Increase content ROI with the right metrics

Brands today are investing a great deal of their marketing budgets in content programs, raising the stakes for CMOs responsible for delivering content ROI. A laser-like focus on content marketing ROI can help CMOs and their teams align strategy and execution to get the most value from content programs while justifying their content budgets with financial decision-makers.

Increasing content ROI, however, can be difficult for content teams that are focused solely on quantitative metrics, which can’t reveal whether audiences were satisfied with the content they consumed.

Knotch solves this challenge by successfully collecting qualitative audience sentiment data and integrating it with quantitative metrics, helping CMOs to clearly see which content, themes, and channels are working best and enabling them to achieve true content marketing ROI optimization.

The secret to content ROI: qualitative data

In contrast to marketing efforts focused on lead generation and conversions, content marketing is about building brand awareness and trust with target audiences through content that meets users’ needs and improves their perception of the brand. While quantitative content marketing KPIs like page views, time spent on page, number of unique visitors, and page depth can give an indication of the volume of engagement, this type of content marketing reporting simply can’t measure the most important metric – whether audiences liked the content or not.

To successfully measure and improve content ROI, content teams need solutions for measuring qualitative audience sentiment about content, which can be integrated with quantitative data to provide a holistic view of content performance. This kind of attitudinal feedback is most valuable when the data is delivered in real time, enabling content teams to make immediate adjustments to existing campaigns and to revise strategy and tactics in order to increase content ROI.

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Knotch solutions for enhancing ROI in content marketing

The Knotch content intelligence platform is the independent standard for measuring and improving content ROI. By delivering real-time, actionable intelligence that includes audience sentiment data, we help CMOs and their teams to more effectively plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content campaigns.

The Knotch platform and content intelligence software provides tools for collecting and analyzing high-level quantitative metrics with audience demographics/psychographics and attitudinal feedback for a complete view of audience and performance data.

Knotch has created a feedback unit that accurately and successfully captures users’ feelings about content as they consume it. The feedback unit is built right into content, appearing alongside it on the page in a nondisruptive way and enabling users to express their sentiment about the content before they leave the page. Knotch uses a simple temperature scale that makes it easy for users to respond quickly and intuitively. In contrast to the dismal response rates of traditional methods of collecting sentiment data – for example, surveys that appear in pop-ups or that are sent later via email – Knotch has a response rates in the neighborhood of 20%, an exponential increase that is a game-changer for determining content ROI.

What’s even more impressive is that the audience sentiment data Knotch collects is available to brands in real time, allowing content teams to take steps to improve ROI for existing content campaigns.

The benefits for content ROI

The Knotch content intelligence platform offers significant advantages for brands as they seek to enhance content ROI and content marketing effectiveness. Knotch enables content teams to:

  • Quickly see what’s working and what’s not. Continuously updated dashboard views provide comprehensive overviews of how content types, themes, and distribution channels are performing and how they can be optimized in real time to improve ROI.
  • Gain greater insight into audience sentiment. With the Knotch feedback unit, content marketers get a clearer view of how customers engage with, behave around, and feel about every piece of content.
  • Trust their data. Because Knotch works only for brands and doesn’t monetize from distribution channels, the data we provide is completely independent and unbiased. We simply have no stake in the success of what we are measuring, enabling our brand customers to have complete confidence in the truth of our data.
  • Work with 1st party data. The data collected by Knotch belongs to the brand, not to us or a third-party. Brands can use our data to optimize distribution, build strategies, and power DMP and CRM platforms with more targeted segmentation.
  • Enhance content campaigns. Our AI-powered technology uses verified, predictive insights to help content teams discover the most effective themes, formats, and partners for every campaign.

Content Intelligence Platform

What else can you do with Knotch?

With the Knotch platform, CMOs and their content teams get an end-to-end solution for managing and improving content marketing.

  • Improve content planning. Knotch lets content marketers take advantage of real-time insights into the competitive landscape to develop campaigns that are more highly differentiated, and that take advantage of whitespace in the market to reach new customers. Knotch also helps to identify the best publishers for each campaign based on KPIs, creative goals, and targeted audience demographics.
  • Keep content organized. While managing tons of content can be unwieldy, Knotch makes it easy by automatically organizing and classifying each content asset ever created. Providing a central location for storage and robust search and filter capabilities, Knotch makes it simple to index, store, and retrieve any piece of content.
  • Automatically recommend content. The Knotch content recommendation engine engages users as they consume content, collecting feedback that our AI-powered technology uses to recommend the next, best piece of content for each user.
  • Map the ideal content journey. Our tool for mapping content journeys enables content teams to create an organic experience for each audience segment, engaging and educating them while focusing them on high-value actions.
  • Uncover new insight. As the ultimate content intelligence platform, Knotch surfaces insights that can be easily missed and enables marketers to dig into relevant data based on topic, audience, and other criteria.

FAQs: what is content ROI?

What is the ROI of content marketing?

The return on investment, or ROI, of content marketing can be difficult to determine. The objectives of content campaigns are less tangible than traditional marketing efforts that are focused on generating sales, increasing conversions, or nurturing leads. With content marketing, the goal is to show trust and build positive relationships with audiences, which is much more difficult to measure. When it works well, the ROI of content campaigns is increased brand awareness among audience segments and a greater likelihood to take the next step in the relationship.

How do you measure content ROI?

To measure content ROI, CMOs need tools to measure how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming. Simply knowing how many people engage with a piece of content isn’t enough, as those quantitative metrics can’t reveal whether the engagement was positive or negative.

How can you increase ROI for content marketing?

To increase content ROI, content teams need a holistic view of audience and performance data that combines quantitative and qualitative information in real time, enabling content marketers to take quick action to optimize content that is underperforming.

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