The power of real-time content marketing measurement

Brands today clearly understand the value of content marketing – the content marketing industry is anticipated to grow in worth to more than $400 billion by 2021.

But despite this huge investment in content, brands still struggle with how to measure success. Existing content marketing measurement solutions are inefficient and opaque – they don’t show the whole picture, and they can’t provide the real-time data brands need to maximize engagement for current campaigns.

Knotch solves this challenge by delivering a real-time, unified, and objective view of content performance across all paid partnerships and owned content hubs. With our content marketing measurement solution, Knotch Measurement, you get real-time insight that lets you immediately impact the outcome of your content campaigns, rather than just measuring them.

What makes content marketing measurement so hard?

As companies put more budget toward content marketing, they want to know what they’re getting for their spend. Measuring the success of their branded content is critical to shaping future creative direction and managing publishing partnerships.

But measuring content marketing ROI is not an easy task. The goals of content marketing – to build awareness and trust with audiences – are different and less tangible than traditional digital advertising. Typical KPIs like the volume of traffic, time on a page and social shares are helpful, but they don’t show the complete picture. Knowing that 1,000 people viewed a piece of content is one thing – measuring whether they had a positive impression of it is quite another.

Simply put, most content marketing measurement solutions can’t tell you how people really feel about your digital content.

And that’s a pretty big drawback since the point of content marketing is to build a positive connection with your audience. When you know how people really perceive your content, you can revise ineffective pieces, adjust failing strategies, and improve perception to build better relationships with customers.

Another major flaw of traditional content marketing measurement: it’s slow. Many conventional methods for measuring success can’t return results until days, weeks or months after a campaign has ended. The insight might help the next campaign, but unless the data is available in real-time, it can’t help a faltering campaign to thrive.

Clearly, the holy grail of content marketing measurement is a solution that includes deep insight into audience sentiment and that delivers comprehensive metrics in real-time.

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Simplify content marketing measurement with Knotch

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that helps brands plan, measure, and optimize their content.

With Knotch’s content marketing measurement technology, you can measure the success of your content efforts in real-time, gleaning actionable intelligence from across all your content investments.

By providing dashboards with real-time quantitative and qualitative metrics – including data on how users feel about the content they’re consuming – Knotch lets you immediately adjust your content strategy and marketing mix to engage audiences more effectively.

The Knotch SaaS-based content marketing measurement platform provides:

  • Comprehensive overviews that show what kinds of content, themes, and channels are working best and how to optimize them in real-time.
  • Holistic audience and performance data, combining high-level volume metrics and demographic/psychographic info with real-time data about user sentiment, engagement, and conversion.
  • Audience awareness data that shows how customers engage, behave, and feel about each piece of content.
  • Comparisons across platforms, using aggregated content analytics to measure content performance of owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Actionable insights that let you optimize, build strategy and power DMP and CRM platforms with enhanced segmentation based on audience feedback and collected first-party data.

The benefits of content marketing measurement with Knotch

When you bolster your content marketing measurement with Knotch, you can:

  • Simplify oversight. View high-level metrics and dig into granular detail with our intuitive dashboard.
  • Evaluate content. Understand the impact and performance of each and every piece of your content.
  • Improve strategy. Uncover themes, formats, and partners through verified, predictive insights.
  • Measure audience sentiment. Seamlessly gather feedback on audience attitude about your content with the Knotch feedback unit, an interactive tool built right into your content.
  • Prove and improve the impact of your investment in content. Consolidate data collection and analysis across all the metrics that matter most to you, demonstrating the success of campaigns or taking action to enhance them.
  • Trust your metrics. Get content performance data that is collected independently and transparently.

Content Intelligence Platform

About Knotch

Knotch is the only content marketing measurement technology that works across owned and paid channels. Because we never monetize any of our distribution channels, the data you get from Knotch is completely independent and unbiased.

In addition to content marketing measurement, Knotch provides solutions for:

  • Creating better content plans. Knotch Blueprint content planning software powers the content planning process with independent, verified, and predictive intelligence.
  • Organizing and indexing all content assets. Knotch Content Catalogue automatically tags and catalogs your content on a single platform.
  • Guiding visitors through your content experience. Knotch Playbook lets you strategize the best journey through your content by determining organic stages through your hub.
  • Recommending the next, most valuable step in the customer journey. Knotch Genie provides AI-powered recommendations for the next piece of content for each visitor, driving an organic, personal and native conversation with your audience.

FAQs: What is content marketing measurement?

What is content marketing measurement?

Content marketing measurement is the task of collecting data on how well content marketing campaigns and individual pieces of content perform against goals. Measurement also determines the return on investment for campaigns and enables brands to determine which pieces of content are most effectively engaging audiences.

What are the challenges of content marketing measurement?

Content marketing measurement is often hindered by the inability to collect data in real-time, which would enable a brand to adjust content mid-campaign. Many measurement tools also fail to collect accurate data about audience sentiment toward content pieces. This prevents a brand from getting a clear picture of how successful a piece of content is at engaging audiences.

What can real-time content marketing measurement achieve?

With real the ability to measure content marketing in real-time, brands can alter campaign strategy or revise content immediately to deliver on content marketing objectives.

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