Strengthen ROI with the right content planning tool

Content marketing can deliver exceptional results, helping brands to build stronger relationships with targeted audiences. But the effectiveness of any content campaign is highly dependent on a superior content marketing plan. Too often, content marketing is managed with an ad hoc approach as content teams scramble to post piecemeal articles and videos. To truly reap the benefits of content marketing, you need a content planning tool that enables thoughtful strategy, incisive competitive analysis, and capabilities for identifying the most effective publishers and channels.

Knotch is the only Content Intelligence Platform with a content planning tool that delivers real-time insight into content performance analysis, as well as competitor content analysis, partnership matchmaking, and techniques for identifying top creative themes to drive content strategy.

Why content planning matters

While content marketing can be incredibly effective, it is also highly resource-intensive. To achieve the ROI that your brand expects, you need a content planning tool that can help ensure you’re getting the most effective performance from every piece of content, every campaign, and every distribution channel.

Essential capabilities of a content planning platform should include:

  • A data-driven content marketing strategy. Unless your investment in content is driven by data, you’ll have a hard time aligning personalized content with the right messaging for the right audience. Data must inform everything from identifying potential customers and the messages that will resonate with them, to the types of content distribution channels that will best reach them.
  • Competitive analysis. Having a clear view of your competitors’ efforts can differentiate your content and identify whitespace in the market where you can carve out new opportunities for reaching audiences.
  • Finding partners and publishers. The ideal content planning tool can help you identify partners based on the demographics of their audiences as well as publishing cadence, types of content they represent and their historical performance at reliably delivering content to specific audiences.
  • Establishing metrics. Measuring the effectiveness of your content programs is the only way to ensure they’re achieving your objectives and building successful relationships with your targeted audiences. Real-time metrics are essential, enabling you to pivot when necessary and make immediate adjustments to improve performance.
  • Scheduling distribution. The complexity of content campaigns requires a content planning tool that can streamline scheduling and help to simplify the task of managing publishing cadences and distribution channels for each piece of content.

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Knotch: the ultimate branded content planning tool

The Knotch provides a content planning tool that brings independent, verified, and predictive intelligence to the content planning process. Using proprietary data and industry benchmarks, Knotch strengthens the ROI of branded content campaigns with information that informs all stages of the planning process.

Knotch content planning software is part of the only content intelligence platform that provides marketers with comprehensive capabilities for strategic planning, cross-channel measurement, and using real-time actionable intelligence. Providing brands with 1st party data that is transparently collected, Knotch increases the value of content marketing with superior planning and accurate measurement to optimize every asset and every campaign.

Advantages of Knotch content planning solutions

With the Knotch content planning tool, you can:

  • Understand the content landscape with analysis of your competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence and themes.
  • Find the best publishers for your content. Identify publishers based on target demographics, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Discover top creative themes to power your content strategy. Inspire your content teams with a review of the best content campaigns in your industry vertical.
  • Identify whitespace and gaps in messaging that offer opportunities to reach more audiences with new messages and content pieces.

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The Knotch platform: plan, measure, and optimize

In addition to a content planning tool, Knotch provides end-to-end solutions for content marketing that enable brands to:

  • Develop content-wide analytics. Knotch content measurement tools provide a complete picture of how content is performing across owned and paid channels, delivering real-time insight, unbiased data, and invaluable qualitative feedback.
  • Work with an automated content library. Knotch automatically organizes and classifies each piece of content, storing it in a central location for easy and immediate access.
  • Map the customer content journey. Knotch lets brands guide the customer from one piece of content to the next, delivering an organic content experience for users that serves their needs and interests while directing them to high-value actions.
  • Engage audiences with a content recommendation engine. Using predictive intelligence, Knotch recommends the next best step in a customer’s content journey to engage audiences with more organic and personalized conversations.
  • Benefit from automated content insights. With content intelligence powered by AI, Knotch reveals the types of content and formats that resonate best with audiences, surfacing insights that could be easily missed.

FAQs: what is a content planning tool?

What is a content marketing plan?

A content marketing plan begins with a strategy that identifies audience segments and the specific messaging, types of content, themes, and distribution channels that will build positive relationships with individual audience members. Content marketing plans must also include a calendar for developing, distributing, measuring, and reporting on content campaigns and individual assets.

What is a content planning tool?

A content planning tool is a solution that makes it easier to plan more effective content market and campaigns. The right planning tool should streamline tasks, simplify organization of multiple campaigns, and enable content marketers to develop and execute campaigns with a stronger strategy.

What are the essentials of content planning?

A superior content planning tool must fuel campaign strategy with data that can help to identify audiences, messaging, content types, and themes that will build stronger relationships with prospects and customers. A planning tool should provide competitive analysis and help to identify the best publishers for each campaign. And the right planning solution must simplify scheduling and measurement to allow content teams to stay focused on strategic priorities.

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