Optimize campaigns with real-time content performance analysis

As brands seek to realize a higher return on their investment in content, CMOs and their teams need state-of-the-art content measurement tools that can deliver real-time insight into performance. The right solution must provide visibility into what’s working and what’s not at any given moment, allowing marketers to take immediate action to improve engagement.

When leading brands want to know how to measure content marketing success in real-time, their content teams increasingly choose content performance analysis solutions from Knotch.

The value of real-time analysis

Traditional methods of content performance analysis have typically returned results days, weeks, or months after the fact. This data has been invaluable for benchmarking success, planning future campaigns, and evaluating partnerships with publishers. But it hasn’t been able to impact current efforts or help to turn a faltering campaign into a thriving one.

On the other hand, when marketers have access to real-time content performance analysis, they can quickly pivot mid-campaign to improve engagement. Optimizing efforts might mean changing a headline that’s alienating readers, replacing a video that’s garnering negative reactions, or abandoning a distribution channel that’s generating unproductive traffic.

The key to securing real-time content insights is to find a solution that can combine quantitative volume metrics with qualitative audience feedback. In essence, marketers have to know how audiences feel about their content. The goal of content marketing, after all, is to sow trust, improve perception, and build stronger relationships with target audiences. Without clear insight into whether audiences like the content they are consuming, marketers have no real way to know whether a campaign or a piece of content is effective.

Many content performance analysis tools provide quantitative metrics, but far fewer offer any audience sentiment data. And getting real-time audience feedback has been virtually unthinkable – until Knotch entered the picture.

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Content performance analysis with Knotch

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts. Providing real-time, actionable intelligence based on audience sentiment data, Knotch provides brands and their content teams with clear and comprehensive content performance analysis.

With Knotch, content teams can independently and transparently collect performance data, pair it in real-time with audience sentiment feedback, and aggregate analytics across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.

Knotch measurement tools also provide:

  • A comprehensive overview of what types of content, themes, and distribution channels are the top performers, which can be optimized to improve performance, and where content and channels should be replaced or efforts should be abandoned.
  • A holistic view of audience and performance data that combines qualitative, quantitative, and audience demographic/psychographic information in real-time.
  • Actionable insights developed from first-party data that enable teams to optimize campaigns, strategy, and provide enhanced segmentation for DMP and CRM platforms.
  • Determine the content marketing metrics that matter most and get a customized Knotch Content Performance Score for each asset.

Our secret for capturing audience feedback

At Knotch, we realized there were no workable solutions for capturing audience feedback in real-time. Traditional methods – pop up surveys or email questionnaires – were disruptive and ineffective, resulting in an average response rate of around 0.01%. To provide our brand customers with a more accurate solution for content performance analysis, we devised a feedback mechanism that can be built directly into any piece of content. As users finish their engagement, the feedback unit asks a simple question and lets users respond by registering their opinion on a temperature scale – a measurement that everyone intuitively understands. By prompting users to share their feelings about content as they engage with it, we’ve been able to garner response rates that are around 20% – a couple thousand times higher than the industry average. And because users are responding in real-time, we can provide our brand customers with the real-time audience feedback data they need to optimize assets and campaigns.

Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

Along with tools for content performance analysis, the Knotch platform offers a suite of solutions that helps content teams to produce more successful campaigns.

  • Our Content Recommendation Engine uses feedback collected from audiences through personalized conversations to suggest the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • A Content Journey Mapping tool allows marketers to define the stages of the ideal journey for each audience segment, assigning content that best serves users’ needs and interests to increase engagement.
  • Our Automated Content Library makes it easy to keep track of vast amounts of content. Every piece of content ever created can be automatically organized, classified, tagged, and indexed in one location, with filter and search capabilities that allow easy, immediate access.
  • Our Competitor Content Analysis tools offer real-time insight into competitors’ content efforts. Teams can search and view content investments across brands, publishers, or industries, reviewing the competition’s most successful content strategies, publishing cadence, and themes.
  • Our Publisher Matching tool identifies and vets the best partners from a comprehensive catalog of publishers, finding the ideal match based on target demographics, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Automated Content Insights give marketers access to the most relevant content intelligence based on audience, topic, and more. The Knotch platform also surfaces critical insights that marketers might otherwise easily miss.

Knotch is widely used by financial, B2B tech, professional services, automotive, retail, and healthcare content marketing teams, and by marketers seeking a highly effective Adobe Analytics alternative.

FAQs: What is content performance analysis?

What is content performance analysis?

Content performance analysis is the practice of reviewing how well content marketing campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels perform against defined goals.

Why is content performance analysis important?

In content marketing, performance analysis enables marketing teams to understand which pieces, campaigns, and channels are helping to build stronger relationships with target audiences – and which may be actually damaging an audience’s perception of the brand. With this information, content teams can adjust campaigns to alter strategy, optimize pieces, and adjust the mix of distribution channels to increase the quality of engagement.

What features are essential for performance analytics?

For content performance analysis to be accurate and helpful, it must be fueled by real-time data that shows how audiences feel about the content they consume. Because content marketing is designed to sow trust with audiences, content teams need qualitative data that reveals whether users like the content are not. To maximize success, this qualitative data must be delivered in real time, enabling marketers to make adjustments mid-campaign that can improve performance and optimize ROI.

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