Streamline content marketing with content planning software

While content marketing offers tremendous benefits, it also requires intense focus, insightful strategy, and careful planning. From finding the right publishers and analyzing the competition to establishing calendars and determining messaging themes, the myriad of tasks involved in developing a content marketing plan can easily overwhelm content teams.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform offers content planning software that streamlines planning with real-time insights, proprietary data, and artificial intelligence. With Knotch, you can strengthen the ROI of your content marketing programs with data that informs every aspect of the content plan.

The challenge of content marketing planning

Developing a superior plan for your content marketing is critical to achieving content objectives while meeting budget goals. Content marketing requires a significant investment of time and resources, and a solid plan can help to ensure your investment is productive.

Critical elements of content planning include:

  • Publisher and partner identification. When working with paid content, finding the right publishers is essential for reaching your target customers most efficiently. You’ll need to identify publishers based on audience demographics, publishing frequency, content categories, and engagement history. You’ll also want to find and vet distribution partners you can trust to reliably deliver content to your segmented audiences at the ideal cadence.
  • Competitive intelligence. Understanding what your competitors are doing with content is essential to taking stock of the competitive landscape in addition to crafting differentiated content and campaigns. By identifying whitespace in the market, you can carve out new opportunities and reach new customers by refining messages and themes and developing new types of content.
  • Developing a calendar. You’ll not only need to determine the appropriate cadence for each audience, theme, and piece but you’ll also need to find publishers, industries, and partners that can help you disseminate content at your ideal frequency.
  • Determine KPIs. Establishing the objectives for your content, the metrics for determining success, and the tools you’ll rely on to measure them will help to focus the oversight and management of your content campaign. Content measurement that offers real-time data is essential to adjusting content quickly in order to increase audience engagement.

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Content planning software from Knotch

Knotch is the independent content intelligence platform that enables CMOs and marketing teams to measure and to impact the outcome of their content efforts with real-time actionable intelligence. Our end-to-end content intelligence platform lets marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts across all owned and paid strategies.

Our AI content planning platform, Knotch Blueprint, is the only solution that supports content planning with real-time insights. Offering a content search discovery engine that delivers competitor and publisher intelligence, Blueprint content planning software helps brands and agencies to strengthen the ROI of branded content campaigns.

Benefits of Knotch content planning software

With the predictive intelligence of the Blueprint content planning platform you can:

  • Find your ideal audience by identifying the best publishers for your brand based on target demographics, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Research a comprehensive catalog of publishers with access to historical data about themes, audiences, content categories, and engagement.
  • Develop your content calendar by applying our enhanced transparency to content planning.
  • Find verified partners by plugging into the content cycles of current and potential partners, based on Blueprint’s inside knowledge of the most effective times and frequencies to publish content.
  • Glean insight into your competition’s content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes.
  • Identify whitespace and gaps in messaging, refining your content to reach more customers.
  • Review competitors’ content investments across brands, publishers, and industries.
  • Find inspiration in the best content campaigns within your industry vertical.
  • Vet potential publishers and partners while planning new content.

Content Intelligence Platform

Additional solutions from Knotch

In addition to content planning software, Knotch offers technology for:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns. Knotch Measurement provides real-time data insights about the effectiveness of content and campaigns, enabling you to understand which pieces, themes, and distribution channels are working best and how to optimize the ones that aren’t.
  • Organizing content marketing assets. Knotch Content Catalogue simplifies the task of managing a myriad of content assets by automatically organizing, tagging, indexing, and cataloging content on a central platform.
  • Promoting the ideal customer journey. Knotch Playbook lets you organize your content into organic stages to provide your customers with the most effective content experience.
  • Nurturing customer conversations. Knotch Genie helps you learn more about your customers through organic and personal conversations in order to recommend the next, most valuable step in their content journey.

FAQs: What is content planning software?

What is content planning software?

Content planning software is an application or platform that helps content marketers to execute strategy by determining the best content publishers and partners, understanding the content efforts of competitors, and scheduling content at the most effective cadence.

What are the benefits of content planning software?

The right content planning tool can help to match a brand with the publishers that will reach target audiences most effectively and cost-efficiently. Content planning software can also help to identify whitespace in the market, allowing brands to craft messages and build campaigns that can create differentiation and exploit new opportunities.

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