Drive performance with a content planning platform

More brands today are going all in on content marketing, devoting significant resources to developing content assets and campaigns that help to connect and nurture relationships with target audiences. To ensure this investment pays off, CMOs and their content teams need a quality content planning platform that can significantly reduce the time and cost required to manage a highly complex content marketing plan.

Knotch provides a content intelligence and content planning platform that aggregates independent, verified, and predictive intelligence to power the content planning process. With content marketing planning software from Knotch, content teams can stay focused on delivering the best content to the right audience rather than worrying about the myriad of details involved with multiple content campaigns.

Essentials of a superior content planning platform

A content planning platform can significantly streamline tasks while assuring content campaigns are effective, efficient, and faithful to strategy.

A superior content planning platform will enable you to:

  • Develop a data-driven content strategy. The right content planning platform lets you create a content strategy where every decision is informed by data – from the demographics and psychographics of your target audience to the messaging and types of content that will best resonate with them.
  • Understand the competitive landscape. Your content planning platform should provide a clear view of competitors’ content efforts, enabling your team to see the best content campaigns in your industry vertical while allowing you to effectively differentiate and take advantage of whitespace in the market.
  • Identify the most effective partners and publishers. Content planning software simplifies the task of finding the ideal publishers and partners for each campaign.
  • Measure content effectiveness. A content planning platform must make it easy to define metrics and measure results in real time, making it possible to adjust messaging, assets, and distribution channels to improve performance.
  • Manage complex content calendars. With multiple campaigns, the task of scheduling content, managing publishing cadences and defining optimal customer journeys can be incredibly complicated. The right content platform will automate tasks and enable your team to focus on strategic priorities.

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Knotch: the ultimate branded content planning platform

Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing ROI, helping CMOs and their teams to measure and impact the outcome of efforts across all owned and paid content strategies. With data that is independently collected and completely unbiased, we help brands to plan, measure, and optimize all aspects of their content campaigns.

The Knotch content planning platform bolsters content plans with up-to-date insights, proprietary data, and artificial intelligence. By infusing the planning process with predictive intelligence, Knotch improves the ROI of content campaigns and brings greater insight to all stages of the planning process.

Benefits of the Knotch platform

With the Knotch content planning platform, CMOs and their content teams can:

  • Identify the best publishers. Knotch provides a comprehensive catalog of potential publishers and independently vets premium publishers to simplify the task of connecting with the ideal audience. With Knotch, brands can quickly target publishers based on audience demographics, creative goals, and campaign KPIs.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape. Knotch provides in-depth competitor content analysis, enabling brands to search and follow the content investments that their competitors are making. View the competition’s content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes by searching and discovering content investments across brands, publishers, and industries.
  • Develop inspiration. The Knotch content planning platform enables content teams to discover the best creative themes for any content strategy, collecting inspiration from the highest performing content campaigns in any industry vertical.
  • Find new opportunities. By helping content teams to identify whitespace in the market, Knotch enables brands to reach new audiences with targeted messaging and new types of content.

Content Intelligence Platform

End-to-end content marketing intelligence

In addition to a content planning platform, Knotch provides solutions for:

  • Content measurement. Real-time content marketing analytics provide comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of content performance across paid sites and owned hubs and against content marketing benchmarks, with full quantitative data integrated with demographics, and audience sentiment data.
  • Content journey mapping. Knotch lets content teams take control of the audience journey from one piece of content to the next, building an organic experience that keeps users on sites longer by tapping into their needs and interests.
  • An automated content library. Knotch automatically tags and indexes content in a central location, providing robust filter and search capabilities to find content by topic, keyword, URL, and other criteria.
  • Content recommendation. Knotch’s AI-powered recommendation engine uses continuous learning to inform the next, most valuable step in the customer content journey, proactively engaging users as they consume content.
  • Automated content insights. Knotch highlights insights that can be easily missed, enabling content marketers to view the most relevant intelligence based on topic, audience and more, and to dig deeper into any content insight with just one click.

FAQs: what is a content planning platform?

What is a content marketing plan?

A content marketing plan is a roadmap that guides the efforts and choices of marketers as they seek to build trust and relationships with audiences by providing exceptional and relevant content. A content plan starts with a data-driven strategy to align messaging, content types, themes, distribution channels, and publishers with the specific audiences a brand wants to reach. A content plan also identifies the publishers that will be most helpful in reaching target audiences, and helps marketers understand the competitive landscape to improve differentiation in content. Additionally, content plans can help with determining a publishing schedule as well as identifying and tracking performance metrics that can help to optimize campaigns and individual assets.

What is a content planning platform?

A content planning platform is a solution that combines tools for managing all aspects of a content plan, from defining strategy and researching competitors to identifying publishers, scheduling content, and establishing metrics by which content performance will be evaluated.

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