Increase competitiveness with content marketing intelligence

As companies compete to reach audiences with branded content, CMOs and their teams need superior content marketing intelligence to optimize campaigns, differentiate their brand, and consistently deliver successful pieces that keep audiences engaged.

Knotch is a content intelligence platform that provides all the tools content teams need to plan, measure, optimize and benchmark content performance. With content marketing intelligence from Knotch, brands can outperform their competition by continually building exceptional content campaigns.

The intelligence that’s critical to content campaigns

The state of content marketing is continually evolving. More brands are investing in content, and the very definition of what content can be is expanding. To navigate this landscape, marketing teams need a wealth of content marketing intelligence that can help them deliver greater performance and higher ROI.

To compete more effectively for audiences, brands need content marketing intelligence that includes:

  • Analysis of competitors’ campaigns, allowing content teams to benchmark content performance.
  • Insight into the best publishers and distribution channels for different audiences and themes.
  • Clearer understanding of target audiences and their the needs and interests, enabling teams to craft more engaging content.
  • Predictive intelligence that can identify the best content for each audience segment at every stage of their customer journey.
  • Performance metrics that reveal how effectively content, channels, and campaigns are fulfilling their objectives.

When it comes to performance metrics, the most important content market intelligence isn’t the quantitative data about overall views, time spent on page, scroll depth, video completion rates, etc. Rather, the most important data is qualitative – how audiences felt about the content they consumed. Unless marketers know whether users like their content, they have no way of knowing if the content is successful in improving perception of the brand and building a positive relationship with target audiences.

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Knotch: a leading content marketing intelligence platform

Knotch is the independent content intelligence platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure the impact of their content efforts. Our platform delivers real-time, actionable intelligence across all owned and paid channels that enables content teams to significantly improve the effectiveness of content efforts.

Knotch content intelligence tools include:

  • Content analytics that provide comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of audience and performance data for any paid site or owned hub. Knotch combines audience sentiment feedback with quantitative data and audience demographics/psychographics to provide a comprehensive view. Marketers can quickly see which types of content, themes and channels are working and which can be optimized to perform better.
  • Competitive analysis that details competitors’ content campaigns, publishing cadences, and themes, helping content teams to benchmark performance more accurately.
  • Publisher matching tools that use content marketing intelligence to identify and vet the best partners for any campaign.
  • Content inventory software that automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every piece of content. Knotch stores content in one location, providing robust search and filter tools for easy, immediate access.
  • Content journey mapping that lets marketers guide audiences from one piece of content to the next. By defining an organic experience for all audience segments, content teams can better serve audience needs and interests by mapping the most appropriate content to every stage of their journey.
  • A content recommendation engine that suggests the next, most valuable piece of content based on feedback from personalized conversations with users.
  • Automated content marketing intelligence that surfaces critical insights.

How Knotch collects qualitative content marketing intelligence

To capture the most important content marketing intelligence – audience sentiment data – Knotch has developed an innovative feedback unit that captures a user’s feeling about content far more effectively than traditional methods. Our feedback mechanism appears on the page alongside content, allowing users to express their opinion immediately after engaging with a blog, video, an article, and many other forms of content. Using a temperature scale, users can quickly and easily register an opinion at the precise moment when they are most likely to respond. Our feedback unit has a response rate that is 2000 times higher than pop-up surveys, email questionnaires, and other traditional methods of capturing audience sentiment. And because audiences respond in real time, we can in turn pass real-time sentiment data along to our brand customers.

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Why more brands choose Knotch

Knotch is the Switzerland of content marketing intelligence. Unlike third-party vendors who typically provide most of the data that brands use for content marketing intelligence, we don’t monetize from any distribution channels, so we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. That means our data is transparently collected and completely unbiased, enabling brands to have complete confidence in our content marketing intelligence.

The Knotch platform works across all owned and paid channels, providing brands with comprehensive analytics that enable cross-platform comparisons. And because our data is delivered in real time, content teams can use it to optimize content in the middle of campaigns to see immediate improvement in performance.

FAQs: what is content marketing intelligence?

What is content marketing intelligence?

Content marketing intelligence provides content marketing teams with data about industry benchmarks, competitors’ programs, publishers’ performance, and the effectiveness of individual content assets, distribution channels, and campaigns.

What is the benefit of content marketing intelligence?

With superior content marketing intelligence, brands can better understand the competitive landscape, refine strategies, identify the best partners, and measure the performance of content campaigns as well as each piece of content.

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