Drive higher return on your content marketing investment

Brands are spending a lot on branded content marketing today as they seek to build strong relationships with target audiences. In return for this content marketing investment, companies are expecting significant results, placing enormous pressure on content marketing teams. To deliver on expectations, CMOs and their teams are searching for solutions that can optimize campaigns at every level – from developing strategy to choosing distribution channels and measuring campaign success.

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that delivers all the tools, data, and analytics that content teams need to achieve a higher return on content marketing investment. With Knotch, marketers can more successfully plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts across owned and paid channels.

How to measure the success of a content marketing investment

Content teams have a large number of tools at their disposal for measuring success and determining the return on content marketing investment. Most of these solutions, however, contain a significant flaw: they can’t deliver real-time feedback on audience sentiment.

The goal of content marketing is to build trust with target audiences, providing high-value content that nurtures the relationship and improves the audience’s perception of the brand. Ultimately, brands want this relationship to result in some type of profitable action. For campaigns to be successful, branded content must educate, inform, or entertain target audiences. In other words, audiences must enjoy the content they consume. They must feel it holds value or believe that it helps them solve a problem.

Few content analytics solutions can deliver data that reveals this kind of qualitative information. Most solutions – and therefore, most content marketing teams – are highly focused on quantitative data that measures the amount of engagement. But measuring page views, scroll depth, rate of video completions, and time spent on a page doesn’t provide marketers with any clues as to how audiences felt about their content.

To successfully gauge the impact of a content marketing investment, teams need analytics solutions that can successfully collect and measure audience feedback. Most importantly, they need solutions that can deliver results in real time so they can take fast action to shore up underperforming assets.

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Knotch: a Content Intelligence Platform

As a leading Content Intelligence Platform, Knotch is the only content measurement technology that provides totally independent and unbiased data – including audience sentiment feedback – across all owned and paid media. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offers strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence that enables brands to get the most impact from their content marketing investment.

The Knotch platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions, enabling content teams to:

  • Measure, analyze, and optimize campaigns. Our measurement tools help brands determine the return on their content marketing investment with metrics that combine quantitative data with audience demographics and qualitative audience sentiment data. Marketers can immediately see what content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best, and how to optimize the ones that aren’t.
  • Plan content efforts more effectively. Our content planning platform delivers detailed information and analysis of competitors’ content efforts, including strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. Teams can create a content marketing plan more effectively by benchmarking content, and by using our publisher matching feature to find the ideal publisher for campaigns based on KPIs, audience demographics, and creative goals.
  • Develop content insights. Using artificial intelligence, the Knotch platform automatically surfaces insights that might otherwise be missed and provides marketers with access to content intelligence based on topic, audience, and more.
  • Map customer journeys. Content teams can define custom stages for every audience journey and map the most appropriate content for each step. With this tool, Knotch enables teams to craft a more effective storytelling content strategy.
  • Automatically recommend content. With Knotch, brands can engage users in organic and personalized conversations, allowing our recommendation engine to automatically suggest the next, best piece of content for each customer journey.
  • Keep content organized. Our automated content library automatically organizes and classifies content, storing it in a central location where marketers can easily access it with robust filter and search capabilities.

How Knotch captures audience feedback

To provide content teams with real-time audience feedback, we have designed a feedback unit that we embed directly into each piece of content. As users engage with a blog, an e-book, a video, or a case study, our feedback unit appears on the screen and asks users to share their feeling about their experience with the content. We use a universally understood metaphor – a temperature scale – that lets users respond quickly and intuitively without having to stop and figure anything out. By providing an immediate, engaging, and frictionless feedback experience, we have been able to achieve response rates that are exponentially higher than the industry average. And because we are collecting audience feedback in real time, we can, in turn, share those results in real time with our brand customers.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why customers trust Knotch with their content marketing investment

When selecting a platform to manage their content marketing investment, more brands choose Knotch for one fundamental reason. In addition to providing a wealth of tools for planning, measuring, and optimizing, we provide data that is totally independent and unbiased.

Too often, brands are working with performance data that is provided by digital agencies, distribution channels, and other third parties. This information tends to be collected in an opaque way, and because these firms have an investment in the success of the brand’s content, the data may be skewed to highlight achievements and to bury less favorable results. As a result, brands never know exactly how far they can trust this third-party intelligence.

At Knotch, we work exclusively for brands and never monetize from distribution channels, so we are entirely un-invested in the success of what we’re measuring. That means we can offer our brand customers first-party data that is unbiased and transparently collected, enabling them to have full faith and trust in the analytics concerning their content marketing investment.

FAQs: What is a content marketing investment?

What is a content marketing investment?

A content marketing investment is the time, money, and resources that a brand commits to content marketing campaigns. Content marketing can be an expensive endeavor, as the cost of continually producing high-value content tends to be high. Consequently, companies are understandably interested in getting the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

What is the ROI of content marketing?

In contrast to other forms of marketing where brands measure ROI in sales, leads, or other tangible metrics, content marketing is all about building relationships with target audiences. Consequently, the ROI of these efforts is measured with data that reveals whether audiences like the content they consume, whether they find it useful and valuable, and how much it improves their feeling toward the brand.

How can brands increase return on a content marketing investment?

To get maximum impact from a content marketing investment, content teams must measure the performance of campaigns, content, and distribution channels, and continually optimize efforts in real time to improve engagement and nurture audience relationships.

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