The secret to content marketing ROI

Determining content marketing ROI is essential to understanding which elements of your content campaigns are most effective, and which should be optimized, revised, or jettisoned. Demonstrating content marketing ROI is also critical to justifying marketing spend on content.

But measuring the ROI of content and campaigns is tricky. Content strategy is often about building positive relationships and brand awareness with customers and prospects, a difficult thing to take stock of with metrics like page views, bounce rate, and scroll depth.

Knotch provides a content measurement tool that pairs robust quantitative demographics with valuable qualitative feedback about audience sentiment that lets you know which content types, themes, and channels are most effective – and how you can optimize them to increase content marketing ROI.

The challenge of achieving ROI in content marketing

Calculating content marketing ROI can be a challenge.

In traditional digital advertising, it’s easy to determine ROI by comparing revenue generated through conversions to the cost of marketing efforts that secured them.

But with content marketing, the gains are often less tangible and harder to quantify. Content is intended to build brand awareness and trust, creating positive experiences that will eventually lead to greater engagement and sales. It’s no wonder that more than two thirds of marketers report not being confident in their strategy for measuring content marketing ROI.

Many content measurement tools try to calculate ROI with the traditional metrics for digital success: site traffic, time spent on page, page depth, bounce rate, and social engagement, among others. What these metrics don’t reveal – and what is crucial to determining content marketing ROI – is how users really feel about the digital content they’re consuming. After all, a page view is only helpful if it results in a positive rather than a negative opinion of your content and brand.

To effectively measure ROI, you need tools that can factor audience sentiment into your metrics to give you a true picture of the success of your content.

Equally important, those metrics must be available in real-time, allowing you to immediately take steps to optimize content and campaigns that aren’t working as expected and to modify strategy and execution in a variety of ways that will yield higher ROI.

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Simplify content marketing ROI with Knotch

Knotch is the independent standard for content marketing ROI. We provide a Content Intelligence Platform that helps brands to plan, measure, and optimize their content and to clearly demonstrate ROI.

Knotch Measurement, our content performance measurement solution, collects content performance data independently and transparently, pairing it in real-time with customer sentiment data. Knotch collects sentiment information through an innovative feedback solution that makes it easy for customers to share their feelings about a piece of content as they engage with it.

The result: content metrics that deliver all the usual performance data – number of views, time spent, scroll depth, click-through rate, and social engagement – along with invaluable qualitative feedback that lets you understand how customers perceive the value, impact, and relevance of your content and their feelings about your brand.

With Knotch, you can strengthen the ROI of your branded content marketing campaigns with real-time data that informs every stage of your content plan and execution.

Advantages of the Knotch platform

Our AI-powered Content Intelligence Platform offers serious advantages as you develop content, manage campaigns, and calculate content marketing ROI. With Knotch, you can:

  • Own your data. Knotch lets you collect first-party data to optimize creative distribution, build real-time strategies, and power your DMP and CRM platforms. All the information collected through the Knotch platform belongs to you, not a third party.
  • Measure audience sentiment. The Knotch feedback unit, an engaging and contextual tool that’s built right into your content, lets you understand how customers engage, behave, and feel around every piece of content.
  • Work with holistic audience and performance data. Knotch combines high-level volume metrics with attitudinal feedback and engagement, conversion, and demographic/psychographic info to give you a complete picture of your audience and your content marketing ROI.
  • Benchmark campaigns. Intelligent data lets you measure the success of your content investment with greater accuracy and real-time insight.
  • Trust your metrics. Because Knotch works exclusively with brands and does not monetize from any distribution channels, data collected through our platform is totally independent and unbiased, providing an honest and objective view of performance and ROI.
  • Simplify content management. Rely on our AI-powered technology to uncover themes, formats, and partners through verified, predictive insights.
  • Optimize content campaigns in real-time. Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute dashboards show you what types of content themes and distribution channels are most effective and least effective, enabling you to optimize poorly performing assets in real-time to increase audience engagement.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why customers love Knotch

Knotch provides a platform that helps CMOs and their teams not only measure the performance of their content efforts but to impact the outcome of their campaigns in real-time. With actionable intelligence gleaned from owned and paid content investments, Knotch provides end-to-end content marketing intelligence that can simplify management, increase effectiveness, and improve content marketing ROI.

In addition to content measurement tools, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Planning effective content campaigns. Knotch Blueprint is the only tool that infuses content planning with real-time insights. Combining Knotch’s proprietary data with industry benchmarks and AI predictive intelligence, Blueprint informs content strategy with thematic suggestions while showcasing premier publisher partners.
  • Organizing content on a single platform. Knotch Content Catalogue automatically organizes, indexes, tags, and catalogs content in a central repository to simplify content management.
  • Architecting content journeys. Knotch Playbook lets you guide your visitors through your content by determining organic stages for all the content in your hub.
  • Automatically recommending content. Knotch Genie makes it possible to drive an organic, personal, and native conversation with visitors to learn more about them and to automatically recommend the next, best step in their content journey.

FAQs: What is content marketing ROI?

What is content marketing ROI?

Return on investment for content marketing, or content marketing ROI, is a metric that compares the gains from content marketing to the cost of content marketing efforts.

How is content marketing ROI measured?

Sometimes content marketing ROI is measured in revenue generated vs. cost incurred. But revenue is not always the principal objective of a content marketing campaign – generating leads, engaging audiences, building awareness, increasing the authority of content, and creating brand experiences are all successful outcomes of a content marketing campaign that may not generate immediate income. To effectively determine content marketing ROI, brands need ways to accurately measure and score quantitative metrics like traffic, page views, leads, and social shares as well as qualitative feedback that provides information about how audiences feel about the brand and about content as they engage with it.

How can you improve content marketing ROI?

Improving content marketing ROI requires effective real-time measurement tools that let brands optimize campaigns by immediately revising content and adjusting the marketing mix to engage customers more effectively. It also requires robust planning tools that can help deliver insight into the most appropriate publishers and distribution partners, identify whitespace through competitive intelligence, and streamline management of campaigns to reduce costs.

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