Optimizing campaigns with content performance measurement

Accurate content performance measurement is critical for optimizing content marketing strategies and campaigns, yet most brands lack effective tools for measuring content performance. There are certainly many solutions available, but most don’t deliver the transparent, holistic, and real-time data brands need to track and analyze in order to improve content marketing performance.

That’s where Knotch can help – with a content intelligence platform that lets CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content campaigns with real-time actionable intelligence and content performance measurement. With Knotch, brands get independent, unbiased, and comprehensive data about the performance of their content and the audiences who consume it.

Content performance measurement: what brands need

As the world is increasingly saturated with branded content, CMOs and their content teams must develop campaigns and assets that more effectively capture the attention, meet the needs, pique the interests and fulfill the expectations of their desired audiences. By reporting on the quantity and quality of each engagement, content performance measurement solutions help marketing teams understand which pieces are working so they can optimize or replace the pieces that aren’t.

To manage this kind of content market intelligence, brands need tools that not only deliver quantitative data, but qualitative information as well. It’s not enough to know how many people read a piece of content – what’s important is how they felt about what they consumed, whether it satisfied their expectations, and whether it enhanced their relationship with the brand.

The problem is, most content performance measurement solutions don’t provide this kind of audience sentiment feedback – they offer only quantitative data on number of views, time of engagement, depth of scrolling, and so on. While this information is helpful, it’s incomplete and provides no guidance for content teams on which pieces are building trust and improving brand perception.

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Enhance content performance measurement with Knotch

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that provides both quantitative and qualitative data – including audience sentiment feedback – to help CMOs and their teams optimize their content in real time. With a complete view of digital content performance, brands can optimize campaigns, set benchmarks for content marketing metrics to track, and enhance engagement while measuring ROI.

To improve content performance measurement, the Knotch platform provides:

  • Audience sentiment data that illuminates how users engage, behave, and feel about each piece of content. Sentiment data is captured through an innovative and intuitive feedback unit that is built into a brand’s content, enabling users to provide immediate opinions and feedback. Knotch’s technology has a response rate that is roughly 2000x higher than the traditional survey technology for measuring audience sentiment.
  • Comprehensive overviews of performance that show what content types, themes, and distribution channels are most effective and how underperforming assets can be optimized in real time.
  • Holistic audience and performance data that combines high-level volume metrics with engagement, conversion, and demographic/psychographic information.
  • Aggregated content analytics of content performance across owned hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Actionable content insights based on 1st party data that enables brands to build strategy, optimize campaigns, and enhance segmentation around audience feedback.

Advantages of the Knotch platform

When you measure content marketing success with Knotch, you can:

  • Understand the impact and performance of every content asset within every campaign.
  • Enhance strategy by using verified, predictive insights to identify the most effective themes, formats and partners.
  • Own your information with uniformly collected 1st party data, ending dependence on unreliable third-party data.
  • Consolidate data collection and analysis across all the metrics that matter.
  • Optimize campaigns, set benchmarks, and gather customer feedback.
  • Prove and improve the impact of content investment.

Content Intelligence Platform

Comprehensive tools for optimizing content campaigns

Knotch is the only content performance measurement platform that provides totally independent data across all owned and paid programs. We never monetize from any distribution channels, so we are never invested in the success of what we are measuring. That enables us to provide brands with clear and unbiased views of the performance of their content.

In addition to tools for measuring performance, the Knotch platform offers solutions for:

  • Analyzing competitors’ content to understand the competitive landscape, identify top creative themes, and to inspire content teams with the best content in any industry vertical.
  • Automatically organizing and classifying each content asset, storing it in a central location and providing robust filter and search capabilities for easy, immediate access.
  • Mapping the ideal content journey for each user based on their needs and interests.
  • Recommending the next, most valuable step in the content journey for each user based on feedback collected through organic, personalized, and native conversations.
  • Developing automated content intelligence that surfaces insight which could otherwise be easily missed.

FAQs: what is content performance measurement?

What is content performance measurement?

In content marketing, content performance measurement is the task of defining, monitoring, and reporting on metrics that determine whether an individual piece of content or a campaign is achieving objectives for engaging, educating, and building stronger relationships with targeted audiences.

What metrics are essential to content performance measurement?

Thorough content performance metrics include quantitative data that shows the volume of engagement with target audiences, and qualitative information about how each user felt about the content they consumed and whether it improved their perception of the brand. Additionally, content campaigns may track audience demographics and psychographics to more closely align messaging, types of content and distribution channels with specific audience segments.

Can content performance measurement help to manage tight budgets?

Content performance measurement is the key for marketers wondering how to do content marketing on a budget. By providing metrics on what pieces of content are most effective and which should be optimized or replaced, content measurement enables content teams to deliver greater results within their budget constraints.

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