The power of a data-driven content strategy

The success of every content marketing campaign begins with a content strategy informed by data. From research into target audiences and their pain points to analytics that reveal the performance history of publishers and distribution channels, the right data can help to ensure that a brand’s considerable spending on content delivers higher ROI.

Crafting a robust content marketing strategy, however, is not an easy task. Many content teams lack the tools for gathering and analyzing all the data required to build an effective strategy. Other teams simply spend too little time on strategy in their rush to generate continuous streams of content.

As a leading Content Intelligence Platform, Knotch offers a suite of solutions that simplifies the development of content strategy and makes it easier for teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts.

What makes an effective content strategy?

An effective content strategy relies on comprehensive data to answer all the questions that content marketers face when developing a campaign.

  • Who is this content for? Marketers must clearly define audience segments, understand their problems and pain points, and identify the problem that content can help them solve.
  • What type of content will work best? Research into audience behavior, demographics, and psychographics can help to determine whether infographics, videos, blog posts, or social media are the best way to reach users.
  • Where will it be published? Performance analytics of publishers and distribution channels can help to determine which channels will be most effective at reaching a target audience.
  • What was learned in previous campaigns? By measuring and analyzing the performance of campaigns, content, and distribution channels, content teams can glean insights that inform the content strategy for future campaigns. The most important metric here is audience feedback that reveals how audiences felt about the content the consumed – whether they liked it, felt it was helpful/informative/entertaining, and whether it improved their opinion of the brand.

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Knotch: the independent Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is an independent Content Intelligence Platform that combines strategic planning capabilities with cross-channel measurement and real-time actionable intelligence. With Knotch, CMOs and their teams can build a more effective content strategy and measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts.

Knotch provides an AI content planning platform that collects and reports on the data and metrics required for every aspect of content strategy and planning.

  • Audience demographics/psychographics provide insight into the wants, needs, interests, and behavior of target audiences, allowing marketers to segment audiences more successfully and choose the messages and types of content that will most appeal to them.
  • Competitive analysis provides a view of the competition’s content strategy, publishing cadence, and content themes. Marketers can search and review detailed information about content investments across brands, publishers, or industries. By identifying whitespace, teams can quickly take action to reach new customers with refined and targeted messaging.
  • Publisher analysis informs content distribution strategy with a comprehensive overview of publishers, and a tool for finding the best publisher based on creative goals, KPIs, and target demographics.
  • Content performance analytics provide data on the performance of content types, themes, and distribution channels from every content campaign. With this analysis, content teams can not only develop a more effective strategy for future campaigns, but they can also revise existing efforts in real-time for content marketing ROI optimization.

Solutions for building on your content strategy

In addition to tools for developing content strategy and for planning and measuring campaigns, the Knotch platform offers:

  • An automated content library. It’s easy to lose track of content, especially when teams are generating tons of it. Knotch can automatically organize, classify, tag, and index every single piece of content ever created, keeping it in a central location for faster and easier access.
  • Tools for mapping the ideal customer journey. With Knotch, marketers can define each stage of the customer journey and assign appropriate content to it. By taking control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, content teams can educate and engage users more effectively while driving them toward high-value actions.
  • A content recommendation engine. The Knotch platform lets brands engage audiences in organic and personalized conversations, collecting feedback that allows our recommendation engine to suggest the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • Automated content insights. Our AI-powered platform automatically surfaces insights that marketers can easily miss and provides access to intelligence that can inform content strategy and campaign execution.

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Why trust data and analytics from Knotch?

When developing content strategy, there are three critical reasons that brands trust the data and analytics provided by our platform.

  • Unbiased data, transparently collected. Most performance data that brands rely on is produced by third parties like digital agencies and distribution channels. These firms have a vested interest in delivering data that shows the success of their work, so brands can’t know how reliable the data is. At Knotch, we never monetize from distribution channels, so we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. As a result, we can offer completely unbiased data that is transparently collected, enabling our brand customers to have complete trust in their analytics.
  • Real-time information. Whether it’s competitive content analysis or performance metrics for a current campaign, we deliver real-time data that lets content teams immediately optimize campaigns and ensures that brands are on the leading edge of content marketing in their industry.
  • Accurate audience feedback. Getting audience feedback is the only way marketers can know whether a piece of content is successful or not. While most content analytics platforms can’t provide much audience feedback at all, the Knotch platform collects significant amounts of audience sentiment data in real time. With Knotch, marketers know immediately how users feel about their content and what steps they can take to improve engagement.

FAQs: what is a content strategy?

What is a content strategy?

In content marketing, a content strategy is a collection of decisions that a marketing team makes concerning the audiences they want to target, the types of messaging and content that will best serve those users’ needs and interests, and the distribution channels that will reach them most effectively.

What makes content strategy effective?

Effective content strategy must be based on data rather than hunches and intuition about what audiences want. Through audience research, publisher performance data, and content marketing reporting on performance, marketers can ensure that their investment in content campaigns will yield a higher return.

What is the ROI of content marketing that is based on a solid strategy?

When marketers get their content strategy right, they produce content that successfully satisfies the needs of audiences, answering their questions and helping them solve critical problems. By providing valuable content, brands can sow trust and build relationships with audiences that will ultimately result in profitable actions.

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