The key to content marketing ROI optimization

CMOs in nearly every industry vertical are facing pressure to optimize content marketing ROI. Brands are pouring a great deal of marketing budgets into content, but this investment comes with significantly higher expectations for substantial content ROI.

Content marketing ROI optimization is an elusive concept – the goals of content marketing are less tangible, making content performance harder to measure and even harder to optimize.

That’s where Knotch can help – with a content intelligence platform that includes solutions for content marketing ROI optimization along with tools for planning, measuring, optimizing, and benchmarking content campaigns.

Why optimizing content marketing ROI is so hard

The challenge of content marketing ROI optimization springs from the goals of B2C or B2B content marketing – to build trust and relationships with audiences, and to improve their perception of the brand. Measuring success in content marketing is harder because brands lack the tools to accurately measure audience sentiment. Quantitative data and volume metrics like page views, number of unique visitors, time spent on page, and scroll depth suggest a certain level of engagement, but it’s impossible for marketers to know whether that engagement was positive or negative. One million views on a piece of content is only a successful metric if the vast majority of viewers actually liked what they read.

The key to content marketing ROI optimization is having tools to accurately measure how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming, and to deliver that data to content teams in real-time. Armed with this information, marketers can immediately make adjustments to campaigns, content themes, distribution channels, and individual assets, allowing content to serve the needs or meet the expectations of audience members more effectively.

The problem with this kind of content marketing ROI optimization is that most brands lack the tools to deliver real-time audience sentiment data. Fortunately, Knotch provides a revolutionary solution.

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How Knotch makes content marketing ROI optimization possible

Knotch is an independent content marketing intelligence platform designed to help CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of content efforts across all paid and owned programs. Knotch infuses all stages of content campaigns with independently and transparently collected content performance data, combining quantitative information with real-time audience sentiment data to provide a holistic view of audiences and content performance.

Knotch solves the challenge of measuring audience sentiment with a feedback unit that blends art and science to create an intuitive, engaging and contextual survey that’s embedded into every piece of content. The Knotch feedback unit appears alongside content and asks users a simple question. Users can respond by simply clicking on a temperature scale that indicates their feeling around the content they’ve just consumed.

This simple but innovative idea has produced a response rate that is exponentially higher than traditional methods of collecting sentiment data. Where surveys in pop-up windows or in emails sent after the fact typically garner only a 0.01% response, the Knotch feedback unit averages a 20% response rate – a 2000% increase. Data is delivered to the brand in real-time, enabling content teams to take immediate action to address issues and optimize underperforming assets for greater content marketing ROI optimization.

What you can do with Knotch

Powered by AI, the Knotch platform enables content teams to significantly up their game when it comes to content marketing ROI optimization. With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Develop more insightful awareness of audiences. Knotch lets marketers understand how users engage with content, behave after they read it, and how they feel about each piece of content they consume. Using this data, content teams can practice content marketing ROI optimization by delivering a stream of more relevant content that improves user satisfaction and enhances their perception of the brand.
  • Quickly identify opportunities for optimizing ROI. Knotch customizable dashboards provide comprehensive overviews of all aspects of content campaigns, showing marketers what content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best – and which can be optimized in real-time for greater ROI.
  • Aggregate content analytics across programs. Knotch enables cross-platform comparisons by combining quantitative and qualitative data and analytics across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Trust the data used for campaign optimization. Unlike most third-party sources of content performance data, we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. Our data is completely unbiased and independent, as we work only for brands and never monetize from distribution channels. That means in our content marketing reporting we have no incentive to present data that favors any channel, publisher, or content over another, enabling brands to completely trust the integrity of the information we provide.

Content Intelligence Platform

An end-to-end content intelligence platform

Alongside tools for measuring performance and managing content marketing ROI optimization, the Knotch platform provides marketers with tools for:

  • Planning campaigns more effectively. Competitor content analysis provides an in-depth view of the competitive landscape and the best-performing content produced by other companies. A publisher matching tool identifies the best publishers based on target demographics, creative goals, and KPIs. Knotch helps uncover the best creative themes for any content strategy and identifies whitespace and messaging gaps that can become new opportunities for reaching audiences.
  • Organizing content more easily. An automated content library makes it easy to keep track of large volumes of content. Knotch automatically organizes and classifies every asset, storing it in a single location and providing robust search and filter capabilities for easy, immediate access.
  • Mapping ideal content journeys. Content teams can take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining the ideal organic experience for every user while focusing them on high-value actions.
  • Automatically recommending content for users. The Knotch platform proactively engages with users as they consume content, getting answers to questions that inform recommendations for the next best piece of content for each user.
  • Uncovering critical insights. Knotch surfaces insights that may be easily missed and provides intelligence that marketers can drill down into with a single click.

FAQs: what is content marketing ROI optimization?

What is the ROI of content marketing?

Because content marketing is focused on building relationships with audiences, the return on investment, or ROI of content marketing is an audience segment that has an improved sense of trust and a higher perception of the brand. Because this type of ROI is less tangible than traditional marketing campaigns focused on improving sales, generating leads or increasing conversions, it has traditionally been much harder to measure ROI in content marketing.

What is content marketing ROI optimization?

Content marketing ROI optimization refers to actions taken by content teams to improve the effectiveness of content campaigns or individual content assets.

What’s the best way to optimize content ROI?

Content marketing ROI optimization is usually achieved by using real-time data on how audiences feel about content to make adjustments to individual assets, content themes, or distribution channels. The goal of these adjustments is to make the content more appealing, entertaining, or usable, meeting the needs of users more effectively.

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