Superior content marketing reporting enhances performance and ROI

Brands are looking for a significant return on their content marketing investment – which means CMOs are looking for the absolute best when it comes to content marketing reporting solutions.

To improve performance and demonstrate ROI, CMOs need content measurement tools and reporting solutions that can deliver real-time insight into how well content, channels and campaigns are performing against goals.

Knotch provides a content intelligence platform that helps CMOs and their teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content campaigns more effectively. With the Knotch platform, CMOs can count on superior content marketing reporting capabilities that combine qualitative and quantitative metrics to deliver a holistic view of performance and audience sentiment, enabling content teams to continually optimize ROI.

Finding a better content marketing reporting solution

As content marketing has grown in popularity, the industry has been flooded with content marketing reporting tools that all claim to have the best method for capturing content marketing metrics and ensuring return on a brand’s content investment.

These reporting tools focus almost exclusively on quantitative data designed to measure engagement, highlighting metrics such as site traffic, unique visitors, bounce rate, time spent on page, page depth, pages per session, and more.

All of these tools leave out the most important metric in content marketing measurement: how people really feel about the digital content they’re consuming. Since the goal of content marketing is to improve a user’s feeling about and trust in a brand, this kind of audience sentiment data is really the only content metric that matters.

The difficulty for brands is that almost every content marketing reporting solution lacks the ability to collect audience sentiment feedback effectively, let alone communicate it in real-time.

That’s what makes Knotch so revolutionary.

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Knotch: real-time content marketing reporting

Knotch is the only content measurement technology that provides real-time audience sentiment information across owned and paid programs, using totally independent and impartial data.

Knotch has dramatically improved collection of audience sentiment data by developing an intuitive and engaging feedback unit that is built right into content, appearing alongside it or at the end of a piece of content. Using the universally understood metaphor of a temperature scale, the Knotch feedback unit asks users to share their feelings about the content they’re consuming before they leave the page. This unobtrusive and immediate method of collecting sentiment data has been incredibly successful – the response rate for the Knotch feedback unit is roughly 2000x higher than the standard response rate for surveys that appear in pop-ups or in emails sent after the fact.

What adds even more value for marketers is that data collected by the Knotch feedback unit is available in real time, allowing marketers to immediately pivot to make adjustments to content, distribution channels, and other elements of a campaign in order to increase performance and ROI.

Benefits of Knotch content marketing reporting technology

With measurement and reporting technology on the Knotch platform, content teams can:

  • Easily report on what content types, themes, and distribution channels are most effective and make recommendations for optimizing the ones that aren’t.
  • Combine high-level volume metrics and data on engagement and conversion with attitudinal feedback and audience demographic/psychographic information for a holistic view of audience and performance data.
  • Develop more insightful understanding of how customers engage with, feel about, and behave after consuming each piece of content.
  • Use actionable insights to optimize campaigns, refine strategy, and enhance segmentation to power DMP and CRM platforms.
  • End dependence on unreliable, third-party data – Knotch provides 1st party data that is owned 100% by the brand, and that is independently collected and completely free of bias.

Content Intelligence Platform

A content intelligence platform with end-to-end solutions

As a content intelligence platform, Knotch provides comprehensive solutions for managing content marketing campaigns, enabling content teams to:

  • Develop data-driven content plans. Knotch competitor content analysis provides insight into competitors’ content strategy, publishing schedules, and themes, while a publisher matching tool helps to identify the best publishers for any campaign.
  • Uncover critical insight. Knotch provides automated content intelligence that surfaces insights that can be easily missed.
  • Recommend the next, best piece of content. A content recommendation engine recommends the next, most valuable step in the content journey, based on feedback collected during organic and personalized conversations with users as they consume content.
  • Map the ideal customer journey. Knotch lets content teams manage a user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, educating and engaging them while moving them toward high-value action.
  • Automatically organize content. Knotch organizes every content asset ever created and stores it in a central location, automatically tagging and indexing it for easy, immediate access.

FAQs: what is content marketing reporting?

What is content marketing reporting?

Content marketing reporting is the practice of tracking and analyzing metrics that evaluate the performance of content campaigns, distribution channels, content themes, and individual content assets. Content reporting may include quantitative data that evaluates the volume of engagement, as well as qualitative data that shows how users actually felt about the content they consumed.

What are the benefits of content marketing reporting?

Content marketing reporting enables content teams to understand how well each piece of content and campaigns as a whole are resonating with audiences, to know how users feel about each piece of content, and to take steps to optimize campaigns and refine assets in order to build stronger relationships with target audiences.

What is the ROI of content marketing?

Because the goal of content marketing is to build trust and relationships with audiences, the return on a brand’s content investment is an audience segment where attitudes toward the brand are more positive, where audiences express greater trust in the brand, and where they return to the brand with greater frequency to meet their needs with content, products, or services.

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