Choosing the right content marketing planning software

Content marketing planning software is the foundation on which any successful content campaign is built. Content campaigns require extraordinary time and effort and getting the best return on that investment requires an extensive content marketing plan. With the right content planning tool, you can more effectively align audiences, messaging, content types, and distribution channels to fulfill the objectives of your content efforts.

The Knotch platform offers content marketing planning software that delivers real-time insights and proprietary data, along with an AI-powered intelligence engine for reviewing competitors’ content, finding partners, and identifying the creative themes that can drive content marketing success.

Content planning: the key to ROI

With so much riding on your content marketing efforts, putting a highly effective plan in place is the surest way to achieve the ROI your brand expects.

Your content plan must cover every aspect of your investment in content marketing, including:

  • Strategy. A content strategy driven by data is essential to identifying target audiences and the best messaging, content types, distribution channels, and publishing partners to reach them.
  • Competitors. Analyzing your competitors’ content will not only help you differentiate your own content campaigns, but help your team understand the competitive landscape and where you can take advantage of whitespace in the market to reach new customers with new types of content.
  • Partners. Your content marketing planning software must make it easy to identify the publishers who are most aligned with your audience based on demographics and psychographics, and who can deliver the publishing frequency and level of engagement that will help you achieve campaign objectives.
  • KPIs. Defining, measuring, and reporting on KPIs ensures that your team can continually optimize content marketing performance. Getting metrics in real-time is critical, allowing you to make instant adjustments to improve performance of individual pieces and campaigns.
  • Schedules. A content marketing ecosystem can be incredibly complex. Your content plan must streamline the tasks of identifying target audiences and delivering an optimal journey through your content that will drive high-value actions.

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Superior content marketing planning software from Knotch

Knotch is a content intelligence platform with end-to-end solutions for planning, measuring, optimizing, and benchmarking content efforts across all owned and paid content strategies. With Knotch, content teams can take advantage of 1st party data that is totally independent and unbiased to optimize the performance of assets and campaigns.

Knotch content marketing planning software improves all aspects of the planning process, providing real-time insights, proprietary data, and AI-powered processes that eliminate the mysteries of content marketing and provides clear insight into the competitive landscape.

What you can do with Knotch content planning software

With content planning software from Knotch, brands can:

  • Differentiate content with competitor content analysis. Knotch enables content teams to review in-depth analysis of competitors’ content as well as their strategies, publishing cadences, and themes. With tools to search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, and industries, Knotch helps brands to understand where the bar is set and how to better reach and engage their target audiences.
  • Discover top creative themes. By providing access to the most effective content campaigns in any industry, Knotch enables brands to inspire their content teams and to uncover the best creative themes for any given content strategy.
  • Find the best publishers for content. Knotch independently vets and evaluates publishers, providing tools to identify the best partners for content campaigns based on target demographics, creative goals, and campaign KPIs.
  • Refine messaging to take advantage of whitespace. Knotch helps brands identify whitespace in the market, enabling them to develop messaging and content that can reach new audiences.

Content Intelligence Platform

Comprehensive content marketing planning software

In addition to content marketing planning software, Knotch provides end-to-end solutions that simplify and optimize content campaigns.

  • Content analysis provides a single set of independent and unbiased metrics across all content programs. With comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of audience and performance data on paid sites and owned hubs, content teams can eliminate dependence on unreliable third-party data while benefiting from real-time quantitative and qualitative feedback, including data about how users actually feel about the content they’re consuming.
  • Content journey mapping gives content teams more control over each customer’s content journey, building an organic experience from one piece of content to the next that keeps users on sites longer and engages them while meeting their needs and serving their interests.
  • A content recommendation engine promotes a more organic and personalized conversation with users, using continuous learning to recommend the next, most valuable step in the customer content journey.
  • Automated organization and classification of asset provides a central location where each piece of content is automatically tagged and indexed for easy immediate access.
  • Automated content insights help to identify intelligence that can be easily missed, providing content teams with access to the most relevant information based on topic, audience and other criteria.

FAQs: what is content marketing planning software?

What is content marketing planning software?

Content marketing planning software is a solution that enables brands and their marketing teams to more effectively plan and execute content campaigns. Content marketing is increasingly complicated, as brands produce more content, use more content types, and rely on a broader range of publishers and distribution channels to reach audiences that are increasingly segmented. Content marketing planning software can help to minimize this complexity, enabling content teams to focus on strategic priorities rather than campaign minutia.

What is important in content marketing planning software?

Content marketing planning software must enable marketing teams to build campaigns based on data-driven strategy and competitive analysis. Tools for finding the ideal publishers are important, as are features that simplify content scheduling and that streamline content measurement.

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