Crafting the most effective content marketing strategy

Content marketers are under incredible pressure today. Brands are investing more money in content than ever – and expecting significant results in return. At the same time, competitors’ content efforts are continually evolving and improving, raising the bar for creative and successful campaigns.

To meet these challenges, CMOs and their content teams must start by developing the most effective content marketing strategy. In the pressure to generate constant streams of content, however, marketing teams gloss over the most critical step in building content strategy: gathering and analyzing the data that can inform every decision in a content campaign.

Knotch can help – with a Content Intelligence Platform that automates and streamlines content analytics while providing brands with real-time, actionable intelligence for crafting a superior content marketing strategy.

The data required for every content marketing strategy

When building a content marketing strategy, content teams need a wide range of data and analytics.

  • Competitive analysis lets marketers benchmark content efforts across their industry, drawing inspiration from top campaigns. With insight into competitors’ content, marketers can refine messaging and creative approaches to stand out more effectively in a crowded content universe.
  • Audience research helps marketers define target audiences more clearly and understand the pain points and aspirations that drive their decisions. Demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data can help marketers craft the messages that will capture attention and guide the creation of content that will help solve users’ problems.
  • Data on publishers and distribution channels is essential in identifying the partners and channels that will let brands connect with target audiences most successfully.
  • Performance data on current and past campaigns offers insight that can shape the content marketing strategy for future efforts.

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Knotch: craft strategy, plan campaigns, measure performance

Knotch is an independent Content Intelligence Platform that gives marketers the capabilities for building a better content marketing strategy. As an end-to-end AI content planning platform, Knotch also provides tools that enable CMOs and their teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts across all owned and paid strategies.

To simplify the task of crafting a content marketing strategy, Knotch provides:

  • Audience data. Our audience research combines demographic data, psychographic information, and audience feedback to enhance segmentation and give marketers a clear understanding of the needs of their target users.
  • Competitive analysis. Content teams can search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, and industries. With detailed information and in-depth analysis, marketers can better understand the competition’s content marketing strategy, publishing cadence, and themes.
  • Publisher information. We offer a comprehensive catalog of publishers that lets content teams vet potential partners, along with a tool for refining content distribution strategy by identifying the best publisher based on KPIs, target demographics, and creative goals.
  • Performance data. Our content marketing reporting delivers a comprehensive view of the performance of campaigns, assets, and channels, enabling content teams to optimize efforts in real time and to use historical data to shape future content efforts.
  • Automated content insights. Our AI-powered platform automatically surfaces insights that marketers might otherwise miss and provides access to relevant material based on topic, audience, and other criteria.

Additional solutions on the Knotch platform

Knotch enables teams to augment their content marketing strategy with solutions that include:

  • Content journey mapping tools. With Knotch, marketers can establish custom stages for every journey and map the most appropriate content for each step. By more closely matching content with audience needs and interests at each stage, brands can keep audiences on their sites longer, educating and informing them while driving them toward high-value actions.
  • A content recommendation engine. Knotch lets brands proactively engage audiences in organic, personalized, and native conversations, getting genuine data on the questions they need answered. Through continuous learning, the Knotch platform uses this feedback to automatically inform the next, most valuable step in a customer’s journey.
  • An automated content library. To help content teams manage the vast amount of content they produce, our platform automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every piece of content ever generated. Our content library provides a central location for content, making it easy to quickly filter and search to find pieces by topic, keyword, URL, and more

Content Intelligence Platform

Why build a content marketing strategy with Knotch?

At Knotch, we think of ourselves as the Switzerland of data. We work exclusively with brands and never monetize from any distribution channels. That means, unlike publishers and digital agencies, we have no stake in the success of what we are measuring. Our only incentive is to deliver the most accurate data, transparently collected, to our brand customers. As a result, our customers can end their dependence on unreliable third-party data, working instead with first-party data they trust and own forever.

To build an effective content marketing strategy, teams need the most comprehensive data set available. At Knotch, our data includes detailed audience feedback collected in real time that shows whether audiences like a brand’s content. With this information, content teams can more effectively optimize existing campaigns and shape future directions to generate more high-value content that will build stronger relationships with users.

FAQs: What is a content marketing strategy?

What is a content marketing strategy?

A content marketing strategy identifies the audiences with which a brand wants to build trust, the type of content that will appeal to users and solve their problems, and the distribution channels that will most successfully bring content to target audiences.

What makes a content marketing strategy successful?

A successful strategy must be built on data that delivers clear insight into the needs and interests of audiences and the type of content they like to consume. Content teams also need data that can reveals which publishers and distribution channels can reach the most users, and performance data that enables marketers to optimize campaigns in real time.

What is the ROI of content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to improve a brand’s relationship with a target audience by providing content that users find valuable, informative, or entertaining. Content ROI is determined by measuring how successfully a piece of content or a campaign improved a user’s impression of the brand and increased trust in the brand’s content.

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