Improve results with data-driven content marketing

As brands increase their spend on content, teams engaging in data-driven content marketing will find it easier to produce content and campaigns that yield a higher return on that investment.

Many teams focus more on the creative side of content marketing, making decisions about target audiences, messaging, and distribution channels based on intuition and gut feeling. This approach ignores the wealth of available data that can help campaigns succeed. From information that helps shape strategy and creative direction to metrics that let teams optimize campaigns for better performance, data-driven content marketing improves the effectiveness of every dollar spent on content.

When seeking a platform that delivers tools required to manage every aspect of a data-driven content marketing campaign, leading brands today are turning to the Content Intelligence Platform from Knotch.

Data-driven content marketing: the essentials

Data-driven content marketing requires intelligence and analytics that can inform decision-making at every stage of a campaign.

  • Competitive content analysis provides content teams with a clear understanding of the landscape in which they’re operating and what it will take to produce pieces that will engage users more effectively than competitors’ content.
  • Research into target audience demographics, psychographics, and behavior can help to define personas and identify the types of content and themes that will best resonate with users.
  • Analysis of publishers can help to choose the partners and distribution channels that will be most effective in reaching target audiences.
  • Quantitative metrics give marketers insight into the volume of engagement with content – from the number of unique visitors and page views to the amount of time spent on a page or the rate at which videos were completed.
  • Audience feedback lets marketers know how users feel about content and whether they find it entertaining, informative, and/or valuable. This data is critical for determining the success of campaigns, as the goal of a content campaign is to build stronger relationships with target audiences. When marketers know how to measure content quality effectively, they can optimize content more easily to ensure users like the content they consume.

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The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that helps brands plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content. Providing real-time actionable intelligence across all owned and paid content investments, we deliver the comprehensive data and analytics that power data-driven content marketing campaigns and let teams measure content marketing success.

The Knotch platform provides:

  • Data for planning campaigns. Content teams can access an in-depth analysis of competitors’ content strategy, publishing schedule, and themes, with views of content investments across brands, publishers, and industries. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive catalog of publishers and a tool for matching campaigns with the ideal publisher based on KPIs, creative approach, and target audience demographics.
  • Data for measuring performance. Combining quantitative, qualitative, and audience demographic/psychographic information, we provide comprehensive overviews that show which content types, themes, and distribution channels are the highest performers, and how to optimize efforts that are not performing to expectation.
  • Data for industry insight. Our automated platform helps surface insights that can be easily missed and provides content teams with relevant information based on topic, audience, and more.

The Knotch platform also provides journey mapping tools, a content recommendation engine, and tools for organizing and storing every piece of content ever created in a central repository for easy search and access. Knotch is widely used for content marketing in financial services, professional services, automotive, B2B tech, retail, healthcare, and many other industries.

Data captured by the Knotch platform

The Knotch platform informs data-driven content marketing campaigns with a comprehensive view of audience and performance data, allowing teams to choose which content marketing metrics to track. Our metrics include:

Quantitative Data

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Clickthroughs
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement
  • Custom events

Qualitative Feedback

  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance
  • Custom metrics

Demographic Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Brand/purchase affinity
  • In-market segments

We capture qualitative data using an innovative feedback unit that lets users share their feelings about data at the very moment they’re engaging with it, increasing response rates by 2000x over industry averages. Combining this data with quantitative metrics and audience demographics, we create a weighted Knotch Content Performance Score that gives CMOs their teams an easy way to evaluate and compare the performance of each piece of content.

Content Intelligence Platform

What makes Knotch different?

Knotch is the only content analytics company that provides totally independent data across all owned and paid content strategies. We never monetize from distribution channels, so we have no investment in the success of what we measure. That means we can provide brands with data that is transparently collected and free of the kind of bias that permeates data provided by third parties like distribution channels, publishers, and digital agencies.

Additionally, we provide first-party data that brands own forever, anonymizing it for CCPA, GDPR, and other data privacy regulations.

FAQs: What is data-driven content marketing?

What is data-driven content marketing?

In content marketing, data-driven campaigns rely on data to identify target audiences as well as the questions for which they need answers, the types of content that will best resonate with them, and the channels most likely to reach them.

Why should content marketing be data-driven?

By allowing the data to drive decision-making, content teams can plan more successful campaigns and effectively monitor performance to optimize assets and channels and increase the ROI of content campaigns.

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