Improving performance through content measurement

Content is a critical component of marketing today, helping to educate audiences, engage prospects, and retain customers. But even as brands commit to larger budgets for their content marketing efforts, they are struggling to mature their content programs and to put effective tools for content measurement in place.

Most solutions that measure content marketing have a critical flaw. They provide quantitative data on volume engagement, but they can’t deliver the most important metrics: how people really feel about the digital content they’re consuming. They also can’t provide real-time information that lets content marketers pivot to make mid-campaign adjustments to improve audience satisfaction with a brand’s content.

To address this need, Knotch provides a solution for more effective content measurement and real-time content analysis. The Knotch platform provides real-time customer sentiment data, allowing content marketing teams to know what’s working and what’s not, and how to optimize content before it’s too late.

The challenge: content measurement of audience sentiment

With a continual stream of branded content saturating the online world, content marketers need solutions that can help their content stand out and ensure that they’re assets are effectively building relationships with intended audiences. Understanding how well content is performing is essential to managing ROI for current campaigns, planning future efforts, and managing partnerships with content publishers.

While there are many content measurement solutions available to help these efforts, most tools tend to focus on metrics like time on page, scroll depth, number of views, and pages per session as an indicator of how well a piece of content is engaging a user. These numbers are important, but they don’t reveal whether the user actually liked the content or whether it improved the user’s opinion of the brand. Without that crucial bit of sentiment data, content marketers are limited in their ability to make adjustments that can enhance the relationship with an audience.

Traditionally, obtaining this kind of sentiment data has been incredibly difficult. Most companies have relied on surveys delivered through pop-ups or email – disruptive technologies that have notoriously poor response rates. To capture better content intelligence, brands need a tool that can effectively capture sentiment about content as audiences are consuming it. And because marketers need the ability to quickly make adjustments to poorly performing content, sentiment data must be available in real-time. Data that arrives days or weeks after-the-fact may be theoretically helpful for future campaigns, but it can’t provide the agility and data driven content insights required to help content marketers outperform their competition.

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Knotch solutions for content measurement

Knotch is a content intelligence platform that enables brands to plan, measure, and optimize content marketing programs across all owned and paid channels. Providing independent, unbiased first-party data, Knotch is the only platform that provides marketing, communications, and media teams with a single source of truth for content marketing.

With Knotch Measurement, you get a complete view of how your content is performing with real-time, comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of audience data, including full quantitative data and demographics, as well as invaluable qualitative and sentiment feedback.

The Knotch content marketing metrics dashboard provides:

  • Comprehensive overviews that show you what types of content, themes and distribution channels are most effective and how you can optimize them in real time.
  • Cross-platform analytics that let you compare content performance across owned hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Holistic audience and performance data that delivers real-time views of metrics for volume, engagement, and conversion with attitudinal feedback, demographic, and psychographic information.
  • Insight into audience engagement, behavior, and sentiment around each piece of content.
  • Actionable intelligence developed through first-party data that lets you more effectively optimize, strategize, and deliver enhanced segmentation to DMP and CRM platforms.

The advantages of content measurement with Knotch

When you rely on Knotch for content measurement, you can:

  • Know how your audience feels about your content with a Knotch interactive feedback unit built right into your content pieces.
  • Get unbiased information and eliminate dependence on unreliable third-party data.
  • Prove and improve the impact of your content investment.
  • Leverage content metrics to enhance interactivity and build stronger customer relationships while measuring ROI.
  • Simplify content measurement by consolidating data collection and analysis across all metrics that matter on paid and owned distribution channels.
  • Refine media and creative distribution strategies with 1st party data.

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Why brands choose Knotch

With Knotch, brands can have confidence that content measurement efforts are comprehensive, transparent, totally independent, and unbiased, as we never monetize from any distribution channels. We are a data collection platform that only works on behalf of brands, so our economic incentive is to deliver and defend the truth in real-time.

In addition to Knotch Measurement, the Knotch platform provides additional solutions for:

  • Competitor Content Analysis. Knotch Blueprint provides in-depth analysis of competitors’ content to improve planning for content marketing programs and helps to find the best publishers for content with a publisher matching feature.
  • Automated Content Library. Knotch Content Catalog organizes and classifies every single content asset in a single location, automatically tagging and indexing content for easy, immediate access.
  • Content Journey Mapping. Knotch playbook gives you control of your readers’ journey from one piece of content to the next, building an organic experience for every user to keep them on your site longer.
  • Content Recommendation Engine. Knotch Genie constantly collects feedback from users to identify the next, most valuable step in the customer journey, engaging audiences through organic, personalized, and native conversations.
  • Automated Content Insights. Knotch is the ultimate solution for content intelligence, surfacing insights that could otherwise be easily missed and allowing you to dig deeper into any content insight with a single click.

FAQs: what is content measurement?

What is content measurement?

In content marketing, content measurement is the practice of monitoring a variety of metrics about individual pieces of content and campaigns as a whole. Evaluating the performance enables marketers to determine how well content is meeting objectives to engage audiences and build trust with customers and prospects. Knowing how to measure content marketing effectively can also help to identify assets that are underperforming, allowing marketers to adjust, revise, or replace them.

Why is sentiment data important in measuring content?

While many content metrics evaluate the volume and depth of engagement – for example, how many users viewed a piece of content, how much time they spent with it, how deeply they scrolled through it – these measurements don’t tell marketers how users felt about the content or, more importantly, whether the content improve the audience’s perception of the brand. Sentiment data gives marketers a powerful understanding of which assets actually enhance audience relationships

What are the benefits of real-time content measurement?

Real-time content measurement enables marketers to quickly make adjustments to content assets and campaigns in order to improve effectiveness. Without real-time metrics, marketers can only evaluate campaigns in hindsight and use metrics to plan future campaigns. This lack of agility is a severe hindrance that prevents content marketing from helping to improve brand competitiveness.

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