The drive to improve content performance

There’s a lot riding on the performance of content marketing campaigns today. As brands look to content marketing to increase awareness, engage target audiences and build trust with users, decision-makers expect superior performance to justify their content marketing investment. Consequently, CMOs and their teams need solutions that can measure the effectiveness of current campaigns and provide tools to optimize strategies, channels and assets to continually improve content marketing performance.

Knotch provides a content intelligence platform that is ideally suited for the needs of content marketers today. With tools for planning, measuring, optimizing and benchmarking content campaigns, Knotch enables marketers and their brands to significantly improve content performance and deliver higher ROI.

How to best measure content performance

Accurate measurement is critical to delivering higher content performance. By understanding which content types, themes, messaging, and distribution channels are resonating with target audiences – and which are not – marketers can adjust strategies, revise mix of channels, and optimize or replace individual assets to constantly improve KPIs and content marketing effectiveness.

When measuring content, many teams make the mistake of focusing primarily on quantitative metrics. Data concerning page views, unique visitors, scrolling depth and time spent on page is important, but it only shows one side of the story: the volume of engagement. Quantitative data can’t tell marketers anything about the most important metrics: how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming – whether they liked it or not. Content marketing, after all, is about sowing trust, building awareness, and improving audience perception of a brand. And without qualitative data about audience sentiment, content teams can’t effectively measure or impact performance.

Of course, there’s a reason that most teams focus on quantitative data – it’s readily available and easy to work with. Getting good qualitative data is far more difficult, and getting audience sentiment data in real time has been almost impossible. That’s where Knotch comes in.

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Knotch: a platform for improving performance

The Knotch content intelligence platform helps CMOs and their teams to measure content performance and impact the outcome of their content efforts. With powerful tools for managing campaigns, Knotch enables content teams to:

  • Collect data about audience sentiment. At Knotch, we set out to design an audience feedback unit that could deliver reliable, real-time data on how audiences feel about content. We’ve designed a feedback unit that appears on the screen alongside content, allowing users to express their opinion about content at the very moment they are engaged with it. Using a simple mechanism – a temperature scale – users can register their opinion of content with one click. As a result of this intuitive and engaging format, our response rates for measuring audience sentiment are thousands of times higher than traditional methods of gathering qualitative data.
  • Use real-time data to improve content performance now. The Knotch platform provides content performance metrics in real time rather than hours, days, or weeks later. With real-time data, content marketers can pivot in mid-campaign to bolster underperforming assets, alter the mix of distribution channels, and revise campaign strategy to immediately have an impact on content.
  • Have greater confidence in first-party, unbiased data. Most content metrics today are provided by third-party vendors – publishers, distribution channels, agencies – who have a significant stake in how well content performs. That means they’re more likely to highlight the metrics that show their work in the best light. Because Knotch does not monetize from any distribution channels, our data is always unbiased and transparently collected. We provide brands with first-party data that they own forever, and that they can trust to reveal an accurate view of content performance.
  • See the big picture. Through a multitude of ever-updating dashboard views and customizable exports, the Knotch platform provides content teams with a comprehensive picture of content performance. We offer a holistic view of audience and performance data, combining audience sentiment information with quantitative data and audience demographics and psychographics. Comprehensive overviews show marketers which content types, themes, and channels are working well, and how to optimize the ones that aren’t.

Additional solutions for content marketing

In addition to tools for measuring content performance, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Planning more effective campaigns. Content marketers can improve campaigns with content marketing planning software that provides in-depth competitive analysis, content marketing benchmarks, and access to a comprehensive catalog publishers. With Knotch, marketers can identify and vet the best partners for each campaign based on KPIs, target demographics and create goals.
  • Improving content organization. Knotch automatically organizes and classifies every single content asset ever created, storing it in a central location and providing robust search and filter capabilities to make it easier to access.
  • Mapping ideal content journeys. Marketers can define the best content journey for each audience segment and map content to each stage of the journey, keeping users on websites longer and directing them toward high-value actions.
  • Automatically recommending the next, best piece of content. Content teams can engage audiences in organic, personalized, and native conversation, collecting feedback that informs a recommendation engine which automatically suggests the next, most valuable step in the customer journey.
  • Surfacing critical insight. The Knotch platform uses AI-powered technology to automatically develop content intelligence, highlighting insights that can easily be missed and providing intelligence based on topic, audience, and more.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why Knotch is the leading content performance platform

Knotch delivers the holy grail of content marketing – real-time data, with metrics that include accurate audience sentiment feedback, and that’s based on first-party data collected independently and transparently. With absolutely no stake in the success of what we are measuring, we deliver the most reliable and accurate content performance data possible, allowing brands to strategize, execute, and optimize campaigns more successfully. All data is anonymized for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations, and is completely private and secure.

Additionally, Knotch provides aggregated data and analytics that work across all owned and paid content investments, providing brands with the most comprehensive view of content performance.

FAQs: what is content performance?

What is content performance?

In content marketing, content performance refers to how successfully a content campaign and individual assets fulfill their objectives of engaging target audiences to build trust and stronger relationships.

How is content performance measured?

Content performance measurement is based on quantitative data that shows the volume of engagement such as number of unique visitors, number of page views, and time spent on each piece of content. More importantly, content measurement includes qualitative data that reveals how audiences feel about the content they are consuming and whether each piece of content is successfully improving users’ perception of the brand or moving them closer to high-value actions.

How can I improve performance of content campaigns?

Improving content performance requires constant monitoring of qualitative and quantitative metrics in real time, enabling marketers to make adjustments that can immediately impact the effectiveness of individual pieces and content campaigns as a whole.

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