Optimize content marketing with audience feedback

Content marketing teams today are under enormous pressure to deliver results. Brands are expanding budgets for content campaigns, and they have high expectations that this investment will build more prosperous relationships with target audiences.

To fulfill these expectations, marketers must continuously monitor content metrics to optimize the performance of campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels. Unfortunately, content teams are often limited in this task by analytics that don’t include the most important metric of all: whether audiences like the content they engage with.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform solves this challenge by providing real-time audience sentiment data, enabling marketing teams to know how users feel about every piece of content.

Audience feedback: the key to successful content marketing

The purpose of content marketing is to build trust with target audiences and to improve the way users perceive and feel about a brand. To accomplish this, it’s critical that users enjoy the content a brand provides. Content marketing teams must produce pieces that users find informative, entertaining, and valuable if they want to nurture relationships with target audiences and increase content marketing ROI optimization.

Here’s the problem: most solutions for analyzing content marketing performance don’t measure audience feedback. These products are great for tracking metrics like site traffic, unique visitors, page depth, and time spent on page. But this data only reveals the volume of engagement – it says nothing about whether that engagement left audiences feeling positive or negative toward the brand.

There’s a reason that the most content analytics solutions don’t cover audience feedback – it’s incredibly challenging to capture. Traditional techniques, like pop-up surveys, are disruptive and cumbersome. As a result, the average response rate is a dismal 0.01%.

For content marketing teams to consistently deliver successful campaigns, they need an accurate way to collect audience feedback – and they need it in real time. That’s what Knotch offers.

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Knotch: the independent Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that provides marketers with strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence – including audience feedback data. We enable CMOs and their teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark data-driven content marketing campaigns, using independent and unbiased data collected across all owned and paid content channels.

With the Knotch platform, content marketing teams can:

  • Analyze and optimize campaigns. We provide real-time data that combines quantitative volume metrics with audience demographics and audience sentiment data that lets marketers know exactly how users feel about content. With Knotch, content teams can easily view comprehensive performance metrics and optimize campaigns by adjusting strategy, revising content, and altering the mix of distribution channels to increase engagement.
  • Plan more effective campaigns. We deliver an in-depth analysis of competitors’ content efforts, letting marketers search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, and industries. To help improve content distribution strategy, we provide a comprehensive catalog of publishers and a matchmaking feature that identifies the best publisher for a campaign based on KPIs and target audience.
  • Keep content assets organized. Our automated content library automatically organizes and classifies every piece of content, keeping it in a central location and allowing marketers to access content with robust search and filter capabilities.
  • Map content to every stage of the customer journey. Our platform lets content teams map content to each stage of the journey for every target audience, integrating content marketing and storytelling more effectively.
  • Recommend the next, best content for each user. The Knotch platform lets marketers engage in personalized conversations with users, gathering data that allows our recommendation engine to automatically suggest the next, best step in the customer journey.
  • Access critical content insights. We provide automated content intelligence that automatically surfaces insights that might be easily missed.

How Knotch collects real-time audience feedback

The ability to collect audience feedback and deliver it to our brand customers in real-time is one of the essential features of the Knotch platform. Here’s how we do it.

Realizing that the existing tools for collecting audience sentiment data were flawed, we developed an intuitive and engaging feedback unit that we embed directly into each piece of content. Our feedback unit appears alongside or at the end of each content experience. It prompts users to share their feeling about what they’re reading or viewing, allowing them to register their opinion with a single click.

Because our technology collects feedback at the very moment users are most likely to respond, our response rates are thousands of times higher than the industry average. And because users are sharing their feedback in real time, we can provide our brand customers with audience sentiment data in real time as well.

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Why content marketing teams trust Knotch

Leading brands trust Knotch for several reasons.

Our platform provides content marketing teams with comprehensive tools that deliver results, helping teams to plan better campaigns, measure them more effectively, and optimize them in real-time.

For teams that want to know how to do content marketing on a budget, our analytics tools can quickly reveal which content types, themes, and distribution channels deliver the most value for each dollar invested.

And perhaps most importantly, brands trust Knotch because our data is independently collected and totally unbiased. Most content performance data is provided by distribution channels, agencies, and other third parties that are invested in the performance of the content. Consequently, they are incentivized to highlight successes and to bury issues as they seek to show their work in the most favorable light.

At Knotch, we never monetize from distribution channels – our only obligation is to our brand customers. As a result, we can be a champion for objective and unbiased information, transparently collecting data to provide brands with analytics they can trust.

FAQs: What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy for building relationships with target audiences by consistently providing content that users find valuable and relevant.

What is the goal of content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to build trust with target audiences and improve their perception of a brand by delivering content that informs, entertains, and ultimately persuades them to engage in profitable action.

How is ROI for content marketing determined?

To determine a return on investment (ROI) for content marketing, brands must be able to measure how audiences feel about the content they consume, and whether their engagement with content improved their trust in or opinion of the brand.

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