platform

How Knotch supports data-driven content marketing

Data-driven content campaigns require data that is unbiased, comprehensive and delivered in real time. Knotch delivers on all three criteria.

Unbiased data. As a content analytics company, we work exclusively for brands and never monetize from distribution channels. That means we have no investment in whether the content we’re measuring was successful or not – our only goal is to present accurate and unbiased data to our brand customers.

Comprehensive data. To deliver a complete picture, performance data must include qualitative data about audience sentiment – how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming. We embed a feedback unit in each piece of content, allowing users to share their feelings about content at the very moment they engage with it. Our solution has achieved a response rate that is thousands of times higher than the industry average, enabling us to provide our brand customers with real-time qualitative information as well as quantitative data and audience demographics.

Real-time data. From competitive analysis to content performance metrics, we provide brands with real-time data that enables marketers to immediately take action to optimize content, campaigns and district channels.

FAQs: What is data-driven content marketing?

What is data-driven content marketing?

Data-driven content marketing uses data to identify target audiences, determine the best channels to reach them, and develop content they will find most useful, informative, and relevant.

What are the advantages of data-driven content marketing?

Data-driven content marketing enables brands to focus efforts on types of content, themes, and messaging that are most important to a target audience. As a result, companies can more easily build strong relationships with audiences and improve their impression of the brand.

What tools are needed for data-driven content campaigns?

Data-driven content campaigns require solutions that identify audience segments, reveal their needs and interests, determine the types of content that are most relevant and useful, and select the best channels that will best reach users.

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