How to achieve superior content marketing performance

It’s a good time to be a content marketer. Brands are coming around to the realization that content marketing can achieve measurable success in engaging customers, building brand equity, and driving high-value actions. Consequently, companies are entrusting their content marketing teams with more resources and responsibility.

At the same time, it’s a stressful time to be a content marketer. With increased focus on content, marketers are under great pressure to generate compelling content and ensure superior content marketing performance that justifies the additional investment in content efforts.

Knotch can help. Our content intelligence platform lets CMO’s and their teams measure and impact content marketing performance, using tools to more effectively plan, measure, optimize and benchmark content campaigns.

The key to content marketing performance

Every content marketing team must have a laser-like focus on content marketing performance. Measuring performance against goals is essential – marketers need metrics that reveal which content types, themes, messages, and distribution channels are contributing to superior content performance, and which are underperforming. With accurate data, content teams can take quick action to revamp a strategy that’s not working, revise a headline that audiences find confusing, take down a video that’s causing an unexpectedly negative reaction, or abandon a distribution channel that’s bringing in unengaged viewers.

The most important metric in measuring content marketing effectiveness: audience sentiment. Marketers have to know how audiences feel about content – whether they like the content they’re consuming or not. The goal of branded content marketing, after all, is to build positive relationships with targeted audience segments. It doesn’t matter how many page views a piece of content has if most of those views result in a negative perception of the brand.

While capturing sentiment data is critically important, it’s also notoriously difficult. Traditional methods for measuring audience feedback have dismal response rates, preventing marketers from getting an accurate read on how audiences feel. Fortunately, Knotch has developed a solution that not only delivers highly accurate sentiment data, but measures and delivers it in real time.

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Optimizing content performance with Knotch

Knotch is the independent content intelligence platform that helps CMOs and their teams to effectively measure content marketing performance and impact the outcome of their content efforts. Through real-time intelligence and actionable insight, we help teams to maximize the return on the investment their brands are making in content marketing.

To enable CMOs to optimize content marketing performance, we’ve developed an innovative tool for measuring how audiences feel about content. The Knotch feedback unit is a brief and interactive module that appears alongside content on the screen, providing an opportunity for users to register their opinion of content as they consume it. We use simple metaphor of a temperature scale that audiences understand intuitively – they don’t need to think twice about how to use it. With just a click or two, they can express their feeling about content at the very moment when they’re most likely to respond.

By providing a frictionless feedback unit, we’ve been able to achieve response rates around 20% – exponentially higher than the industry average. And because users respond in real time, we can provide real-time data to our brand customers.

Comprehensive solutions for content marketing performance

The Knotch platform includes solutions for managing all aspects of content marketing performance. With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Get a comprehensive, cross-channel view of audience and performance data. Knotch provides full quantitative data and demographics, along with invaluable qualitative feedback that documents how audiences feel about content. Content teams can instantly see which pieces, channels, themes, messages, and campaigns are doing well, and which should be optimized to improve content marketing performance.
  • Develop a more effective content plan. Use competitor content analysis to establish content marketing benchmarks with in-depth research into competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence, audiences, themes, and engagement. Explore a comprehensive catalog of publishers, using a publisher matching tool to identify the best partners based on KPIs, target audience demographics, and more.
  • Automatically organize a content library. Keep track of every content asset ever created by collecting it in one place. Use content inventory software to automatically organize, classify, tag, and index content for easy search and access.
  • Map the ideal content journey for each audience segment. Take control of the user journey from one piece of content to the next, tapping into audience needs and interests to identify the most appropriate content for each stage of their journey.
  • Automatically recommended the next, best piece of content. Engage audiences in personalized conversations, collecting feedback that can inform the Knotch content recommendation engine.
  • Develop automated content insights. Automatically surface insights that can be easily missed, and provide marketers with access to the most relevant information based on topic, audience, and more.

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Why choose Knotch?

The Knotch platform delivers all the data and tools marketers need to optimize content marketing performance. Because we never monetize from any distribution channel, we have no stake in the success of what we are measuring, and no incentive to highlight one set of metrics over another. That means we can provide our brand customers with completely unbiased first-party data that is transparently collected, enabling them to end their dependence on unreliable third-party data.

Additionally, because we can deliver content intelligence in real time, our customers can take immediate action to optimize underperforming assets, channels, and campaigns. With Knotch, teams can improve ROI and ensure that each engagement – whether it lasts a few seconds or several minutes – provides audiences with the most compelling experience possible.

FAQs: what is content marketing performance?

What is content marketing performance?

In content marketing, performance is measured by how well content assets, distribution channels, and campaigns meet objectives for engaging target audiences and improving their perception of the brand.

How is content performance measured?

Content performance is measured with both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Quantitative data concerns the volume of engagement – how many people viewed a piece of content, how much time they spent with it, how deeply they scrolled down the page, etc. Qualitative data concerns the quality of engagement – whether audiences liked the content, and whether it improved their perception of the brand.

How can content marketing performance be improved?

Marketers can improve content performance by constantly collecting qualitative and quantitative measurements to see which pieces are performing well and which aren’t. Marketers can then take steps to revise or replace underperforming assets and channels, continually optimizing efforts to increase the quality of engagement.

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