How to track content marketing KPIs

CMOs and their content marketing teams are under enormous pressure to deliver superior performance. Brands are allocating a growing percentage of their marketing dollars to content, and they’re looking for high ROI in return. To deliver on expectations, CMOs need superior content measurement solutions for tracking content marketing campaign KPIs, and tools for optimizing campaigns to maximize effectiveness.

The Knotch content intelligence platform delivers on all accounts. With tools for planning, measuring, optimizing, and benchmarking content campaigns, Knotch helps brands and their content teams to achieve optimal performance across all content marketing KPIs that matter.

The most critical content marketing KPIs

Gathering content metrics and tracking content marketing KPIs are essential to optimizing campaigns, assets, and distribution channels. With clear insight into how well content is reaching and resonating with target audiences, content teams can refine strategy, revise content, and adjust the mix of distribution channels to build more effective relationships with audiences and drive them toward high-value actions.

Too many content teams, however, are focused on content marketing KPIs that don’t provide a complete view of content performance. Many marketers limit their metrics to quantitative data – overall views, time spent on page, scroll depth, video completion rates, and so on. By focusing solely on these quantitative metrics, marketers miss the most important information: whether audiences like the content they’re consuming, and whether the content is building a stronger relationship with the brand that will ultimately lead to conversion.

With content performance measurement solutions that track qualitative content marketing KPIs on audience sentiment, marketers can make more informed decisions and optimize campaigns for greater performance. That’s where the Knotch platform provides industry-leading value.

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Knotch provides real-time, qualitative content KPIs

Knotch is the only content measurement technology that delivers all the capabilities content marketers need to succeed. Through our SaaS-based platform, Knotch enables content teams to:

  • Know how audiences feel about content. The Knotch platform provides highly accurate qualitative data that reveals how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming. With Knotch, content teams can clearly see which pieces are resonating with audiences and improving perception of the brand, and which are generating negative reactions or damaging brand perception.
  • Get comprehensive views of performance. Our dashboards combine audience sentiment data with quantitative metrics and audience demographics and psychographics. The bottom line: content marketers get a complete view of content marketing KPIs that can help them to more effectively optimize performance.
  • Use real-time data for real-time optimization. Metrics and content marketing KPIs on the Knotch platform – including audience sentiment data – are delivered in real-time. That means marketers can immediately take action to bolster lackluster performance by optimizing, revising, or replacing content, and by altering the distribution mix to reach more engaged audiences.
  • Have complete confidence in content marketing KPIs. At Knotch, we don’t monetize from distribution channels, so we have no investment in the success of what we’re measuring. We simply collect data and deliver it to brands. As opposed to third-party data from publishers, channels, and agencies who have a stake in the success of content, we can deliver completely unbiased data that’s transparently collected. As a result, brands are empowered to trust their content marketing KPIs and to eliminate dependence on unreliable, third-party data.

How Knotch collects qualitative data

We built a simple but revolutionary solution for collecting audience sentiment about content. Using an intuitive and engaging response device that appears on the page alongside content, we make it easy for users to share their feeling about content as they engage with it. Our feedback unit uses a simple metaphor – a temperature scale – that lets users quickly register their opinion at the precise moment when they’re most likely to want to do so. As a result, our response rates are roughly 20%, a 2000-fold increase over the typical 0.01% response rates of the standard devices for collecting audience sentiment. And because audiences share their feelings about content in real time, we can deliver real-time data back to our brand customers.

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Additional solutions for content marketing

Alongside tools for content measurement, the Knotch platform provides comprehensive solutions that simplify and improve all aspects of content marketing.

  • Competitor content analysis provides in-depth data on competitors’ campaigns, publishing cadences, and themes. Knotch content analytics software also helps to match content with the best publishers based on content marketing KPIs, target demographics, and creative goals.
  • Content journey mapping tools allow marketers to take control of an audience’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining an ideal experience for each segment and mapping content that addresses needs and interests at every stage of the journey.
  • A content recommendation engine suggests the next, most valuable piece of content for each audience through feedback collected from proactive, organic, and personalized conversations.
  • An automated content library helps to organize and classify every piece of content created. Knotch stores content in a single location, tagging and indexing it for easy, immediate access and providing robust search and filter capabilities.
  • Automated content insights provide marketers with access to the most relevant information based on topic, audience and more. Knotch surfaces insights that might be otherwise missed, and lets marketers dig deeper into any insight with just one click.

Knotch is the platform of choice for brands in many industries, optimizing content marketing for banks and financial institutions as well as automotive, retail, professional services, and B2B tech companies, among others.

FAQs: what are content marketing KPIs?

What are content marketing KPIs?

Content marketing key performance indicators, or KPIs, are the measurements by which brands gauge the success of their content campaigns. Content marketing KPIs help marketing teams to know whether campaigns, content assets, publishers, and distribution channels are meeting performance objectives, and how each element may be optimized to increase effectiveness.

What are quantitative content KPIs?

Quantitative content marketing KPIs include metrics that show the volume of engagement, including:

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Click-throughs
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement

What are qualitative content marketing KPIs?

Qualitative content marketing KPIs show the quality of engagement with campaigns, or how audiences felt about the content they consumed. These KPIs may include:

  • Sentiment
  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance

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