Drive ROI with a better content plan

As brands continue to invest more dollars in content marketing, CMOs and their teams need solutions for creating and managing a content plan that can drive exceptional results and greater ROI.

Too often, content teams get so preoccupied with creating content that they neglect to consider whether each asset is aligned with brand objectives and audience needs. A content plan can help to keep all efforts grounded in a solid data-driven content marketing strategy, ensuring each piece of content has the right message for the right audience, with concurrent metrics that enable immediate optimization.

For brands seeking the most effective content planning software, Knotch offers a content intelligence platform with the only content planning tool that delivers real-time insight.

What makes a content plan effective?

Content marketing is costly. While the results can be phenomenal, creating great content isn’t easy and managing the complexity of multiple campaigns, distribution channels, and publishing partners is even more difficult.

An effective content plan can minimize the cost and complexity of content marketing while ensuring that every dollar is spent on content that will engage, educate, and build a better relationship with the target audience.

A successful content plan must include:

  • Strategy that is driven by data rather than assumptions and hunches, ensuring that decisions and content are based on accurate information about audiences, their needs and desires, the messages that will pique their interest, and the content types and distribution channels that will reach them most effectively.
  • Competitive analysis that helps teams understand where the bar is set for superior content, how a brand can differentiate its content efforts, and where whitespace exists in the market, offering opportunities to reach customers with new messages, themes, and types of content.
  • Ways to identify publishers and partners who can reach target audiences efficiently, and who offer the content categories, publishing frequency, and history of performance that will enable each campaign to be most effective.
  • Tools for measuring content performance in real-time to identify what’s working and what’s not, and how to optimize underperforming pieces, campaigns and distribution channels.
  • Solutions for managing complex content calendars that enable teams to stay focused on strategy and other priorities rather than the minutia of what gets posted or delivered when.

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Craft your content plan with Knotch

Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing intelligence, providing CMOs and their teams a platform for planning, measuring, optimizing, and benchmarking content efforts across all owned and paid campaigns. With Knotch, content marketers get the tools and relevant intelligence they need to accurately measure and positively impact the outcome of their content marketing strategies.

The Knotch AI content planning platform invigorates content plans with real-time insights, proprietary data, and predictive intelligence to improve all elements of content programs. By aggregating independent, verified, real-time data, Knotch helps brands and agencies strengthen the ROI of content campaigns and support every stage of the planning process.

Comprehensive tools for your content plan

Knotch enhances every content plan with tools that deliver:

  • Competitor content analysis. Knotch lets brands build a content plan with clear insight into competitors’ strategy, publishing cadence, and creative themes. With tools to search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, and industries Knotch provides the intelligence that teams need to see the competitive landscape clearly.
  • Competitive opportunities. Knotch lets content teams enhance content plans by identifying whitespace and messaging gaps in the market, enabling them to take advantage of opportunities to reach customers with new messaging and new types of content.
  • Identification of top creative themes. Knotch helps to uncover the most effective creative themes for content strategy, using data and examples from the best campaigns in the world to inspire content teams.
  • Publisher matching. Knotch independently evaluates premium publishers to establish trust and value. This helps brands to identify the best publishers for content based on creative goals, audience demographics, and KPIs. With Knotch, content teams can easily plug into the content cycles of current and potential partners with insight into the most effective times and frequencies to publish.

Content Intelligence Platform

Plan, measure, and optimize your content with Knotch

As an end-to-end content intelligence platform, Knotch provides solutions for:

  • Measuring audience and performance data across all paid and owned content programs. Knotch provides content analytics with quantitative data and demographics, along with invaluable qualitative feedback and audience sentiment data that provides a clearer picture of what’s working and what can be optimized to improve performance.
  • Organizing and classifying every single content asset under one roof. Knotch uses fast indexing, robust search and filter capabilities, and automatic tagging and indexing to make content easily and immediately accessible.
  • Mapping the ideal content journey for each user. Knotch lets content teams define an organic experience for each user, keeping them on websites longer and directing them toward high-value actions.
  • Recommending the next, most valuable step in the content journey. By proactively engaging users as they consume content, Knotch uses organic, personalized and native conversations to determine the next piece of content to recommend.
  • Surfacing content intelligence that can otherwise be easily missed. Using automated content insights, Knotch shows marketers what content types and formats resonate best with audiences.

FAQs: what is a content plan?

What is a content plan?

In content marketing, a content plan serves as a roadmap for brands as they identify audiences they want to reach, as well as the specific messaging, types of content, themes, and distribution channels that will best educate and build relationships with individual audience members.

What’s included in a content plan?

A comprehensive content plan should include a data-driven strategy that aligns audiences with messaging, content types, and distribution channels. Competitive analysis is essential for identifying opportunities and understanding what types of content will cut through the noise. A content plan should also identify the best partners and publishers for a paid content strategy and define the metrics by which success will be measured. Finally, a content plan must develop a schedule for each piece of content and a cadence for each campaign.

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