The challenge of content marketing for banks

Brands in every industry are relying more heavily on content marketing to build stronger relationships with audiences and improve brand equity. But teams responsible for content marketing for banks and other financial institutions often feel they lack the resources to adequately plan, measure and optimize their content campaigns.

Knotch provides a content intelligence platform that simplifies the tasks of managing content marketing for banks, providing CMOs and their teams with tools for building successful campaigns, measuring content performance, and achieving the ROI their brands expect.

The key to content marketing for banks

Content marketing is ideal for banks, as consumers and business customers are constantly seeking financial information. Consumers want to know how best to pay down debt, increase their savings, and achieve their financial goals. Companies are seeking better ways to manage cash flow, raise capital, and secure the financial resources that can help to grow their business.

By providing high-value content that provides insight and advice on solving these challenges, banks can successfully build trust with prospects and current customers, increase awareness of products and services, and drive audiences to high-value actions.

For teams responsible for content marketing for banks, the challenge is knowing how to manage complex campaigns with limited resources. Many teams lack the ability to generate large volumes of quality content, which puts more pressure to perform on the pieces they’re able to produce. And many bank marketers feel they lack tools to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Measuring performance is critical for every content marketing team, but it’s even more important when resources are tight. With a powerful solution for reporting on content marketing for banks, marketing teams can make sure that their limited resources are focused on the right customers, and on producing the pieces that will most effectively reach and resonate with those audiences.

To measure performance in financial content marketing, teams need metrics that reveal whether audiences like the content banks are offering or not. After all, the goal of content marketing for banks is building trust with audiences, and quantitative metrics like number of page views and scroll depth simply can’t tell marketers whether a piece of content inspires greater trust. And to be able to optimize campaigns immediately, that audience sentiment data must be available in real time.

That’s where the Knotch content intelligence platform provides a powerful advantage in content marketing for banks.

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Knotch: leading content marketing solutions for banks

Knotch is a content analytics company with a platform that helps banks and other brands to plan, measure, and optimize their content. Providing comprehensive metrics in real time, Knotch enables content teams to pivot in mid-campaign to optimize, revise, or replace content in order to improve performance and serve audiences effectively. Knotch also provides audience sentiment data that lets marketers know how audiences feel about the content they’re providing, enabling banks to ensure that their content marketing efforts are delivering on key objectives.

Knotch performance measurement tools also provide:

  • High-level quantitative metrics on engagement and conversions that, when combined with audience sentiment feedback and audience demographic /psychographic information, provide a holistic view of audience and performance data.
  • Aggregated content analytics across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships that enable cross-platform comparisons.
  • Comprehensive overviews about the types of content, themes and distribution channels that are most effective, and how to optimize them in real time.
  • Actionable insights for building strategy, planning campaigns, optimizing content, and enhancing audience segmentation for content marketing for financial services.

Additional content marketing solutions for banks

In addition to tools for measuring performance of content marketing in financial services, the Knotch platform also includes solutions for:

  • Planning more effective campaigns. Use analysis of competitors’ content, publishing cadences, and themes to establish benchmarks, improve content distribution strategy, and find inspiration.
  • Organizing content libraries. Automatically organize, classify, tag, and index every single piece of content, storing it in one location for easier search and faster access.
  • Mapping ideal content journeys. Manage the journey from one piece of content to the next for each audience segment, mapping content to customers’ needs and interests at every stage of their journey.
  • Recommending content. Engage audiences in personalized conversations to develop recommendations for the next, most valuable piece of content in their customer journey.
  • Developing content insights. Let Knotch automatically surface insights that can be easily missed, and provide content intelligence organized by topic, audience and other criteria.

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Why banks choose Knotch

In addition to the industry-leading measurement tools on the Knotch platform, banks and financial institutions value Knotch for the independent data we provide. We never monetize from distribution channels, enabling us to provide data that is transparently collected and completely free of bias, as we have no stake in the success of what we are measuring.

We also provide first party data that is owned forever by our bank and financial customers, enabling them to end dependence on unreliable third-party data. The data we deliver is anonymized for GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations, and our strong security measures ensure that it is completely private and secure.

FAQs: what is content marketing for banks?

What is content marketing for banks?

Content marketing for banks is the practice of creating and sharing digital content that prospective and existing customers will find helpful, informative and persuasive, building greater trust and stronger relationships with the bank’s brand.

What do banks need in content marketing solutions?

To manage content marketing campaigns effectively and increase their ROI, banks need solutions that can simplify performance measurement. The right tools must provide real-time data that lets content teams know which pieces are most effective and which aren’t, and how audiences feel about each piece of content. Content teams also need tools that provide competitor analysis, and solutions that help to manage all aspects of content marketing for banks.

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