Improve ROI with superior content measurement tools

While brands today understand the potential power of content marketing, few have the content measurement tools that can tell them in real time what’s working and what’s not. Most content analytics software only offers a partial view of audience and performance data and can’t immediately measure or report on content marketing effectiveness. As a result, these content measurement tools don’t allow brands to truly understand how content is performing, or to optimize assets to improve the success of current campaigns.

Knotch solves this challenge with content measurement tools that deliver real-time, actionable intelligence across all content investments. With Knotch, brands get a complete view of digital content performance, enabling them to intelligently, immediately, and effectively measure the impact of content investments.

What makes superior content measurement tools?

When choosing content measurement tools, CMOs and their content marketing teams must look for solutions that enable them to:

  • Understand how audiences feel about their content. In content marketing, it’s not enough to know how many people read a piece of content, how much time they spent with it, or how deeply they scrolled. The most important metric is whether they liked the piece or not. Content marketing is about sowing trust, building relationships, and improving the perception of a brand, and data about audience sentiment is the only way to know whether a piece of content is achieving this objective.
  • Revise strategy and content mid-campaign. To optimize the success of content marketing campaigns, brands need content measurement tools that deliver real-time performance data, rather than delivering data days or weeks later. With real-time information, content teams can shut down distribution channels that are pulling in unengaged visitors, revise a title that isn’t appealing to audiences, or replace an asset that’s generating neutral or negative responses from users. Real-time content measurement tools let brands get the best results from their content investment.
  • Trust their data. Too often, the data provided by distribution channels and other content marketing partners is incomplete or unreliable, as these third parties are invested in how well the content performs and will cast performance data in the best light. To get a clear understanding of how well campaigns and assets are performing, brands need content intelligence tools that deliver independent, unbiased data.

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Content measurement tools from Knotch

Knotch is the independent content intelligence platform that enables CMOs and their teams to more effectively plan, measure, and optimize their content.

Knotch provides content measurement tools that deliver a complete view of digital content performance. With Knotch, brands have all the capabilities they need to evaluate content across owned and paid channels, and a clear understanding of how to track content performance to optimize campaigns.

  • Audience sentiment data captured through an innovative and intuitive feedback unit built right into content – this data provides clarity on how customers engage, behave, and feel about each piece of content.
  • Real-time data enables content teams to intelligently quantify the impact of content investments and to immediately make adjustments to campaigns and content assets.
  • Independent, unbiased and transparently collected 1st party data enables brands to have confidence in the quality of their performance information.
  • Comprehensive overviews through a multitude of ever-updating dashboard views and customizable exports help content teams know what’s working best and how to optimize content types, themes and distribution channels in real time.

The benefits of Knotch technology for measuring content

With Knotch tools for measuring content effectiveness, you can:

  • Gain clear visibility into the impact and performance of content.
  • Simplify evaluation of content performance and eliminate dependence on unreliable, third-party data.
  • Consolidate data collection and analysis across all paid and owned programs.
  • Easily track all the content marketing metrics that matter most to the brand.
  • Enjoy a holistic view of audience and performance data with information built on robust quantitative demographics and invaluable qualitative feedback.
  • Discover the most effective themes, formats, and partners through verified, predictive insights.

Content Intelligence Platform

A comprehensive platform for managing content campaigns

In addition to content measurement tools, Knotch provides solutions for:

  • Planning content campaigns. Use competitor content analysis and publisher matching to improve the content planning process.
  • Organizing content libraries. Knotch automatically tags and indexes content for easy and immediate access, storing content in the central location and providing robust search and filter capabilities.
  • Mapping ideal content journeys. With tools to define an organic experience for each user, Knotch lets you take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, meeting their needs as you educate and engage them.
  • Recommending content for users. With information collected through proactive conversations with audience members as they consume content, Knotch uses continuous learning to recommend the next, most valuable step in the content journey.
  • Automating content insights. By automating content intelligence, Knotch can surface insights that can be easily missed.

FAQs: what are content measurement tools?

What are content measurement tools?

In content marketing, content measurement tools are used to track and report on performance metrics for content campaigns and individual content assets. Content measurement tools are essential for understanding whether campaigns and assets are filling their objectives of building positive relationships with audiences and improving the perception of the brand.

What kind of metrics do content measurement tools monitor?

Content measurement tools from Knotch track both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data measures the volume of engagement – number of page views, number of unique visitors, pages per session, scroll depth. Qualitative data measures how audiences feel about content they consumed – whether they liked it or not and whether it improved their feeling toward the brand.

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